Pew Report: European Jewry Shrinking

Drastic decrease in European Jewish population since 1939, with steady declines even decades after the Holocaust.Tova Dvorin, 2/9/2015, 5:18 PM

Americans' Support for Israel Strong, Poll Shows

Most Americans say they sympathize “a lot” (34%) or “some” (32%) with Israel, after seven weeks of fighting in Gaza.Gil Ronen, 8/28/2014, 10:50 PM

Poll: Americans Side with Israel, Not Palestinians

51% of Americans say that in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, they sympathize more with Israel; 14% prefer Palestinians.Gil Ronen, 7/17/2014, 7:16 PM

Americans: US is Losing Respect

Poll shows most Americans feel US power and prestige have declined, but suffer 'war fatigue' and want US to 'mind its own business.'Gil Ronen, 12/5/2013, 7:42 AM

Heeding the GA's Call for More Soul in Jewish LIfe

If ignorant and unlettered – tragically, most of American Jewry is in that position with regard to Judaism - are almost automatically precluded from an attachment to their faith.Rabbi Berel Wein, 11/20/2013, 9:04 AM