Unprecedented preparations for Peres funeral

World leaders to converge on Har Herzl this Friday for massive state funeral for Shimon Peres.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/28/2016, 2:43 PM

For the fallen: Flag-laying ceremony held ahead of Memorial Day

Major military officials head traditional ceremony to honor the IDF's fallen heroes.Ido Ben-Porat, 5/8/2016, 6:55 PM

'You fought with your hands, with your whole heart'

Funeral at Har Herzl for 21-year-old Weissman, father of 4-month old, who was murdered by terrorists while trying to defend fellow shoppers.Ari Yashar, 2/19/2016, 9:27 AM

Pope Makes Impromptu Visit to Terror Victims' Memorial

After 'propaganda stunt' at security barrier, pope makes unplanned stop at official memorial for Israeli victims of terror at PM's request.Ari Yashar, 5/26/2014, 10:40 AM

'Memorial Day About Coming Together as a Country, People'

Young Judaea participants explain to Arutz Sheva on Monday what Memorial Day means to them.Yoni Kempinski and Tova Dvorin, 5/5/2014, 6:16 PM

Bereaved Families Interrupt Netanyahu at Memorial Event

At official Memorial Day ceremony on Har Herzl, Netanyahu defends his 'difficult decision' to free terrorists against protest of bereaved.Ari Yashar, 5/5/2014, 2:08 PM

Official Ceremony Remembering 2,495 Victims of Terrorism

From Mount Herzl cemetery, Israelis remember the thousands of Israeli civilians murdered in cold blood by terrorists.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/5/2014, 12:59 PM

Bereaved Families Call to Boycott Memorial Day Event

Letter accuses Prime Minister of excluding terror victims 'as a national ethos,' claims that speech will provoke loud protests.Yedidya Ben-Or, 5/4/2014, 1:28 PM

IDF Remembers 69 Soldiers Who Drowned on Board INS Dakar

Memorial service for the 69 sailors of the INS Dakar held at Mount Herzl. Gantz: 'We do not stop our quest to find missing soldiers.'Tova Dvorin, 1/1/2014, 9:18 PM

'Sorry, We Forgot - Your Deaths Were in Vain'

One step too far? Activists express opposition to upcoming prisoner release by placing signs on the graves of fallen soldiers.Ari Yashar, 10/29/2013, 1:12 PM

Touring Har Herzl – IDF Video

Aviv Vishkovski guides tours through Mount Herzl, Israel's national cemetery.Gil Ronen, 4/16/2013, 10:16 AM