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November 29, 1947, 5:50 pm, EST

The world body which would be a repository for so much antipathy against Israel over the next seven decades must have experienced a moment of madness. They actually recognized the right of the Jewish people to a homeland. Larry Domnitch, 11/29/2014, 5:34 PM

Why the Arabs Rejected the 1947 UN Partition Plan

The reason the Arabs rejected the Partition Plan is the same one that brought two murderers to Har Nof last week and CNN to report as it did. Not settlements, the Temple Mount, revenge, a Palestinian State. It is just about Jews. Paula R. Stern, 11/29/2014, 5:50 AM

Hamas: Back to '47 Borders

The vibrations of Obama’s “hallowing” the June 4, '67 borders have not yet stilled, and Hamas already says it would prefer the May 13, '48 borders.Hillel Fendel, 5/23/2011, 5:24 PM

'UN Policies are Based on Lies'

Former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Tzvi Maz'el responded to the lecture delivered by the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace ProcessYoni Kempinski, 4/28/2010, 6:31 AM

UN Envoy Invokes 1947 Partition

The UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process called to re-divide Jerusalem. Yoni Kempinski, 4/27/2010, 11:17 PM