High Court rules against Rabbinical Court: "Heaven forbid"

Judges rules that for next 21 days rabbinical court may not rule on efficacy of divorce granted to woman by comatose husband.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/11/2017, 3:40 PM

Bill: Jailed get-refusers to be banned from studying Torah

Prison alone is not enough for some recalcitrant husbands; conditions to be worsened, if a new bill passes.Hillel Fendel, 6/14/2016, 8:43 PM

First: 'Chained Man' Free As Court Demands Woman Accept Divorce

The High Court said that sanctions placed on a woman who refused to accept a divorce from her husband were appropriate.Moshe Cohen, 10/8/2015, 2:56 PM

Court to Yeshiva Student: Get a Job!

A Family Court judge tells yeshiva student he has a responsibility to find a job and pay the required child support to his five children.Moshe Cohen, 4/9/2015, 10:52 AM

Justice for the Agunah

Beit Din, the Sabbath and he who would withhold a get.Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, 6/10/2014, 8:01 AM

US Extradites Divorce Refuser To Israel

Bnei Brak man charged of serious crimes who fled to US, leaving his wife an agunah, brought back in first extradition of its kind.Ari Yashar, 1/1/2014, 9:53 AM

Religious Divorce Must Not Be an Emotional Weapon

Breaking up is hard to do, but we must not have a situation where we marry as Bnai Torah and divorce like terrorists. A response to an issue making headlines in NY.Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, 11/20/2013, 5:49 PM

Guards Who Let 'Get Refusenik' Escape to be Punished

Disciplinary steps taken against officers after 'get refusenik' Shai Cohen jumped out a window at the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court.David Lev, 4/3/2013, 3:50 AM

MK Ben-Dahan: Throw the Book At Husbands Who Won't Give 'Get'

Much harsher punishments are needed for individuals who refuse to grant their wives a Jewish divorce, said MK Eli Ben-DahanDavid Lev, 3/7/2013, 8:34 AM