International Women's Day

Hotovely: Make Knesset meetings parent-friendly

Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely speaks about change in Knesset's makeup, need for Knesset's hours to become more parent-friendly.Hezki Baruch, 3/8/2017, 8:40 AM

PA 'honors' female terrorist on International Women's Day

Palestinian Authority television lauds female killers as 'heroes' as part of International Women's Day celebrations.Shoshana Miskin, 3/10/2016, 5:24 PM

Danon: UN uses International Women's Day to attack Israel

UN report blames Israel for Palestinians' actions, downplays Palestinian attacks. Israel's ambassador: 'Report is distortion of truth.'Matt Wanderman, 3/8/2016, 7:41 AM

Israeli women better educated - yet still earn less than men

Central Bureau of Statistics releases report on women in Israel ahead of International Women's DayShoshana Miskin, 3/7/2016, 8:47 AM

Who stole Mothers' Day?

A new video explains why Israel stopped marking Mothers' Day and replaced it with a communist holiday meant for anti-family propaganda.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/4/2016, 12:51 PM

Naomi Campbell to make first Israel visit for Women's Day

Former President Shimon Peres to award international supermodel at special Women Leading Change conference.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/3/2016, 1:46 PM

Women's Day: Fatah Lauds Female Terrorist Who Murdered Teen

How did Abbas's Fatah mark Int'l Women's Day? By praising Amna Muna, who kidnapped and murdered 16-year-old Israeli.Ari Yashar, 3/10/2015, 6:27 PM

Surprise: Shas, UTJ Are More Popular Among Women than Among Men

Poll shows that women are more concerned than men about security and diplomacy, and more likely to vote Likud.Gil Ronen, 3/8/2015, 4:05 PM

Yesh Atid Spreads Lie about International Women's Day

In party e-mail, MK Dr. Aliza Lavie touts fabricated version of the communist holiday's origins.Gil Ronen, 3/10/2014, 8:21 AM

IDF Most 'Female Friendly' Army in the World

The IDF is the world's most female-friendly army, statistics show. More than one third of the army's “enlisted men” are womenDavid Lev, 3/7/2013, 12:28 PM

International Women's Day: Emunah and Inspiration

For Emunah, Tuesday was not a day of militant demands, but a day of rejoicing in the accomplishments of religious Zionist women. INN was there.Rachel Sylvetsky, 3/11/2011, 1:39 AM

Knesset, Emunah Mark International Women's Day

International Women's Day marked by Knesset with special session and conference of religious Zionist women. Not all are aware of the day's origin.Gil Ronen, 3/9/2010, 10:44 PM