Preschools partially reopen

70% of children to be allowed to return to daycare. Children to return to preschool for half the week.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/10/2020, 8:39 AM

Gradual return to school begins this morning

Grades 1-3 and 11-12 return to the classroom in most localities. Some cities refuse to open schools.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/3/2020, 8:18 AM

Health Ministry: Don't open kindergartens

Govt. expected to approve reopening of elementary schools for this Sunday. Health Ministry says younger children have higher infection rate.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/30/2020, 7:29 PM

Gradual return to school starting this Sunday

Children ages 0-6 to return in small groups alternating days. Students in grades 1-3 to be in small groups of up to 15 students.Mordechai Sones, 4/27/2020, 6:07 PM

Education system to open gradually starting Sunday

Another step back to normal: Education system activity to be gradually resumed this Sunday, according to Netanyahu's discussion on issue.Mordechai Sones, 4/27/2020, 3:18 PM

Back to school? Who, when, and how?

Coronavirus Ministerial Committee to convene today to discuss how to begin resuming school studies.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/26/2020, 8:00 AM

Lessons from the weekly Torah portion: Talk about intimate issues with your children!

Rabbi Shlomo Sobol on what Torah portions Tazria-Metzora, and 'redundant' language, are trying to teach us about talking with our children.Rabbi Shlomo Sobol, 4/24/2020, 3:29 PM

Rabbi Peretz: I decide on education, not the Health Ministry

Education Minister says decision to reopen schools rests with him, Health Ministry should not publicly discuss issue.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/16/2020, 3:33 PM

How will Israelis return to school after Passover?

Education Ministry presents plan to resume schools gradually following Passover, beginning with special education institutions.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/7/2020, 6:24 PM

Israeli students to resume remote learning

Teaching staff throughout the education system will receive full pay until the end of the Passover holiday.Nitsan Keidar, 3/25/2020, 1:07 AM

All schools may be cancelled over coronavirus

PM Netanyahu meets with Education Ministry officials to discuss possibility of completely closing education system.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/12/2020, 3:32 PM

The spirit prevailed

Despite severe physical limitation, Uri Yitzhak Shachor became one of the prominent scholars in the Nahalat Yosef Yeshiva in Shavei Shomron.Yosef Ehrenfeld, Besheva, 2/27/2020, 9:39 PM

MK Margi: 'Damage from repeat elections will take years to fix'

Shas' MK Margi says Min. Rafi Peretz is a 'dear man' but should resign, damage from elections will take 'several years' to fix.Michal Levi, 2/26/2020, 2:37 PM

Save the West: US educatonal reform is crucial

Reports show US schools are not preparing new generations of Americans to understand basic US history, the virtue of freedom, and the stark difference between a free market and a government-dictated economy. What can we do to fix this? Kenneth S. Abramowitz, 2/23/2020, 5:59 AM

Yes to Judaic passing grades.Now.

In general, students in Jewish schools should know their Jewish studies are a lifelong pursuit and that they belong.Rabbi Elchanan Poupko, 2/2/2020, 9:27 AM

Most of 28 yeshivas checked flunk NYC secular studies review

Only two yeshivas of those reviewed provide substantial secular education, report says.Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 12/21/2019, 5:40 PM

The 'Unschooling' Movement: Letting children lead their learning

Is a child who spends the day watching videos or playing in the backyard actually learning?NPR, 12/19/2019, 8:42 PM

Creating a Torah inspired life at Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya

'You want to learn how to inspire yourself? First you need to learn how to learn by yourself!'Shmuel Jablon, 12/5/2019, 6:53 AM

'The place you were born determines your future'

Blue and White MK slams standardized test results showing gaps in academic achievement between low- and high-SES students.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/3/2019, 11:59 AM

'Israeli classrooms must be able to contain everyone'

President Rivlin participates in first education conference of Bnei Akiva high schools, together with Makor Rishon.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/11/2019, 1:31 PM

What the USA Could Learn from Israel’s Education System

The USA's educational system has serious problems and it can be improved by implementing changes modeled on the Israel’s education system., 10/24/2019, 11:21 PM

Muslim educator: Jews have a right to pray on Temple Mount

Nahil Zoabi, school principal in Tamra, says that Temple Mount is sacred for all peoples, and Jews, too, should be allowed to pray there.Shimon Cohen, 10/15/2019, 8:27 AM

Netanyahu: We will apply sovereignty to all settlements

PM Netanyahu, Education Minister Peretz visit Elkana school on first day of new school year. 'There will be no more Gush Katifs.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/1/2019, 10:14 AM

Education Minister: 'We won't allow Hezbollah to gain power'

Rabbi Rafi Peretz meets with school principals in northern Israel, says Israel will not allow harm to its sovereignty.Ido Ben Porat, 8/26/2019, 4:26 PM

Democratic Union attacks education minister for teaching Judaism

Democratic Union party says Education Minister Peretz attempting to 'brainwash' children by expanding teaching of Jewish texts in schools.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/18/2019, 9:54 AM

Nationality Law to be taught in schools starting this year

Education Minister Rabbi Raffi Peretz says high school students to learn content of Nationality Law, debate which accompanied its passage.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/16/2019, 1:39 AM

California: Ethnic studies curriculum 'singles out Israel'

California’s proposed ethnic studies curriculum has ‘anti-Jewish bias,’ Jewish legislators say.Marcy Oster, JTA, 8/6/2019, 8:34 AM

Our intense focus on Torah Education is celebrated, yet it's flawed

Our community's intense focus on Jewish Education is deservedly celebrated, but contains a flaw affecting educational continuity. Moishe Bane, 8/5/2019, 2:20 PM

The Jewish teacher education crisis In American schools today

Jewish teachers are being terminated for prejudicial reasons and harrassed by discriminatory remarks. Cindy Grosz, 8/1/2019, 9:17 AM

Save an Israeli educational farm for amazing misunderstood teens

Nachliel farm in Samaria offers therapeutic opportunities for at-risk youth to find themselves, grow, and reintegrate into society., 7/18/2019, 6:15 PM

Preparing today's teachers for tomorrow's students

Talpiot College offers native English speakers chance to get their education degree and prepare them for a career in education in Israel.Sponsored Content, 7/17/2019, 12:55 PM

British chief Rabbi and sec. of education open new Jewish school

British Chief Rabbi and Secretary of Education attend opening ceremony for new Yavneh Jewish Primary school in Britain.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/11/2019, 7:29 PM

80% of Israeli teachers say they're underpaid

Most Israeli teachers believe schools are understaffed, more needs to be invested in special needs and disadvantaged students.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/19/2019, 6:17 PM

German state to offer basic course in Judaism in public schools

State of Saxony to launch basic course on Judaism for Jewish and non-Jewish students.Toby Axelrod/JTA, 4/19/2019, 12:18 AM

'Religious-Zionist education is in danger'

Environmental Protection Minister Ze'ev Elkin warns budgets for religious Zionist schools could be in jeopardy if parties do not unite.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/12/2019, 7:55 PM

"Education is important, but education alone is not enough"

The National Week of Safe Surfing discussed the dangers that lurk on the internet with children and adultsArutz Sheva Staff, 2/4/2019, 11:26 AM

'Free after-school programs for kids in southern Israel'

Minister Bennett discusses the tense security situation in the South and its effect on children near Gaza Strip.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/26/2018, 2:47 PM

Increase in students attending NY yeshivas

Number of students at Jewish day schools nearly equal to students at charter schools in New York State.JTA, 10/8/2018, 10:40 PM

Itamar sees record number of students

Many outside community choose to send children to Itamar educational institutions where year opened with dramatic increase in students.Mordechai Sones, 9/12/2018, 3:01 PM

Who's educating IDF officers?

New video shows harsh statements by senior officials and lecturers at Mandel Institute that enjoys broad cooperation with IDF.Mordechai Sones, 9/4/2018, 7:15 PM

'Every child should be familiar with the tradition of Israel'

Education Minister's son joins 167,000 other children on first day of first grade. 'Knowledge of tradition alongside academic excellence.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/2/2018, 7:13 PM

Education Minister: Most haredim want the core curriculum

Education Minister Bennett says most haredim want their children to learn English, math, but Ministry isn't prepared to provide it.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/31/2018, 9:07 AM

Haredi parents spend the least on private tutors

Less haredi parents spend money on private tutors for their children, survey shows.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/27/2018, 2:03 PM

First crane seen in hills of Samaria

Crane brought for new construction in yeshivat Chitzim. Yeshiva Director: 'Great excitement in education and building country.'Mordechai Sones, 8/12/2018, 4:56 PM

Will New York force yeshiva students to study secular subjects?

Lawsuit aims to stop exemption for NY yeshiva students on learning secular subjects.JTA, 7/26/2018, 10:31 AM

Generation's mission: Connect all world's Jews

First-ever conference for leading Jewish schools attended by over 150 principals from 31 countries.Eliran Aharon, 7/12/2018, 10:40 AM

Knesset grants academic credits to IDF reservists

Bill to grant 2 academic credits to students who serve in the reserves passes overwhelmingly.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/10/2018, 4:43 PM

Israel allocates $2.48 million to Jewish Agency school program

Jewish Agency's Global School Twinning Network pairs Israeli schools with Jewish schools in the Diaspora.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/27/2018, 6:33 PM

Watch: Meeting the Jewish young women who educate in Tunis

Zionist Organization Deputy Chairman meets Jewish teachers in Tunis, talks with them about Zionism, immigration, family, yearning for IsraelHezki Baruch, 6/27/2018, 4:30 PM

Education minister: We've saved Israel

Education Minister Bennett says campaign to raise number of students doing five points in math 'saved' the startup nation.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/27/2018, 2:13 PM

How day schools are making Jewish learning fun

Judaic studies teachers are making text-based learning come alive with simple yet unique games.JTA, 6/9/2018, 11:09 PM

New Connecticut law requires Holocaust ed in state high schools

Joins Kentucky, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and California requiring genocide education.JTA, 5/9/2018, 12:46 AM

Miriam Peretz's Israel Prize speech to be taught in school

Bennett: speech given by Israel Prize winner who lost 2 sons in combat about choosing life to be taught in Israeli schools.Gary Willig, 4/20/2018, 12:42 PM

Contending with educational challenges in an age of uncertainty

Here’s how learning from afar keeps you close to Jewish education. Melton Centre for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University’s 1 Year MA E, 4/15/2018, 10:45 AM

Satmar Rebbe: They think we're like the Taliban

Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum praises New York State Senator for preventing forcing of secular subjects on hasidic schools.Gary Willig, 4/13/2018, 12:26 PM

'Having female terrorist leaders is proof of gender equality'

Palestinian Authority secretary says female terrorist leaders proves there is gender equality.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/28/2018, 8:51 AM

London rabbis plan day of prayer against 'education coercion'

Haredi rabbis calls on community to pray as secular organization attempts to force left-wing curriculum on haredi schools.Gary Willig, 3/13/2018, 8:14 PM