Secularists: 'Knit Kippot have Replaced Black Ones, So What?'

Secularist NGO slams Yesh Atid for pact with Bayit Yehudi, says they've let down their voters.Gil Ronen, 3/18/2013, 9:27 AM

Defying Members, Kibbutz Refuses Request to Build Synagogue

There are still kibbutzim in Israel that do not have synagogues – and one of them intends to keep it that wayDavid Lev, 2/28/2013, 1:57 PM

Rabbi: Let Secular Israelis Attend Cinema on Shabbat

Rabbi Yaakov Medan of the Har Etzion yeshiva said that secular Israelis should have the opportunity to attend the cinema on Shabbat.David Lev, 1/7/2013, 4:38 PM

Shooter Kills 1 in Quebec, Claims 'English Are Waking Up'

A gunman at Marois victory rally in Quebec shot two men, killing one. Party plans to ban employees wearing religious headcoverings.Chana Ya'ar, 9/5/2012, 12:06 PM

Needed: A Jewish Peace Plan

Is there a connection between the growing Islamic wave in the Middle East and Western secularization? If so, what is Israel's role in this culture clash? An examination of the religious aspect of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Yehezkel Laing, 6/10/2014, 4:49 AM