Europe punishes Israel

British government slams Regulation Law passage, EU freezes planned summit with Israel.David Rosenberg, 2/7/2017, 2:18 PM

MK Smotrich sets sights on Supreme Court

Anticipating High Court rejection of Regulation Law, Jewish Home MK plans enabling bill to reinstate laws struck down by Court.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/7/2017, 1:32 PM

'The High Court will strike down the Regulation Law'

Former Justice Minister says Supreme Court will likely reject Law passed to prevent claims against Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria.Shlomo Pyotrovsky, 2/7/2017, 11:23 AM

Turkish government: Regulation Law is 'unacceptable'

Turkey slams passage of law to normalize status of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, calls legislation 'unacceptable'.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/7/2017, 10:14 AM

Likud Minister to Court: Don't nullify Regulation Law

Tourism Minister Levin says Supreme Court must respect Knesset's decision, stop legislating from the bench.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/7/2017, 9:34 AM

US State Dept. refuses to condemn Regulation Law

State Dept. official says US is reserving comment, while calling on Palestinian Authority not to challenge the law in international courts.Tal Polon, 2/7/2017, 8:21 AM

PLO: Regulation Law legalizes land theft

PLO's Erekat blasts approval of Regulation Law, says it proves Israel wants to destroy the chances for peace.Ben Ariel, 2/7/2017, 5:16 AM

'This is a new day for Judea and Samaria'

MK Bezalel Smotrich says the Regulation Law is historic in more ways than one.Ben Ariel, 2/7/2017, 1:37 AM

'The next step is sovereignty'

MK Yehuda Glick says that passing the Regulation Law proves the Likud government's commitment to Judea and Samaria.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/7/2017, 12:39 AM

MKs welcome approval of Regulation Law

MKs from Likud and Jewish Home welcome the passing of the Regulation Law, which passed its second and third readings.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/6/2017, 11:33 PM

Regulation Law passes final reading in Knesset

Law which will legalize and protect thousands of Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria passes in KnessetYoel Domb, 2/6/2017, 10:47 PM

Regulation law: 'Political problem - not legal one'

Yifah Segal of International Legal Forum says regulation law is not a legal problem, but politicians are trying to frame it as one.Eliran Aharon, 2/6/2017, 7:58 PM

Netanyahu: 'We vote tonight on Regulation Law, US was updated'

PM in London confirms Knesset will vote tonight on Regulation Law, after US government updated on issue: 'Customary among friends'.Nitzan Kedar, 2/6/2017, 6:46 PM

Stormy Knesset session over Regulation Law

The Knesset discussed the Regulation Law due to go to second and third readings on Monday evening. Opposition tried to bring vote forward.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/6/2017, 6:39 PM

Herzog: Regulation Law 'catastrophic' and 'illegitimate'

Opposition leader Yitzchak Herzog (Zionist Union) labels regulation law 'illegitimate', 'catastrophic for Israel'.Yoel Domb, 2/6/2017, 4:10 PM

Shaked: Regulation Law will be passed today

Justice Minister affirms Regulation Law will be voted on and passed Monday.Hezki Baruch, 2/6/2017, 1:01 PM

Regulation Law likely to pass on Monday

Despite effort by Netanyahu to delay vote, Regulation Law appears poised to be passed by full Knesset on Monday.David Rosenberg, 2/6/2017, 8:32 AM

'We expect Bennett to take up the reins'

Rosh Yeshiva of Beit El Yeshiva says he expects Education Minister to pass Regulation Law and establish Israeli sovereignty.Eliran Aharon, 2/5/2017, 10:51 PM

Justice Minister: Regulation Law will be voted upon tomorrow

Justice Minister Shaked says Knesset will decide what to vote on its own, without coordination with other governments.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/5/2017, 8:11 PM

Netanyahu: Bennett's ultimatum a bluff

PM dismisses accusations by Education Minister over request to delay vote on Regulation Bill, says he is focused on meetings in UK and US.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/5/2017, 7:36 PM

Bennett rejects Netanyahu's request to delay Regulation Law vote

Jewish Home leader refuses PM's request to push off Regulation Law vote until after his trip to visit UK Prime Minister Theresa May.David Rosenberg, 2/5/2017, 4:48 PM

Jewish Home minister: Attorney General should do his job

MK Uri Ariel says government will pass regulation law, hopes Attorney General will 'do his job.'Nitsan Keidar, 2/5/2017, 11:22 AM

Bennett and Shaked: Obligated to the Regulation Law

Ministers Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked visit Ofra, assure residents they're committed to passing the Regulation Law.Uzi Baruch, 2/5/2017, 3:18 AM

Justice Minister: We did everything we could

Shaked responds to criticism, says Jewish Home did all they could, calls current law 'anti-Semitic.'Uzi Baruch, 2/4/2017, 8:40 PM

'Amona wouldn't have been destroyed on my watch'

Former Interior Minister Eli Yishai says that had he been part of the coalition, he would have prevented the demolition of Amona.Benny Tocker, 2/3/2017, 3:07 AM

'Regulation Law means promises will finally be kept'

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel confident Regulation Law will be passed, and that Amona will not be evacuated.Hezki Baruch, 1/31/2017, 6:53 PM

'Order does not prohibit presence in Amona'

Atty. Itamar Ben Gvir says previous demolition rulings similar to Amona order allow presence there.Yedidya ben Ohr, 1/31/2017, 6:17 PM

People of Amona, your struggle was not in vain

MK Smotrich hopes sanity prevails and court approves Amona draft plan. 'We are mobilized to move caravans within 48 hours'Eliran Aharon, 1/31/2017, 5:44 PM

Regulation Law approved for Second and third reading

Knesset House Committee votes to approve Regulation Law. 'We were elected to promote what we believe in, and not what Meretz believes in.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/31/2017, 4:54 PM

Regulation Law vote postponed

Despite pledge to pass Regulation Law ahead of Amona evacuation, Knesset pushes off vote on bill.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/31/2017, 2:07 PM

Regulation Law to be voted upon next week

Knesset debate on Regulation Law to begin tomorrow evening. Vote to take place next week.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/30/2017, 10:14 PM

State requests that court affirm Amona draft plan.

The state is standing behind Amona draft plan concluded with Amona residents and asked court to reject Palestinian objections to plan.Yoel Domb, 1/30/2017, 7:02 PM

'We will oppose the Regulation Law with every means'

Opposition leader Yitzchak Herzog says Regulation Law will end Israeli democracy, bring wrath of international community down on Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/30/2017, 4:02 PM

Liberman: Supreme Court will "100% certainly" disqualify law

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said his party would support Regulation Law but he is "100% certain" that Supreme Court will disqualify itHezki Baruch, 1/30/2017, 3:49 PM

Shaked to Germany: No reason to demolish 'settlements'

German parliament delegation meets Justice Minister in Jerusalem asking why she supports Regulation Law; Justice Minister explains.Hezki Baruch, 1/30/2017, 2:19 PM

Yeshiva dean: Adopt Levy Report, implement Regulation Law

Beit El Yeshiva dean Rabbi Melamed calls on government to adopt Levy Report and advance Regulation Law.Uzi Baruch, 1/30/2017, 2:16 PM

Attorney General will not defend Amona draft plan

Attorney General says refusal of Amona residents to evacuate peacefully means he cannot defend the relocation plan at Supreme Court.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/30/2017, 12:37 AM

Netanyahu: US Embassy needs to be in Jerusalem

Israeli PM says Regulation Law will be presented in Knesset, emphasizes nothing can substitute strong US-Israel relations.Nitsan Keidar, 1/29/2017, 12:03 PM

Netanyahu: Approve Regulation Law

Government official: Netanyahu wants to pass Regulation Law this week.Nitsan Keidar, 1/28/2017, 11:40 PM

Bennett: Time to advance the Regulation Law

Nafatali Bennett calls on committee chairman  Slomiansky to approve Regulation Law following failure to provide housing for Amona residents.Uzi Baruch, 1/25/2017, 1:51 PM

'I am trembling with fear of the expulsion day'

Amona resident tells Arutz Sheva that she finds it difficult to withstand the pressure; 'We do not know when they will come to expel us.'Benny Tucker, 1/23/2017, 7:07 PM

Amona rabbi: Legalize Amona

Amona rabbi says government did not keep promises, says if Maaleh Adumim can be annexed, Amona can be legalized.Benny Tucker, 1/23/2017, 1:41 PM

Amona residents: Government violated agreement

Amona residents say government has not started construction on new housing, say they will restart campaign unless regulation law enacted.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/23/2017, 1:16 AM

Ofra residents: Hunger strike to prevent destruction

Decision made following anticipated destruction by February 8 of nine houses in heart of Ofra according to court orderNatanel Katz, 1/22/2017, 2:58 PM

Netanyahu: We will continue to take care of Judea and Samaria

Israeli PM begins weekly cabinet meeting by discussing Trump inauguration.Nitsan Keidar, 1/22/2017, 12:00 PM

Report: Netanyahu working to shelve Regulation Law

Legislation was to wait until after swearing in of Trump; sources now say PM has no intention of allowing completion of legislation.Ido ben Porat, 1/10/2017, 6:15 PM

'Assert sovereignty, Ma'aleh Adumim first'

Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan says Israel needs a change in direction; "Outgoing administration attempting to fetter Trump"Mordechai Sones, 12/29/2016, 9:59 AM

Amona: A cholent pot of emotions after agreement

Unlike the hundreds of families who recently lost their homes to fires set by our enemies, these families will watch bulldozers sent by our own government to purposely dismantle every inch of their homes. A non-legal and non-political look at Amona. Shannon Nuszen, 12/20/2016, 6:35 AM

'Hopefully we can put Amona crisis behind us'

Tourism Minister says if delay for evacuation of Amona is granted and the residents can stay on the hill, the crisis will be over.Benny Toker, 12/13/2016, 4:53 PM

'Amona could never happen in the US due to eminent domain'

Arutz Sheva catches up with MK Shuli Mualem and pro-Israel activist Dr. Joseph Frager on the Regulation Law and efforts to save Amona.Eliran Baruch, 12/13/2016, 9:50 AM

Amona leaders meet with Jewish Home MKs

Amona leaders met with Jewish Home ministers and MKs at the home of Rabbi Haim Druckman to discuss solutions for residents of Amona.Uzi Baruch, 12/11/2016, 8:30 PM

'The state must take responsibility after moving the community'

Residents of the Binyamin community of Mitzpe Kramim wrote a letter to the PM demanding that the State regulate their community.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/11/2016, 7:41 PM

Compensation proposal for Amona residents expected soon

The government is expected to approve a 500,000 NIS per family compensation package for Amona residents.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/11/2016, 12:21 PM

Norway concerned over Israel's Regulation Law

Norway says Regulation Law "casts doubts" about Israel's support for the two-state solution.Ben Ariel, 12/11/2016, 4:55 AM

Coalition chair: I prefer Arabs don't vote

Coalition chair says 'it's better if Arabs don't make the effort to vote.'Uzi Baruch, 12/10/2016, 6:07 PM

Likud minister: Amona evacuation 'much ado about nothing'

Tzachi Hanegbi rejects claims Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria threatened, says Amona eviction 'just' a few dozen families.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/9/2016, 10:21 AM

UN official: Regulation Law violates international law

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights blasts Regulation Law, warns it will have "far-reaching consequences".Ben Ariel, 12/9/2016, 3:15 AM