Switzerland Confirms Spying Investigation

Swiss Attorney General says multiple premises searched in relation to investigation into allegations of hacking of Iran nuclear talks.Elad Benari, 6/18/2015, 4:45 AM

Russia Worried About Stalled Iran Talks

Russia says slowdown in progress in nuclear talks between Iran and six major powers is "very worrying".Ben Ariel, Canada, 6/13/2015, 2:20 AM

Iran Talks 'Virtually Stalled', Says Diplomat

Diplomat tell Russian news agency that nuclear talks are stuck and June 30 deadline may have to be postponed yet again.Elad Benari, Canada, 6/12/2015, 8:53 PM

Iran Nuclear Talks to Resume May 12

EU, Iran announce that talks to reach a final agreement will resume next week in Vienna.Ben Ariel, 5/6/2015, 4:42 AM

Middle East Security

The greatest threat to Israel, more dangerous than all the Middle East upheavals, is An American-Iranian entente that leaves Teheran with the capability to produce nuclear weapons and which strengthens the Iranian drive for regional hegemony.Prof. Efraim Inbar, 4/14/2015, 3:33 PM

France Says it Wanted a Better Deal

French FM says he originally rejected the deal but then Iran threatened to walk; report shows Obama gave up on original goal of the talks.Ari Yashar, 4/3/2015, 3:08 PM

PM Holding Security Consultations After Iran Deal

Senior security officials to convene after announcement of Iran nuclear deal.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/3/2015, 10:17 AM

Bennett: Iran Received an Official Kosher Stamp

Jewish Home head says: 'deal or no deal, Israel will do what is needed to protect itself and its citizens.'Gil Ronen, 4/2/2015, 9:58 PM

Iran, World Powers Announce 'Framework' Nuke Deal

Two-thirds of Iran's centrifuges will reportedly be scuttled. There will be no fissile material at Fordo. Arak plant will be redesigned.Ari Yashar and Gil Ronen, 4/2/2015, 9:10 PM

Iranian Def. Minister: Ready for War with America

US Defense Secretary Carter 'has Alzheimer's,' says Iranian defense head, in forgetting US 'failures' and warning of military option.Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar, 4/2/2015, 4:12 PM

Steinitz: If We Have No Choice We Will Attack Iran

Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said Thursday that military action against Iran is an option if all else fails.Cynthia Blank, 4/2/2015, 1:31 PM

Zarif Urges West to 'Seize the Moment'

Iran's foreign minister urges Western powers to drop their "excessive demands" of his country.Elad Benari, 4/2/2015, 6:16 AM

Iran Talks Extended Yet Again

Western powers extend talks in Switzerland for a second day beyond March 31 deadline.Elad Benari, 4/2/2015, 1:12 AM

Rivlin Meets Bipartisan US Delegation

Congressional delegation expresses US support for Israel during Iran talks.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/1/2015, 8:30 PM

Senator Urges US to 'Walk Away' from Iran Talks

Republican Tom Cotton calls for new sanctions to stop 'negotiating out of weakness,' says talk extension shows Iran is 'calling the shots.'Ari Yashar, 4/1/2015, 10:25 AM

Lavrov Claims Agreement with Iran Reached

Russian Foreign Minister says Iran and six world powers have reached a "preliminary agreement". Diplomats: That's not true.Elad Benari, 4/1/2015, 5:44 AM

Dichter: Good Reasons to be Concerned Over Iran

Likud MK warns that impending agreement will allow Iran to be a nuclear threshold state, and Israel must prepare for that.Elad Benari, 4/1/2015, 5:15 AM

Confirmed: Iran Nuclear Talks Extended by One Day

United States confirms that nuclear talks with Iran and will continue beyond the self-imposed Tuesday night deadline.Ben Ariel, 3/31/2015, 11:46 PM

US Willing to Work Past Iran Nuclear Deal Deadline

State Dept. says it will push into Wednesday to try and seal a deal, but will leave talks before June deadline if they go nowhere.Ari Yashar, 3/31/2015, 9:46 PM

Iran Nuke Talks May End with Statement, Not Accord

Morning session of Lausanne talks between Iran, P5+1, ended after just 35 minutes without results. Deadline for talks just hours away.Tova Dvorin, Gil Ronen, 3/31/2015, 12:46 PM

State Department: 50-50 Chance of Deal with Iran

As deadline for nuclear deal approaches, the United States remains unoptimistic.Ben Ariel, 3/31/2015, 1:15 AM

'The US Will Let Iran Spread Terror, Go Nuclear'

Senior security source estimates deal by tomorrow, with America 'ignoring' Iranian terror sponsorship and nuclear proliferation.Ari Yashar, 3/30/2015, 8:11 AM

Iran: We Won't Move Our Uranium Abroad

Iran’s chief negotiator says a nuclear deal with world powers is "doable", insists Iran would refuse to send out its nuclear stocks abroad.Elad Benari, 3/30/2015, 5:13 AM

Britain: Deal Must Put Bomb Beyond Iran's Reach

British Foreign Secretary says he believes a deal with Iran could be reached, insists it must place an atomic bomb "beyond reach".Ben Ariel, 3/30/2015, 12:16 AM

EU Not Punishing Israel on Iran for Palestinians

Even if Israel had more conciliatory policy, it probably wouldn't affect Iran talks, says expert.Gedalyah Reback, 3/29/2015, 6:55 PM

Netanyahu: Iran Nuclear Deal 'Worse Than Feared'

PM sounds alarm over imminent deal, hours after Iranian defector reveals US negotiating team just parroting Iranian demands.Tova Dvorin and Ari Soffer, 3/29/2015, 1:05 PM

Iran Optimistic as Talks Continue

"I think we can make the necessary progress," says Mohammad Javad Zarif after meetings in Switzerland.Ben Ariel, 3/29/2015, 4:20 AM

British Foreign Secretary Ready to Join Iran Talks

In the latest sign a nuclear deal is imminent, Britain’s Philip Hammond says he was ready to join the talks this weekend.Elad Benari, Canada, 3/27/2015, 10:06 PM

Diplomat: Significant Progress Made in Iran Talks

Diplomat says that major powers and Iran have made significant progress in talks, but several key differences remain.Ben Ariel, 3/27/2015, 6:15 AM

Rouhani Speaks to Putin, Hollande, Cameron

A series of phone calls with world leaders signals deal over nukes in the home stretch, says analyst.Gil Ronen, 3/26/2015, 7:23 PM

Iran Rejects Snap Inspections of its Nuclear Sites

Iranian official says an IAEA request for inspections of Iran's nuclear sites "hinders efforts" to reach a deal.Ben Ariel, 3/25/2015, 4:13 AM

Ya'alon: Spying on America? No Way

Defense Minister rejects Wall Street Journal report which claimed Israel had spied on the talks between Iran and Western powers.Yedidya Ben Or, 3/25/2015, 3:12 AM

Israel Denies It Spied on US

Jerusalem rejects Wall Street Journal report citing White House officials who accused Israel of spying on US-Iran talks.Gil Ronen, 3/24/2015, 12:19 PM

Israel Spied on Iran Nuke Talks, Says White House

Israel's eavesdropping allegedly revealed by communications among Israeli officials intercepted by US.Gil Ronen, 3/24/2015, 7:45 AM

'Don't Give Iran Deal it Doesn't Deserve'

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister warns against looming nuclear deal between Iran and West.Elad Benari, 3/24/2015, 4:16 AM

CIA Head: Deal or No, Pressure will Remain on Iran

Brennan says US will prevent Iran from getting nukes. If they try anyway, 'they know that they will do so at their peril.'Gil Ronen, 3/23/2015, 8:21 AM

Steinitz in France, Hoping to Influence Iran Talks

With 8 days left till nuke talks deadline, Intelligence Minister reportedly hopes France will toughen its stance still more.Gil Ronen, 3/22/2015, 10:05 PM

Rouhani, Kerry Say 'Progress' Made in Talks

Iran's President says progress has been made in nuclear talks but some differences remain, as March 31 deadline looms.Elad Benari, 3/22/2015, 6:20 AM

Obama: An 'Historic Opportunity' to End Nuke Issue

In a message to Iranians in honor of Nowruz, Obama says this is the "best opportunity in decades" to pursue a different relationship.Ben Ariel, 3/20/2015, 4:46 AM

American Lawmakers Write Another Letter on Iran

Bipartisan letter, signed by 360 lawmakers, will remind Obama that sanctions relief on Iran requires new legislation from Congress.Elad Benari, 3/20/2015, 3:15 AM

Likud Win Driving Obama to Go Softer on Iran?

Danielle Pletka of American Enterprise Institute thinks Bibi's win will make it easier for Obama to dismiss Israel's 'clamoring.'Gil Ronen, 3/19/2015, 7:39 PM

Iran Plays Down Chances of Deal This Week

Iran's Foreign Minister says nuclear talks with the West will likely have to continue into next week.Ben Ariel, 3/19/2015, 5:15 AM

Iran: Israeli Elections 'All the Same to Us'

All of the 'Zionist regime' parties 'have an aggressive nature', Iran insists one day after elections.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/18/2015, 4:31 PM

Europe: Little Progress in Talks with Iran

European powers and Iran make little progress toward reaching an agreement as deadline looms.Ben Ariel, 3/17/2015, 5:43 AM

Iran: Deal Possible if Americans Ignore 'Zionists'

Iran's Vice President claims the Americans are influenced by the "Zionist lobbies", thus preventing a nuclear deal.Elad Benari, 3/16/2015, 6:12 AM

Kerry: Deal with Iran Possible Within Days

Secretary of State says interim deal with Iran is possible if Tehran can show that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.Ben Ariel, 3/15/2015, 5:45 AM

Bibi 'Tried to Cancel' Senators' Mossad Briefing

Time reports Netanyahu wanted to cancel briefing in which Mossad head reportedly warned against derailing Iran talks.Gil Ronen, 3/14/2015, 11:44 PM

Obama Admin Expects UN to Approve Deal with Iran

State Department says UN would probably endorse final deal with Iran, denies talks on removing sanctions are taking place.Elad Benari, Canada, 3/13/2015, 11:58 PM

Official: Talks with Iran Made Progress

Senior European diplomat says nuclear talks between Western powers and Iran have made progress, but some very difficult issues remain.Elad Benari, Canada, 3/13/2015, 8:24 PM

Khamenei Says Americans Are 'Backstabbers'

Iran's Supreme Leader says Republican letter to Iran is a sign of the collapse of “political morality” in the United States.Ben Ariel, 3/13/2015, 5:16 AM

World Powers Considering Lifting Iran Sanctions?

Major world powers have quietly begun talks on a UN resolution to lift sanctions on Iran if a nuclear agreement is struck.Elad Benari, 3/13/2015, 3:16 AM

The Iran Puzzle

Senator and American Jewish leader untangle web of US-Israel tension, Iranian nuclear aspirations and what will be in the Middle East.Larry Gordon, 3/12/2015, 9:04 PM

Next Round of Iran Talks to Begin March 15

State Department announces that Kerry will travel to Switzerland next week and meet with his Iranian counterpart.Ben Ariel, 3/10/2015, 3:14 AM

Obama Blasts Republicans Over Letter to Iran

President Barack Obama criticizes letter warning Iran's leaders that any nuclear agreement will not be valid after 2016.Elad Benari, 3/10/2015, 1:15 AM

From Extreme Left: 'Netanyahu is Right on Iran'

A strong critic of nationalist-camp policies, author David Grossman, says 'we need to listen to Netanyahu' regarding the Iranian threat.Hillel Fendel, 3/9/2015, 2:18 PM

Senators Tell Iran: A Deal with Obama Ends in 2016

47 Republican senators send letter to Iran's leaders warning them: 'Anything not approved by Congress is a mere executive agreement.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/9/2015, 12:53 PM

Official: Iran Deal Longer than a Decade

Senior American official tells Israeli journalists that world powers are "not in a rush" to sign a deal with Iran.Ben Ariel, 3/9/2015, 6:15 AM