'How is that a sensible priority'

Speaker at Human Rights Council condemns UN's unbalanced treatment of Israel, 3/2/2017, 10:42 AM

UN HRC nominates new 'expert' to criticize Israel

Human Rights Council chooses Canadian to be Special Rapporteur on Israeli crimes. He won't be allowed to criticize Palestinians.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/23/2016, 8:29 PM

UNHRC: Israel is worse than ISIS, Syria, Iran

Human Rights Council discusses five resolutions against Israel, nothing on ISIS, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Yemen.Matt Wanderman, 3/21/2016, 1:55 PM

NGOs ask UNHRC not to ignore Iran

34 human rights organizations ask UN Human Rights Council to renew its mandate to investigate rights violations in the Islamic Republic.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/16/2016, 6:35 PM

Boycotters Depend on One Industry not to Boycott Israel

A look at the industry whose ties to Israel keep increasing. Steve Apfel, 8/22/2015, 11:09 PM

UN Teams Asks Delay for Gaza Op Findings

UN investigators probing summer Gaza war ask Human Rights Council for postponement to present findings on Israel and Hamas's conduct.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/9/2015, 9:06 PM

Kerry to 'Defend' Israel at UNHRC Meeting

US Secretary of State John Kerry in Switzerland Monday engaging in talks with Iran and defending Israel before UN Human Rights Council.Cynthia Blank, 3/2/2015, 10:01 AM

Israel Joins Powerful UN Human Rights Groups

Israel participates, for the first time, in JUSCANZ, a UN grouping which advises the UN Human Rights Council.Elad Benari, 2/12/2014, 4:14 AM

Serial Abusers Run for UN 'Human Rights' Position

"It is an insult to their victims - and a defeat for the global cause of human rights."Rina Tzvi , 7/30/2013, 5:08 PM

Israel: UN Holds 'Guinness Record' for Hypocrisy

Ambassador to UN slams requests by Iran, Syria to join UN Human Rights CommissionGil Ronen and Ari Soffer, 7/11/2013, 9:25 PM