Municipality to evict anti-IDF art gallery

The Jerusalem Municipality decides to evict the Barbur art gallery, which served as forum for Breaking the Silence, from municipal building.Yoel Domb, 2/8/2017, 6:03 PM

PM asks Belgium to stop funding anti-Israel NGOs

Netanyahu asks Belgian Prime Minister to stop Belgian funding for radical leftist NGOs in Israel, such as Breaking the Silence.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/7/2017, 7:20 PM

Protest rally against Breaking the Silence lecture tomorrow

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor calls on residents to come out in protest against lecture by CEO of Breaking the Silence in municipal gallery.Benny Toker, 2/7/2017, 5:47 PM

Anti-IDF gallery event sponsored by Jerusalem municipality

'Im Tirtzu' movement demands Jerusalem mayor cancel public-funded 'Breaking the Silence' event.Ido Ben Porat, 2/6/2017, 8:58 PM

Netanyahu's special request from British PM

Prime Minister Netanyahu asked his British counterpart to stop funding extreme left-wing organization Breaking the Silence.Hezki Baruch, 2/6/2017, 8:30 PM

'The mitzvah of hospitality began in Hevron'

Hevron resident responds to radical-left organization's report that locals 'manipulate' soldiers by taking them in on Shabbat.Tal Polon, 1/31/2017, 11:26 AM

'Stabbing a soldier at a checkpoint is not a terrorist attack'

New Channel 20 investigative series exposes tactics of 'Breaking the Silence', whose goal is to change Israeli public opinion.Channel 20, 1/16/2017, 6:10 PM

Education Minister: Breaking the Silence poisons our children

Knesset approves law banning Breaking the Silence from schools, as Meretz members protest - and are removed from vote.Hezi Baruch, 1/11/2017, 1:30 PM

Legislation Committee to vote on 'Breaking the Silence Bill'

Coalition, opposition support bill banning Breaking the Silence from entering Israeli schools.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/7/2017, 5:51 PM

Principal summoned for having students meet Breaking the Silence

The principal of the Adam high school in Jerusalem was summoned for questioning after inviting Breaking the Silence to meet with students.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/30/2016, 7:48 PM

Defying threats, Habima Theater performs in Kiryat Arba

National Theater group performs in Kiryat Arba despite leftist criticism of performance for 'settlers'.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/11/2016, 1:15 AM

Breaking the Silence threatens Hevron community

Radical left organization protests performance by national theater in Kiryat Arba.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/10/2016, 8:19 PM

Breaking the Silence besmirches IDF once again

Breaking the Silence claims 'Abdallah was forced to leave his house to enable IDF firing exercises,' but forgot the house was illegal.Guy Cohen, 11/1/2016, 2:57 PM

More proof of Breaking the Silence's lies

Channel 10 survey found 2 of 10 BtS claims of 'war crimes' were completely false, 2 exaggerated and 4 impossible to verify.Benny Tucker, 7/15/2016, 9:18 AM

Yair Lapid apologizes to Haaretz, Breaking the Silence

Lapid apologizes for attacking relationship between Haaretz editor, Breaking the Silence leader, yet insists on criticism of both bodies.Hezki Baruch, 7/9/2016, 8:56 PM

Lapid blasts appointment of Haaretz English editor

Yesh Atid chairman criticizes appointment of Noa Landau as Haaretz English editor due to her ties to Breaking the Silence.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 7/8/2016, 8:24 PM

Kibbutz Movement to work with Breaking the Silence

Kibbutz Movement decides to invite radical anti-IDF group to take part in meetings with its youths.Benny Tucker, 7/8/2016, 9:35 AM

Breaking the Silence denies links to 'fabricated' PA blood-libel

Far-left NGO denies any connection to 'ridiculous' Palestinian Authority-promoted story, claiming rabbi called to poison Arab wells.Ari Soffer, 6/20/2016, 7:57 PM

Ben Gurion U to host group accused of anti-IDF espionage

'Breaking the Silence' event - entitled 'Whistleblowing Through the Ages and Today'- appears to be official endorsed by the university.Ari Soffer, 5/23/2016, 12:05 PM

Breaking the Silence: Without anonymous sources we're finished

Radical leftists' lawyer says protection of sources is 'to be or not to be' issue; state attorney seeks transparency on anti-Israel claims.Shlomo Pyotrkovsky, 5/22/2016, 3:56 PM

'Political indoctrination of Hevron soldiers? Nonsense'

Nationalist activist Baruch Marzel rejects claims by radical left in Channel 2 report, advises that they 'learn to honor the soldiers.'Eliran Aharon, 5/20/2016, 8:01 AM

Michael Chabon and why the wicked have all the luck

That’s what kept King David up at nights (besides Torah study) – asking why in Heaven’s Name the wicked keep prospering. Jack Engelhard, 5/1/2016, 6:47 AM

Columbia Hillel’s actions “foster an atmosphere of incivility”

In allowing Breaking the Silence to appear, Hillel has gone against its own written code of standards and resorted to filtering the audience. Ronn Torossian, 4/6/2016, 2:45 PM

Watch: Zionist 'joins' radical leftist tour

Lev Haolam director infiltrates Breaking the Silence tour of central Hevron, and sets participants straight in several languages.Eliran Aharon, 3/31/2016, 9:56 PM

Breaking the Silence: Ya’alon backtracks on treason charge

Pressured by journalists, Ya’alon says holding classified information may not be treason, but is a security offense.Gil Ronen, 3/24/2016, 7:16 PM

Be the judge: Are Breaking the Silence traitors?

The English-subtitled version of the hidden camera report on Breaking the Silence is online. Is this espionage?Gil Ronen, 3/23/2016, 10:44 PM

Hillel and American Jewish donors must reject Breaking The Silence

Hillel invites them to speak and prominent Reform leaders support NIF which funds them, although across the Israeli political spectrum they have been accused of harming Israel. Ronn Torossian, 3/23/2016, 1:42 PM

Defense Minister Ya'alon: Breaking the Silence are 'traitors'

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon discusses Breaking the Silence recording asking for military secrets: However they use it, it's treachery.Ido Ben-Porat, 3/21/2016, 2:43 PM

Breaking the Silence: Bereaved parents shocked, demand action

Parents of Tzafrir Bar-Or, who was killed in Gaza, want prime minister to intervene personally against group following exposé.Gil Ronen, 3/20/2016, 9:44 PM

Breaking the Silence receives most of its funding from Europe

NGO Monitor reveals that between 2012 and 2015, leftist Breaking the Silence received 78% of its budget from European governments.Ben Ariel, Canada, 3/18/2016, 10:04 PM

Ya'alon orders to investigate Breaking the Silence's 'spying'

Defense Minister responds to revelation of apparent spying on the IDF by radical leftists; MK asks what happened to intel they gathered.Ari Yashar, 3/18/2016, 11:27 AM

Breaking the Silence lashes out at Netanyahu

Responding to PM's announcement of investigation into radical group's apparent spying, group calls to investigate Netanyahu.Ari Yashar, 3/18/2016, 7:43 AM

MKs left and right furious over 'Breaking the Silence' report

MKs demand investigation after TV report says leftist group may have gathered sensitive information.Ben Ariel, 3/18/2016, 4:16 AM

Shock: Video shows Breaking the Silence apparently spying on IDF

PM: security forces investigating incriminating videos filmed by undercover nationalist agents in ultra-leftist group.Gil Ronen, 3/18/2016, 12:11 AM

Israel has the right to defend itself against extremist NGOs

Many far-left NGOs acting in Israel are foreign Trojan horses. Giulio Meotti, 2/14/2016, 6:25 AM

War of words: Defeating the distortion of the IDF

My Truth, an educational organization working to combat anti-IDF groups, needs your help to set the record straight - learn how.Ari Yashar, 1/27/2016, 2:55 PM

Even we didn't imagine it would be this bad

One is hard put to digest the recent exposure and admission of leftist amoral and treasonous behavior. Douglas Altabef, 1/18/2016, 5:33 AM

Watch: Nationalist students 'defend the IDF' at Tel Aviv U.

After being banned by university, nationalist student groups overcome. Together with MKs protest Breaking the Silence's 'lie industry.'Yoni Kempinski, 1/17/2016, 10:46 PM

Open Hillel welcomes the enemy into the Jewish tent

Israel-hating academics want to force Palestinianism down Jewish students’ throats. Why are they not demanding that Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Student Association, debate or embrace the views of pro-Israel students?Dr. Richard L. Cravatts, 1/17/2016, 3:57 PM

Liberman: Tell the truth - this is pure treason

Avigdor Liberman on left-wing organizations: "traitors." Zehava Galon responds: "It's absurd you're not in prison."Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/16/2016, 6:41 PM

Tel Aviv University allows Breaking the Silence, bans Likud

In surprising move, Tel Aviv University permits Breaking the Silence, Meretz event, but refuses permission for Likud, Im Tirtzu protest.Matt Wanderman, 1/14/2016, 3:01 PM

MK proposes to ban 'treacherous' Breaking the Silence

Jewish Home's Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli says the 'subversive' anti-IDF NGO should be outlawed for 'serving as arm' to BDS movement.Hezki Baruch, 1/13/2016, 9:38 PM

Ex-Israeli diplomat suggested getting Israel booted from the UN

Leaders of Breaking the Silence invited Alon Liel to learn how to turn Israel into international pariah, admit they have no Israeli support.Gil Ronen, 1/13/2016, 1:16 PM

Why did Breaking the Silence fund PA snitch Ezra Nawi?

Leftist who boasted about sending Arab landsellers to their death got cash from other groups, including Rabbis for Human Rights.Gil Ronen, 1/12/2016, 8:21 PM

Heated confrontation in Knesset over Breaking the Silence

Knesset Education Committee meets to discuss Breaking the Silence and their activities against the IDF, Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/5/2016, 10:43 AM

Disrupt 'Breaking the Silence' - get a pizza pie!

Kiryat Shmonah pizzeria offered free pies to anyone who interfered with a lecture given by extremist left-wing group at Tel Hai college.Raphael Poch, 12/31/2015, 1:18 PM

'Breaking the Silence' bus attacked by rocks in Hevron

Three people lightly wounded as Palestinian Arab children pelt leftist NGO's bus with rocks.Ben Ariel, Canada, 12/25/2015, 9:36 PM

Deputy Defense Minister rails against Breaking the Silence

Jewish Home's Eli Ben-Dahan attacks anti-IDF NGO for spreading claims abroad instead of reporting to proper IDF investigative bodies.Hezki Baruch, 12/23/2015, 9:35 PM

'The Left can't teach us about human rights'

Likud MK Yoav Kish officially files bill aimed at fighting Israeli NGOs funded by foreign countries who work against Jewish state.Hezki Baruch, 12/23/2015, 6:09 PM

Watch: Stormy reception for 'Breaking the Silence' at Hebrew U.

Protesters disrupt talk by anti-IDF NGO invited to Jerusalem university by left-wing student group, are forcibly removed.Eliran Ahaon, 12/22/2015, 9:51 PM

'The IDF is the most moral army in the world'

Arutz Sheva speaks with IDF reservist on the front lines of the war against Breaking the Silence.Yoni Kempinski, 12/21/2015, 11:13 AM

Im Tirtzu pleased with campaign against 'Breaking the Silence'

Im Tirtzu CEO says the group has gotten a tremendous response about its campaign exposing leftist NGOs which receive foreign funding.Yoni Kempinski, 12/21/2015, 3:13 AM

Breaking the Silence: “True” love of Israel

The writer has opened a facebook page (Hakol Hashafuy) to encourage civilized discussion of issues facing Israel. Breaking the Silence is one of those issues. Oz Keisar, 12/20/2015, 9:50 PM

'If we fought like Putin my son would be alive'

Father who lost his son in Gaza answers 'Breaking the Silence,' says concern over killing innocents led to son's death.Gil Ronen, 12/20/2015, 3:17 PM

Are Yesh Atid's own MKs 'Silence Breakers'?

The party chairman attacked anti-IDF group, but are MKs Yaakov Peri and Ofer Shelah even worse?Gil Ronen, 12/20/2015, 2:48 PM

'Breaking the Silence has crossed the line into sabotage'

Yair Lapid and 600 IDF reservists join forces in fight against extremist anti-Israel NGO 'Breaking the Silence'.Yoni Kempinski, 12/20/2015, 10:42 AM

Former MK: 'If I was the President, I'd resign'

Former MK 'Cheetah' Cohen calls on President Rivlin to speak openly about Breaking the Silence's role in conference.Benny Tucker, 12/19/2015, 10:53 PM