President Trump visits Israel

President Trump visits Israel

Trump likely to say Iran complying with nuclear deal

Officials say Trump is "very likely" to state that Iran is adhering to the nuclear agreement it signed with world powers.Elad Benari, 7/14/2017, 6:15 AM

'My son is a wonderful young man'

President Trump downplays his son's meeting with Russian lawyer, says anyone would have attended such a meeting.Ben Ariel, 7/14/2017, 12:05 AM

Lawmaker files impeachment article against Trump

Rep. Brad Sherman introduces article of impeachment against Trump, claims he obstructed justice.Ben Ariel, 7/13/2017, 4:36 AM

Trump unaware of son's meeting with Russian lawyer

Trump tells Reuters he was unaware of his son's meeting with a Russian lawyer who reportedly provided damaging information on Clinton.Ben Ariel, 7/13/2017, 3:06 AM

Trump admin 'still reviewing' policy towards settlements

State Dept. spokeswoman reveals Trump administration has yet to settle on policy towards Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria.David Rosenberg, 7/12/2017, 2:04 PM

Netanyahu: We didn't agree to slow down settlement construction

Prime Minister's Office denies Arab media reports Israel agreed to slow construction in Judea, Samaria in exchange for regional agreement.Nitsan Keidar, 7/12/2017, 11:11 AM

Trump applauds son's transparency

President Trump praises his son, Donald Trump Jr., who released email conversations in which he set up meeting with Russian attorney.Ben Ariel, 7/12/2017, 1:07 AM

'Mosul victory a result of Trump's leadership'

Middle East expert Dr. Ephraim Herrera says recent victories over ISIS a direct result in shift in US policy.Eliran Aharon, 7/11/2017, 10:24 PM

Despite Abbas' objections, Friedman to join peace talks

President Trump instructs Ambassador David Friedman to join envoy Greenblatt for talks with PA officials - despite objections from Abbas.David Rosenberg, 7/11/2017, 8:17 PM

Trump envoy prays at Western Wall for return of IDF soldiers

WH envoy Jason Greenblatt prays at Western Wall ahead of Fast of 17th of Tammuz, includes prayer for return of IDF soldiers held by Hamas.David Rosenberg, 7/11/2017, 12:43 PM

Trump: ISIS's days are 'numbered'

Trump welcomes recapture of Mosul from ISIS.Ben Ariel, 7/11/2017, 4:43 AM

Trump accuses Comey of leaking classified information

Former FBI director accused of mishandling classified information after report that his private memos contained top-secret info.Gary Willig, 7/10/2017, 4:33 PM

Fake news? NYT columnist accuses Trump of 'dissing' Jews

New York Times columnist accuses President Trump of 'dissing' Jews. But what about similar 'diss' by Hillary Clinton? Commentary.David Rosenberg, 7/10/2017, 3:27 PM

'Trump's push to renew Israel-PA peace talks likely to fail'

Poll shows majority of Israelis believe President Trump's efforts to bring Israel, PA back to negotiating table likely to fail.David Rosenberg, 7/10/2017, 8:23 AM

Trump: Syria ceasefire can save many lives

Trump welcomes U.S.-Russia brokered ceasefire in southwest Syria, which monitors say has held through its first day.Elad Benari, 7/10/2017, 5:08 AM

Report: Trump Jr. was promised damaging info on Clinton

Officials tell NY Times Trump’s eldest son was promised damaging information about Clinton before meeting Russian lawyer.Ben Ariel, 7/10/2017, 1:05 AM

Netanyahu: Israel welcomes 'genuine' Syria ceasefire

PM welcomes ceasefire brokered by trump and Putin, warns against Iranian military presence in Syria.JTA, 7/9/2017, 10:49 PM

Trump envoy Jason Greenblatt heads to Israel

President Trump's special envoy to land in Israel Monday for new round of talks with Netanyahu, Abbas. Is peace summit in the offing?David Rosenberg, 7/9/2017, 9:29 PM

Report: Trump's son met Kremlin-linked lawyer during campaign

New York Times: Trump's son and son-in-law met a Russian lawyer with connections to the Kremlin after Trump clinched Republican nomination.Ben Ariel, 7/9/2017, 5:38 AM

Trump confronts Putin about election meddling

U.S. President confronts Russian counterpart about Moscow's election meddling. Putin denies involvement.Ben Ariel, Canada, 7/8/2017, 12:00 AM

WH 'concerned' over Israeli construction in Jerusalem

White House official says Trump recognizes past demands for freezes have not helped peace talks, but building also does not help peace.JTA, 7/6/2017, 11:01 PM

'Welcome to Hell': Thousands protest Trump visit, G-20 summit

Anti-capitalist protesters clash with police in Hamburg ahead of G-20 summit.Gary Willig, 7/6/2017, 10:55 PM

Trump: Western civilization will never be broken

President Trump defends Western values during Warsaw address, calls for unity to defend 'civilization itself'.David Rosenberg, 7/6/2017, 6:06 PM

Reddit user who posted 'Trump bodyslams CNN' video apologizes

CNN threatens to reveal true identity of internet user behind controversial meme.JTA, 7/5/2017, 6:54 PM

Iran holds 'Trumpism' cartoon contest

Over 1,600 works submitted for Iranian contest featuring cartoons mocking U.S. President Donald Trump.Ben Ariel, 7/4/2017, 6:38 AM

Trump wants to help baby EU courts ruled parents must let die

US President expresses desire to help dying baby European courts ruled must be allowed to die against the wishes of his parents.Gary Willig, 7/3/2017, 8:35 PM

'Relationship between US administration and Yesha improved'

Yesha leaders invited to attend US Independence Day celebrations at Ambassador's residence.Benny Tocker, 7/3/2017, 7:43 PM

Trump hints at peace progress

US President tweets about talk with Saudi King, says 'interesting things happening' on subject of peace.'Gary Willig, 7/3/2017, 5:00 PM

Jewish construction in Jerusalem to be unfrozen

Thousands of units planned forJerusalem neighborhoods frozen during Obama administration set to be approved, Arab squatters to be evicted.David Rosenberg, 7/3/2017, 12:03 PM

Watch: Trump 'bodyslams' CNN

President Trump 'slams' CNN with Tweet featuring footage from a 2007 appearance on Wrestlemania.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/2/2017, 5:32 PM

'The press has destroyed itself'

Trump blasts media at 'Freedom Rally' in Washington. 'Fake media tried to stop us, but I’m President and they’re not.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/2/2017, 2:34 PM

Trump: We've 'run out of patience' with North Korea

As he hosts South Korea's new leader, Trump says the U.S. has “run out of patience” with North Korea over its nuclear drive.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 7/1/2017, 12:40 AM

Hawaii challenges Trump travel ban

State of Hawaii files court challenge to the Trump administration's limitations on travelers from six Muslim-majority nations.Ben Ariel, 6/30/2017, 4:07 AM

Trump blasts 'crazy', 'psycho' MSNBC hosts

After MSNBC hosts suggest Trump mentally ill, president unleashes twitter rant against 'crazy Mika' Brzezinski and 'Psycho Joe' Scarborough.David Rosenberg, 6/29/2017, 6:22 PM

US weighing military response to North Korea

Trump's National Security Advisor says North Korean threat becoming much more 'immediate,' old ways of dealing with rogue state won't work.Gary Willig, 6/29/2017, 5:22 PM

'Both Trump and Obama failed to deal with Russian hacking'

Former US Ambassador to NATO says presidents Trump and Obama both made US elections more vulnerable to hacking.Gary Willig, 6/29/2017, 3:57 PM

Zarif blasts approval of Trump travel ban

Iran's Foreign Minister criticizes Supreme Court decision to revive part of Trump's travel ban.Elad Benari, 6/28/2017, 5:08 AM

Trump, Macron agree on joint response to Syria chemical attack

U.S. and French Presidents agree on a joint response in the event of another chemical attack in Syria.Ben Ariel, 6/28/2017, 4:37 AM

Republicans delay vote on ObamaCare repeal

Senate Republicans delay effort to vote on legislation repealing ObamaCare until after the July 4 recess.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/27/2017, 11:39 PM

'No deal expected soon'

Former Obama adviser says even if a deal with the PA were reached it would not solve the issue of Hamas' terrorist rule in Gaza.Yoni Kempinski, 6/27/2017, 9:56 PM

Activity at Syrian base where chemical attack originated

Activity associated with chemical weapons spotted by US intelligence as President warns Assad preparing new chemical weapons attackGary Willig, 6/27/2017, 5:46 PM

North Korea compares Trump to Nazis

Official North Korean news agency says sanctions, withdrawal from Paris Accord worse than the Holocaust.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/27/2017, 5:25 PM

Israel, US sign new cybersecurity agreement

PM meets with Trump Homeland Security and Cybersecurity advisers. '3-5 cyber-attacks at any given moment.'JTA, 6/27/2017, 5:14 PM

Watch: CNN producer admits Russia story lacks basis

3 CNN reporters resign after publishing story about a nonexistent meeting between Trump adviser and Russian businessman. Language warning.Gary Willig, 6/27/2017, 4:07 PM

Poll: Israelis have more confidence in Trump than in Obama

Israel the second most supportive country of the US, poll shows, Israeli Jews second most supportive of Trump presidency.David Rosenberg, 6/27/2017, 9:49 AM

Watch: One-on-one with Ivanka Trump

President Trump's daughter and adviser goes on record regarding disagreements with her father and how she sees his policy choices.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/27/2017, 8:57 AM

Trump admin: Assad planning mass chemical weapons attack

White House says Syria preparing for massacre of civilians using chemical weapons, warns Assad he will 'pay a heavy price'.David Rosenberg, 6/27/2017, 8:11 AM

Trump: North Korean threat must be treated rapidly

Trump says North Korea "causing tremendous problems", calls for threat posed by its nuclear and ballistic programs to be tackled.Ben Ariel, 6/27/2017, 5:06 AM

Jewish organizations' reactions mixed on travel ban ruling

HIAS, ADL disappointed by U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to allow parts of Trump’s travel ban to be enforced, CJV, ZOA pleased.JTA and Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/27/2017, 3:04 AM

Ivanka Trump: I try to stay out of politics

Daughter of US President says she has disagreements with her father, focuses on issues she "cares deeply about."JTA, 6/26/2017, 10:41 PM

All eyes on US Supreme Court amid retirement rumors

Growing signs inside Washington that one of the Supreme Court's 8 associate justices will be resigning this year - possibly this week.David Rosenberg, 6/26/2017, 11:28 AM

Trump has 'no intention' of firing special counsel

White House stresses Trump has no intention of firing Robert Mueller despite doubts about his objectivity.Ben Ariel, Canada, 6/23/2017, 11:44 PM

Trump: I never taped conversations with Comey

After alluding to possible tapes of talks with ex-FBI director, Trump says he did not record talks - but suggests Comey might have.David Rosenberg, 6/22/2017, 9:44 PM

Democrats despondent, Trump exultant

President Trump taunts Democrats over losing special congressional elections despite investing large sums in the elections.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/21/2017, 11:01 PM

Trump blames Obama for not saving student from North Korea

US President says previous administration might have saved 22 year old Otto Warmbier if it had brought him home sooner.Gary Willig, 6/21/2017, 4:21 PM

Kushner, Friedman visit family of murdered policewoman

Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner joins US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman in condolence call to family of murdered officer Hadas Malka.David Rosenberg, 6/21/2017, 12:33 PM

Barak: Trump in favor of Palestinian state

Former PM says Netanyahu's concerns not understood by the US, Israel being led towards Apartheid.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/20/2017, 9:10 PM