Report: Trump to increase aid to PA

State Department documents indicate administration is cutting foreign aid across the world, but plans to increase aid to PA.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 4:42 AM

Trump: We must not forget the Holocaust

Trump issues special statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day.Nitsan Keidar, Monday, 11:17 PM

Entire Senate called for WH meeting on North Korea

All 100 Senators asked to attend briefing on deteriorating North Korea situation at White House.Gary Willig, Monday, 10:29 PM

Poll shows Trump would still win if election held today

Washington Post poll finds American voters more optimistic about economy, consider Donald Trump a strong leader.Gary Willig, Monday, 7:30 PM

Report: Adelson angry at Jerusalem embassy move delay

Politico quotes three associates of major Trump supporter saying he expressed resentment regarding promise to transfer embassy to Jerusalem.Mordechai Sones, Monday, 6:26 PM

Trump: America stands strong with Israel

In speech at WJC conference, President Trump vows to fight anti-Semitism and stand by Israel.Elad Benari, Monday, 2:04 AM

Trump to visit US Holocaust Museum

US President to speak at Holocaust museum following Holocaust Memorial Day as part of week-long event.JTA, Sunday, 10:21 PM

Trump: Paris attack will probably help Le Pen

President Trump does not endorse Le Pen but believes attack in Paris will help her in the election.Ben Ariel, Canada, Saturday, 1:30 AM

Trump: Iran not living up to 'spirit' of deal

Trump criticizes Iran nuclear deal, says it should not have been signed.Elad Benari, Friday, 6:13 AM

Trump using China-centric approach on North Korea

Officials say Trump's strategy toward North Korea hinges on China.Arutz Sheva Staff, Friday, 2:07 AM

Trump: Paris shooting looks like another terrorist attack

President Trump sends condolences to France following shooting in Paris.Elad Benari, Thursday, 11:27 PM

Abbas: Willing to meet Netanyahu in Washington

PA chairman tells Japanese newspaper he's willing to meet Prime Minister Netanyahu under Trump's patronage.Elad Benari, Thursday, 6:12 AM

Sheldon Adelson gave $5 mil to Trump inauguration celebrations

Gift reportedly largest single contribution ever given to an inauguration.JTA, Wednesday, 6:20 PM

Abbas to meet President Trump next month

PA chairman to visit US President May 3 following meetings with US special envoy Jason Greenblatt. PLO official says 'settlers control WH.'JTA, 4/16/2017, 4:34 PM

Watch: President Trump drops in on tour group

President makes surprise appearance during guided tour of the White House, stunning visitors.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/14/2017, 12:28 PM

At least 36 ISIS terrorists dead in massive US bombing

Massive MOAB bomb attack against ISIS tunnel network in Afghanistan kills dozens of terrorists, Afghan military reports.David Rosenberg, 4/14/2017, 9:37 AM

Trump: MOAB drop a success

President Trump comments on the first ever US military dropping of a Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb nicknamed "mother of all bombs"., 4/13/2017, 10:24 PM

US and Russia work to lower tensions

Russian Foreign Minister tells US Secretary of State that Russia views US attacks on Syria as violation of international law.Arutz Sheva, 4/12/2017, 8:35 PM

WH spokesman: I let Trump down

Sean Spicer apologizes again for saying Hitler did not use chemical weapons, says he "let the President down."Gary Willig, 4/12/2017, 6:52 PM

Watch: Trump's grandaughter performs for Chinese President

5 year old daughter of Ivanka Trump sings in perfect Mandarin for President Xi of China.Gary Willig, 4/12/2017, 4:53 PM

Trump: North Korea 'looking for trouble'

US president Donald Trump warns of possible military action against North Korea unless China pressures them to halt their nuclear program.Yoel Domb, 4/11/2017, 8:42 PM

White House: Future Syria strikes not out of the question

White House spokesman: U.S. could carry out future military strikes on Syria if its government uses chemical weapons on citizens.Ben Ariel, Canada, 4/10/2017, 10:27 PM

Watch: Gorsuch sworn in to Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch sworn in as the 101st associate justice of the Supreme Court.Ben Ariel, Canada, 4/10/2017, 7:31 PM

Report: Kushner, Bannon meet to ease tensions

Amid claims of a feud between senior Trump advisor Steve Bannon and son-in-law Jared Kushner, president reportedly pushes two to meet.JTA, 4/9/2017, 8:20 PM

Trump explains Syria strike to Congress

Trump tells Congress missile strike on Syria was in the vital national security and foreign policy interests of the U.S.Ben Ariel, 4/9/2017, 4:35 AM

Likud minister: Syria strike made US regional leader once again

Transportation Minister says US strike in Syria 'restores US leadership' to the Mideast, fundamentally alters balance of power.Cnaan Liphshiz, 4/7/2017, 2:06 PM

Israel, NATO powers back US strikes in Syria

US allies praise "courageous" decision to launch air strikes against Assad regime. PM says decision sends message to Iran and North Korea.Gary Willig, 4/7/2017, 1:49 PM

'Missile strikes in Syria a serious blow to US-Russia relations'

Russia suspends information-sharing agreement with US, calls strikes 'act of aggression', says they 'destroy' future of US-Russia relations.David Rosenberg, 4/7/2017, 12:50 PM

7 dead in US strikes on Syria

Seven dead, nine injured in US missile strikes on Syria. Opposition groups claim Syrian general among the dead.David Rosenberg, 4/7/2017, 10:58 AM

Abbas to discuss peace process with Trump

Abbas advisor says PA chairman will soon visit Washington at Trump's invitation.Dalit Halevi, 4/7/2017, 2:15 AM

Sisi: Trump has true understanding of the Middle East

Egypt’s President hails Trump, says he understands the realities in the region when it comes to terrorism.Elad Benari, 4/6/2017, 6:13 AM

Trump: I'm working hard to achieve peace

President Trump reiterates commitment to achieving peace agreement between Israel and the PA.Nitsan Keidar, 4/6/2017, 12:04 AM

Stephen Bannon removed from National Security Council

Stephen Bannon, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, removed from the National Security Council as part of a reorganization.JTA, 4/5/2017, 8:50 PM

Trump aide accused of supporting violent anti-Semitic militia

Trump counterterrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka admits in 2007 interview to supporting anti-Semitic militia banned by several courts.JTA and Arutz Sheva, 4/4/2017, 8:53 PM

White House blames Obama for chemical attack

Trump administration responds Tuesday to chemical attack in Syria, blaming former President Obama for not responding to previous attack.Yedidia Ben Or, 4/4/2017, 8:11 PM

ISIS: US led by 'idiot'

ISIS says Donald Trump's rise to power sign of US 'demise'.Gary Willig, 4/4/2017, 7:55 PM

Beginning of a new era at the UN Security Council?

As US takes presidency of UN Security Council in April, Council President Nikki Haley pledges to end body's obsession with Israel.David Rosenberg, 4/4/2017, 10:00 AM

Trump 'honored' to host Sisi

President Trump promises to renew historic partnership with Egypt.Elad Benari, 4/4/2017, 6:15 AM

Watch: Trump donates first salary

Trump donates his first salary to the National Parks Service.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/4/2017, 4:16 AM

Not only Israel: US brings Egypt closer

President Donald Trump welcoms Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi to the White House, pledges support for Egypt.Nitzan Keidar, 4/3/2017, 7:57 PM

Jewish Obama holdover is responsible for Trump shift toward PA

Diplomatic sources say expert U.S. National Security Council official Yael Lempert is pushing the pro-PA line.Hillel Fendel, 4/3/2017, 11:02 AM

Jared Kushner's secret trip to Iraq

Senior White House advisor and son-in-law of President Trump makes unannounced trip to Iraq.David Rosenberg, 4/3/2017, 9:10 AM

Haley: 'No question' Russia interfered in election

Ambassador Haley says Trump would support action against the Kremlin over interference in presidential election.Ben Ariel, 4/3/2017, 5:45 AM

'There is no building freeze; this is a breakthrough'

Yesha leader hails PM's new building directives as a 'breakthrough' for the settlement movement.Eliran Aharon, 4/2/2017, 8:42 PM

Bennett: PM missed a big opportunity

Jewish Home head rips Prime Minister: 'Instead of putting out alternatives, like Jewish sovereignty, we've gone back to two-state solution'.Hezki Baruch, 4/2/2017, 6:46 PM

Report: US-Israel talks on construction suspended

Talks between Trump Administration and Netanyahu government on construction in Judea and Samaria reportedly stopped.JTA, 4/2/2017, 5:44 PM

Netanyahu preparing package of good-will 'gestures' for PA

Prime Minister revealed to cabinet that President Trump pushing Israel to make good-will gestures to Palestinian Authority.Ido Ben Porat, 4/2/2017, 4:29 PM

Trump seeks to rebuild ties with Egypt

Trump will seek to rebuild relations with Egypt during upcoming meeting with Sisi.Ben Ariel, Canada, 4/1/2017, 12:18 AM

Trump accepts new Jewish town

Trump Administration gives ok to new town for Amona residents on grounds that PM Netanyahu made promise to residents prior to meeting Trump.Gary Willig, 3/31/2017, 10:02 AM

Abbas: Trump is serious about peace

PA chairman praises President Trump's efforts to achieve peace between Israel and the PA.Elad Benari, 3/31/2017, 6:13 AM

Jordanian King to meet Trump

Jordan's King Abdullah to visit White House next week amid efforts to restart Israel-PA talks.Elad Benari, 3/31/2017, 4:16 AM

Israel to 'significantly' reduce new construction

Netanyahu tells Cabinet that new policy on Judea and Samaria will be in line with Trump's views.Nitsan Keidar, 3/31/2017, 1:42 AM

Dershowitz: Trump was clearly talking about a two-state solution

Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz relates impressions of his recent impromptu talk with Donald Trump.Tal Polon, 3/30/2017, 11:05 AM

Ivanka Trump to serve as unpaid adviser to her father

Ivanka Trump becomes official government employee, will serve as an unpaid adviser to her father.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/30/2017, 2:06 AM

Trump's message

US President asks Alan Dershowitz to deliver message to Netanyahu: Peace with Israel's Arab neighbors is possible today,Gary Willig, 3/29/2017, 7:24 PM

Obama official admits intelligence gathered on Trump

Former top Obama official admits on live tv to encouraging gathering of intelligence on Trump.Gary Willig, 3/29/2017, 7:09 PM

White House: Trump will meet Sisi next week

White House says Trump will host Egyptian President on April 3, discuss range of bilateral and regional issues.Elad Benari, 3/29/2017, 5:44 AM