Op-Ed: J'Accuse on Migron: Why I Stand with the 'Settlers'

If Jews have no right to a barren hillside in Samaria, desolate all through their exile, Jews have no claim between the river and the sea.Giulio Meotti, 8/23/2012, 9:07 AM

High Quality of Life in Judea and Samaria, Say Gov’t Statistics

More than 80 percent of Jews in Judea and Samaria own their own homes, far higher than the national average, say government statistics.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 5/21/2012, 9:13 AM

Investigation Shows Which Ministers Stood Up for Yesha Residents

An Arutz Sheva investigation reveals the names of the ministers who stood up for Judea and Samaria residents - and those who didn'tDavid Lev, 2/4/2012, 10:08 PM

Dayan: Govt. Discriminates Against Judea-Samaria Residents

Yesha Council Chief Danny Dayan is angry over what he said was discrimination by the government against Yesha residents.David Lev, 2/2/2012, 12:13 PM