Beit Shemesh attempts to remove 'modesty' signs

For the second time in a week, Beit Shemesh's municipality removes 'modesty' signs, only to find them immediately replaced.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/14/2017, 11:02 AM

Beit Shemesh removes modesty signs

Beit Shemesh municipality removes 'modesty' signs, extremists immediately work to replace them.Michal Levi, 12/11/2017, 3:21 PM

Supreme Court: City must remove 'modesty' signs

Supreme Court orders Beit Shemesh to remove signs demanding women dress modestly.JTA, 12/6/2017, 8:29 AM

Health club compensates Jewish woman for refusing to allow skirt

US court: Orthodox woman can wear skirt during workout in settlement with Lucille Roberts chain.JTA, 9/14/2017, 1:38 PM

Ad against modesty 'seats switching' barred from NJ airport

Newark airport turns down ad from Reform movement taking aim at seat switching to accommodate haredi plane passengers.JTA, 10/11/2016, 9:25 AM

Mother, young girls stabbed for 'immodest dress' in Alps

Moroccan-born man reportedly enraged by children wearing shorts stabs family. Authorities deny the remarks, refuse to speculate on motive.Matt Wanderman, 7/19/2016, 6:32 PM

Man shouts at, threatens 'immodest' girls

Haredi man in Beit Shemesh arrested for verbally assaulting 15-year-olds, making them cry and flee in panic.Ido Ben-Porat, 4/27/2016, 9:08 AM

Immodest movie leads to ruckus on El Al flight

Passenger detained after behaving violently on a flight from Poland because of the film being shown.Gil Ronen, 2/24/2016, 6:59 PM

Al Jazeera Encourages Indecency, but Only by Jewish Women

The Arab network supports immodesty by Jerusalem's Jewish women, yet defends Muslim women's right to modesty in Europe.Gil Ronen, 6/2/2015, 3:22 PM

Religious Pundits: Stop Secular Extremism

A new Israeli conservatism? Rabbi Haim Navon and Emily Amrousy point out that TV content has become unbearably explicit.Gil Ronen, 2/16/2014, 6:20 PM

Jerusalem: Hareidi Rabbis Organize Mall Boycott

Hareidi rabbis wield purchasing power in battle for modesty, tell followers to avoid Ramot mall.Maayana Miskin, 6/2/2013, 11:07 AM

Beit Shemesh Women Sue over ‘Modesty’ Coercion

Religious Jewish women sue the city of Beit Shemesh for failing to stop ‘modesty’ pressure, attacks by extremists.Maayana Miskin, 2/26/2013, 8:36 AM

Rio's Jews 'Fleeing Carnival'

Many Jewish families find the carnival's immodesty problematic and prefer to stay away for the duration.Rochel Sylvetsky & Gil Ronen, 2/11/2013, 11:05 AM

When the Far Left Calls for Modest Clothing

Despite left-wing criticism of hareidi modesty rules, the far left does support modest dress – when it comes to the PA.Maayana Miskin, 12/23/2012, 1:06 AM

Close Facebook Accounts or Risk School Expulsion

An Orthodox Jewish high school in Brooklyn, N.Y, has ordered students to close their Facebook accounts, pay a $100 fine, or be expelled. Rachel Hirshfeld, 3/30/2012, 12:15 AM

Photo Essay: Hareidim Protest Unfair Media Treatment

Hundreds of hareidim demonstrate in Jerusalem Saturday night against what they said was unfair media treatment. David Lev, 12/31/2011, 9:22 PM

Hareidim Say Feminist 'Rosa Parks' Provoked Them

A woman was asked to sit in the back of a bus that serves the hareidi community. Media has field day.Arutz Sheva, 12/18/2011, 6:22 PM