Jericho terrorist died of gas inhalation

IDF report shows terrorist who attacked IDF soldiers with an iron rod died from inhaling gas used in crowd dispersal.Kobi Finkler, 2/23/2018, 12:46 PM

Jericho: Terrorist killed after attempting attack on soldiers

Terrorist armed with iron rod tries to steal soldier's rifle. In response, soldier pushes him back with his weapon, causing his death.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/22/2018, 1:39 PM

Jericho: Soldiers injured from mine explosion

7 soldiers lightly and moderately injured after military vehicle drives over anti-tank mine near PA-controlled city of Jericho.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/14/2018, 4:13 PM

'Dogs and Americans not allowed'

PA store hangs anti-American banner following President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.Uzi Baruch, 12/14/2017, 8:03 PM

U.S. launches water project in Jericho

Trump envoy Jason Greenblatt on hand for launch of $10 million project to improve access to wastewater treatment and water Jericho farmers.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/16/2017, 3:33 AM

Potential water shortage in Dead Sea area

Water well failure can cause 40% water supply shortage, causing great damage to agriculture and economy in Dead Sea, Jericho areas.Ido Ben Porat, 8/9/2016, 8:41 AM

PA reveals covert talks on full IDF withdrawal

Senior PA sources say they rejected Israeli proposal to pull out from Ramallah and Jericho, demand a withdrawal from all cities in region.Ari Yashar, 4/8/2016, 10:08 AM

Cabinet discusses unilateral withdrawals

Security Cabinet to receive report on formerly secret talks with PA to pull IDF from Ramallah and Jericho; 'this is a prize to terror.'Shimon Cohen, 4/6/2016, 10:47 AM

Britain: The 'settlements' are illegal

British Foreign blasts Israel’s initiative to declare 1500 dunams of land near Jericho, as Israeli state land.Ben Ariel, Canada, 1/22/2016, 10:29 PM

State Department slams Jericho land demarcation

US State Dept. says Israeli acquisition of 15 dunams 'calls into question' its commitment to two states; UN's Ban says he is 'worried.'Raphael Poch, 1/21/2016, 8:01 AM

Israel to declare area near Jericho as state land

Following political and expert approval, 1,500 dunams north of Almog is in the finishing process of being declared state land.Raphael Poch, 1/20/2016, 7:43 AM

Jericho Resident Charged in Murder of Pole Tourist

Kutiba Atian, 21, from Jericho, was indicted Thursday for the April murder of 24-year-old Daria Magdalena Rozmeark.Moshe Cohen, 5/28/2015, 1:17 PM

Yesh Atid Spreads Lie about Int'l Women's Day

In party e-mail, MK Dr. Aliza Lavie touts fabricated version of the communist holiday's origins.Gil Ronen, 3/10/2014, 8:21 AM

Financial Crisis? PA Planning Airport and Railway

PA announces several new transportation related projects and is even seeking to expand into areas under Israeli control.Elad Benari, 2/11/2014, 6:44 AM

Palestinian Arabs Set Up Outpost Near Jericho

Arabs and leftist activists take over abandoned homes near Jericho, in protest of Israel's refusal to "evict settlements."Elad Benari, Canada, 1/31/2014, 8:22 PM

Yaalon Freezes Plans for New PA City

A new PA city being planned would have taken away 500 acres of Israeli land.Elad Benari, Canada, 5/15/2013, 12:31 AM

EMP Attack Could Throw Iran 'Back to Stone Age'

Israel might attack Iran by using electromagnetic pulses (EMP) which could send the Islamic Republic “back to the Stone Age.” Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 9/9/2012, 11:50 AM

Israeli Wounded in Samaria Road Terror Attack

An Israeli motorist was wounded late Wednesday in a road terror attack while driving near a town in Samaria, north of Ramallah.Chana Ya'ar, 9/6/2012, 11:59 AM

Swastikas, Pro-PA Graffiti on Ancient Synagogue

An ancient Jewish synagogue near Jericho was defaced with swastikas and pro-PA propaganda.Maayana Miskin, 5/25/2012, 1:12 PM

PA to Open Duty Free Shop in Jericho

Palestinian Authority planning to open a duty-free shop in Jericho, near the Allenby Bridge crossing.Elad Benari, 5/2/2012, 2:15 AM

New Kollel Opens in Jericho

New kolel in Jericho strengthens the already increasing presence in the ancient Jewish city.Elad Benari, 1/10/2012, 7:00 AM

Weekly Lesson Joshua: Chapter IV

Arutz Sheva invites you to enjoy a weekly series of teachings on the book of Joshua - "The People of Israel are Coming Home." Yehudah Glick, 11/21/2011, 10:37 PM

Group: Don't Buy "Kassam Lulavim"

Notices posted in Hareidi neighborhoods in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak call for a boycott of lulavim (palm fronds) grown in Gaza and Jericho.David Lev, 10/12/2011, 5:10 AM

Baby Enters Covenant in Jericho

For the first time in many years, a Jewish baby boy has been circumcised in the ancient city of Jericho.Maayana Miskin, 4/1/2011, 10:24 AM

PA Seeks Foot in Israeli Door

PA blurs the Oslo Accord lines, building roads illegally in Israeli territory and criticizing Christians for not supporting its attempts to do so.Hillel Fendel, 12/2/2010, 11:09 AM

Police Caught by Judge

Boy was arrested on Friday for allegedly organizing entry to Jericho; spent the Sabbath in the police station. Judge rules the arrest illegal.Hillel Fendel, 11/13/2010, 9:54 PM

PA Ignores Jewish Jericho

As Arabs celebrate "10,000th birthday" of Jericho, no mention is made of its Jewish history and vandalized synagogues.Elad Benari, 10/13/2010, 3:15 AM

Girls Arrested on Jericho March

Police arrest dozens of Jewish teen-aged girls participating in the 'Hebrew Cities' march, which aimed to march to Shechem and Jericho. Eli Stutz, 8/11/2010, 6:00 PM

Mezuzah on Jericho Synagogue

Fifty Land of Israel loyalists in Jericho place Israeli flag at ancient synagogue there, and plan to march via the outposts.Hillel Fendel, 7/12/2010, 5:03 PM

Drama in Jericho Synagogue

An MK and several activists circumvent the IDF to enter Jericho in dramatic protest for a Jewish presence. They said they were removed "violently."Maayana Miskin, 2/21/2010, 8:57 PM

Jews Pray in Jericho Shul

Jews prayed in the Shalom al Yisrael synagogue in Jericho this week. Worshippers hope Israel will reclaim the site for the Jewish people.IsraelNN TV staff, 9/7/2009, 7:23 PM