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Western-Backed Syrian Opposition Leader Resigns

Syrian opposition leader Moaz Al-Khatib, head of the Syrian National Council, has resigned his post.Chana Ya'ar, 3/24/2013, 2:45 PM

Syrian National Council Elects Prime Minister

Syria's main opposition National Council elects Ghassan Hitto as premier for swathes of rebel-held territory.Elad Benari, 3/19/2013, 5:13 AM

Syrian Nat’l Council in Istanbul to Choose New PM

The Syrian National Council began meeting Monday in Istanbul to choose a new government-in-exile.Chana Ya'ar, 3/18/2013, 4:59 PM

Henry Kissinger Pessimistic On Middle East Peace

Venerated former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger says he is not optimistic about the chances for real progress in Mideast peace. Hana Levi Julian, 3/18/2013, 4:29 PM

UK, France Supply Syrian Rebels Sans EU Support

Britain and France are providing support to Syrian rebels in their war against President Bashar al-Assad without European Union backing.Chana Ya'ar, 3/14/2013, 1:58 PM

Turkey Supports Funding to Syrian Jihadist Rebels?

Turkey, a member of NATO and an ally of the United States, reportedly has supported funding to Syrian jihadist rebels by Arab nations, NGOs.Chana Ya'ar, 3/10/2013, 12:03 PM

Syrian Rebels Poised to Conquer City of Raqa

For the first time, Syrian rebel forces are poised to conquer an entire city – the provincial capital of Raqa, on the Euphrates River.Chana Ya'ar, 3/4/2013, 9:03 PM

US Gives $60M in 'Immediate' Aid to Syrian Rebels

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has announced the United States will provide $60 million to hand-picked Syrian rebel groups.Chana Ya'ar, 2/28/2013, 4:05 PM

UK to Join US in Aiding Syrian Rebels

The UK joins United States in training and equipping rebels in their fight to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power.Chana Ya'ar, 2/28/2013, 3:38 PM

NYT: US to Train, Equip Syria's Rebel Forces

The US is training and equipping Syrian rebel forces in their war to oust President Bashar al-Assad, the NY Times reports.Chana Ya'ar, 2/28/2013, 11:42 AM

‘America Wants Bloodshed,’ Syrian Source Claims

A leading figure in the Syrian opposition accuses the US of seeking continued civil war. Maayana Miskin, 11/2/2012, 10:40 AM

France to Syrian Rebels: Form Provisional Gov't

If Syria's opposition forms a provisional government, France will formally recognize it, President Francois Hollande vowed Monday. Chana Ya'ar, 8/27/2012, 9:28 PM

Is Assad's Brother Maher Dead?

Syria is denying a report that President Bashar al-Assad's feared brother Maher has died in a Moscow hospital.Chana Ya'ar, 8/20/2012, 9:04 PM

Syrian Opposition Leader to Step Down

Syrian National Council head Burhan Ghalioun announced he would step down amid allegations the Muslim Brotherhood secured his re-electionGabe Kahn, 5/17/2012, 5:37 PM

Libyan Gov't to Give $100M to Syrian Rebels

The Libyan government – formerly Libya's opposition forces – says it will give $100 million in food and medicine to Syria's rebel forces.Chana Ya'ar, 3/1/2012, 5:11 PM

Syrian Opposition Calls General Strike

Syrian opposition forces call a general strike hoping to hasten the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad, despite fears of a bloodbath.Chana Ya'ar, 12/11/2011, 1:05 PM

Syrian Opposition Puts Iran, Hizbullah On Notice

The head of the SNC warned Iran and Hizbullah that their failure to support Syria's people would break their long-term alliance.Gabe Kahn., 12/7/2011, 6:32 PM