Now you can buy kosher artisanal chicken

Heritage chickens raised under humane conditions are now being kosher-killed and available for consumers who observe the laws of kashrut.JTA, 12/16/2016, 4:29 AM

Research: Nearly all fresh chicken in Israel is contaminated

Egg and Poultry Board finds 93% of flocks infected with dangerous bacteria, risk is high as over 90% of chicken sold in Israel is fresh.Ari Yashar, 2/17/2016, 11:14 AM

Chicken Eating Started in Judea, Says Study

Tel Maresha, in Judea, is apparently where people first got the idea of growing chickens for food.Gil Ronen, 7/21/2015, 12:04 PM

In Huge Demand, Chicken a 'Star' this Passover

The Passover shopping season this year saw record demand for chicken and turkey in Israel's markets.Yaakov Levi, 4/1/2015, 5:57 PM

Barrage of Missile Fire Slaughters Chickens

Chickens in Israel are usually slaughtered by a kosher butcher -- but Monday evening Hamas terrorists did the job with a Qassam rocket.Chana Ya'ar, 11/20/2012, 12:45 AM

Doing Kaparot – Without Cruelty to Animals

At Kollel Chabad, volunteers ensure that the traditional Kaparot are done without any mistreatment of birds used in the ritual.IsraelNN TV Staff, 9/24/2009, 10:14 PM

Kosher Chickens Can Fly: Israel to Export More Poultry to US

Israeli exports of kosher chickens expected to expand following recent approvals from the US Department of Agriculture.Zalman Nelson, 9/4/2009, 11:09 AM