U.S. Police Describe 'Warzone' Shootout with Killer Ex-Cop

US police said they faced a warzone-like shootout after a six-day manhunt for a former policeman accused of killing three. , 2/14/2013, 9:40 PM

California: Police Swarm Cabin in Hunt for Ex-Cop Killer

U.S. sheriff's deputy dies after a shootout with fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner, who was barricaded in a mountain cabin.Elad Benari, 2/13/2013, 3:13 AM

Los Angeles Posts Million Dollar Reward for Ex-Cop Killer

A $1 million reward has been set for information leading to the capture of an ex-cop whose murder spree has claimed three lives. , 2/11/2013, 5:22 PM

LAPD to Review Dismissal of Ex-Cop Who Killed Three People

LAPD to reopen a probe that led to the dismissal of a fugitive ex-policeman and his killing of three people , 2/10/2013, 7:01 PM

Los Angeles Manhunt for Ex-Cop Who Killed Three

Los Angeles police launched a full-scale manhunt for a dismissed officer believed to have killed three people, including another cop. , 2/7/2013, 7:48 PM

LAPD Starts Occupy Wall Street Arrests

Police in LA have moved to clear protesters from around City Hall as the Occupy Wall Street movement seeks roots from coast to coast.Gabe Kahn., 11/28/2011, 9:11 PM