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Scottish Jews feeling more uncomfortable, less safe

Jews in Scotland are feeling greater unease living in their country over the past few years, finds report by local Jewish umbrella group.JTA, Today, 5:20 AM

Bader Ginsburg attends 'Merchant of Venice' in city's ghetto

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attends Shakespeare play being performed on the spot where some of the action takes place.JTA, Today, 4:00 AM

Ex-RI Democratic Party chief and close friend of Clintons dies

Mark Weiner, prominent Rhode Island Democratic fundraiser and close friend of the Clintons, dies at 62.JTA, Today, 2:57 AM

Yes, I’m a Democrat married to a Republican

Yes, Republicans and Democrats can get along.Shannon Sarna, Today, 2:53 AM

Jewish philanthropist Marcus Katz passes away at 89

Katz donated large sums to many Israeli and Zionist causes and worked his whole life to strengthen ties between Israel and the diaspora.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 12:44 PM

Firebombs hurled at hassidic luminary's grave in Ukraine

Grave of Arye Leib, disciple of 'Maggid' of Mezeritch, desecrated by firebombs.JTA, Yesterday, 9:58 AM

Sarah Silverman to Bernie backers: 'You're being ridiculous'

Sarah Silverman chews out backers of Bernie Sanders after they would not stop chanting his name at the Democratic National Convention.JTA, Yesterday, 6:20 AM

Jewish Democrats launching superPAC to counter Republicans

Jewish Democrats setting up a superPAC to defend Clinton and other candidates from "Sheldon Adelson-funded onslaught".JTA, Yesterday, 5:37 AM

EJC: France attack is an attack on all religions

Head of the European Jewish Congress condemns ISIS attack on a church in Normandy.Ben Ariel, Yesterday, 4:41 AM

88-year-old rabbi injured at Coast Guard can sue government

Federal court ruling will allow an 88-year-old New York rabbi to proceed with a negligence lawsuit against the U.S. government.JTA, Yesterday, 4:32 AM

Democrats scramble for unique message that appeals to Jews

Democrats acknowledge that targeted messaging is a challenge for Jewish voters, particularly young Jewish voters.Ron Kampeas, Yesterday, 3:40 AM

Democrats seek unity on Israel, but cracks begin to show

Cracks are showing on one issue that Democrats have long been united on: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Ben Sales, Yesterday, 2:25 AM

For Jews of Nice, terrorist attack comes as no surprise

Bastille Day attack in Nice came as no surprise to many locals, including many of the city’s 20,000 Jews.Cnaan Liphshiz, Yesterday, 12:01 AM

New report shows dramatic rise in US anti-Semitism

A new ADL report presented to the Knesset shows a dramatic rise in violent anti-Semitic assaults in the US.Tal Polon, Tuseday, 3:59 PM

Dutch magnate: Family 'heartless' in treatment of Nazi-era Jews

Dutch textile magnate says his predecessors "behaved in a heartless manner" during the Holocaust.HoJTA, Tuseday, 3:35 AM

Baseball prospect Alex Bregman to make MLB debut for Astros

Alex Bregman, Jewish player and one of Major League Baseball’s top prospects, has been called up by the Houston Astros.JTA, Tuseday, 2:56 AM

Yeshiva U search for a new president: Ted Cruz aide the answer?

Deputy chief of staff for Ted Cruz's presidential campaign reportedly a candidate for Yeshiva University's new president.Ben Sales, Tuseday, 2:49 AM

'Indignation' brings novel about anti-Semitism to the big screen

The movie “Indignation” is an adaptation of Philip Roth’s 2008 novel.Charles Munitz, Tuseday, 1:33 AM

'Brexit aftermath overshadows ongoing Labour anti-Semitism'

Anti-Semitism expert warns interest in Labour anti-Semitism has largely vanished, but the Jews hatred itself is still flourishing.Rochel Sylvetsky, Monday, 8:29 PM

700 march for Warsaw ghetto doctors, nurses

Marchers hang ribbons with the names of the dead to honor the medical personnel of the Warsaw ghetto.JTA, Monday, 4:53 PM

Holocaust survivors from Florida perform in former ghetto

Musical duo of Holocaust survivors from Florida return to their native Poland to perform there for the first time.JTA, Monday, 5:38 AM

Portugal town opens Jewish heritage center

Portugal’s culture minister inaugurates Jewish heritage center in the country’s east.JTA, Monday, 5:10 AM

Pokemon craze hits Holocaust memorials

Pokemon Go hits Holocaust memorials in Germany and a Jewish cemetery in Britain. Jewish leaders vow to take action.Elad Benari, Monday, 4:44 AM

Poll: Most ex-religious want children to be traditional

Survey finds that 60% of datlashim – formerly religious – would like their children to live a traditional Jewish lifestyle.Hillel Fendel, Monday, 3:16 AM

Jewish drummer, 24, busking to stomp out Crohn's disease

Gideon Grossman will go busking up the California coast to raise money for promising research into cure for Crohn's disease.Gabe Friedman, Sunday, 8:37 PM

Rabbi sued by sex offender for exposing him on Twitter

Rabbi Ya'akov Horowitz of Rockland, NY, is being sued for slander by a convicted sex offender for exposing him as such on Twitter.Shai Landesman, Sunday, 5:07 PM

Parshat Balak: Bilaam Exposed

I pray that every Leader in power now and rising to power in the future reads it and absorbs it into his or her Soul.Dr. Joseph Frager, Friday, 12:11 PM

Lacking GMO labels, kosher foods go missing in Vermont

Wide variety of kosher foods disappear from grocery shelves in Vermont due to the state’s strict GMO labeling law.JTA, Friday, 4:46 AM

Detroit advocacy group merging with American Jewish Committee

Jewish Community Relations Council of Metropolitan Detroit merges with the American Jewish Committee.JTA, Friday, 4:39 AM

Large swastika painted on southern New Jersey home

Large swastika painted on a home in suburban Mount Laurel.JTA, Friday, 4:38 AM

Forged: Orthodox wedding blessing sanctifies 'Groom & Groom'

"Orthodox" wedding blessing booklet adds choice of "Groom & Groom" instead of "Groom & Bride".Arutz Sheva Staff, Friday, 3:09 AM

Cruz may be down, but he is not out as favorite of the right

There is no rift between Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Sheldon Adelson.Ron Kampeas, Friday, 2:34 AM

12-year-old hurler walks on Shabbat, so his teammates pitch in

Teammates of religiously observant infielder and pitcher carry his gear on Shabbat, so he doesn't have to.Hillel Kuttler, Friday, 1:28 AM

Chaim Safran's last day

Only two years have passed since a father closed his eyes for the last time, and returned his soul to his Creator., Thursday, 11:20 PM

NY federation campaign grows for 7th consecutive year

North America’s largest Jewish philanthropy says its annual campaign revenue has increased for the seventh consecutive year.JTA, Thursday, 6:00 AM

Orthodox beatboxers cut from 'America's Got Talent'

Orthodox Jewish beatboxers fail to advance on “America’s Got Talent” after wowing the judges in the initial round of the TV competition.JTA, Thursday, 5:49 AM

Brazilian journalist who called Israel a 'Nazi state' loses suit

Brazil Jews win a nearly decade-long lawsuit started by a journalist who claimed he was gagged for calling Israel a "Nazi state."JTA, Thursday, 5:02 AM

UK Jewish students denied right to select anti-racism delegate

National Union of Students strips Jewish students of the right to select their own member of anti-racism committee; Jewish students alarmed.Ari Soffer, 7/20/2016, 10:26 AM

Argentine Jews: Make AMIA bombing a 'national priority'

Argentine Jewish leaders call on the country's government to make the investigation of the AMIA Jewish center bombing a "national priority".JTA, 7/20/2016, 6:19 AM

Jedwabne mayor calls for exhumation of Jewish mass grave

Mayor of town where locals killed hundreds of Jews calls to exhume the bodies from a mass grave to see if German soldiers were the killers.JTA, 7/20/2016, 6:05 AM

'Architect of Montreal's Jewish community' dies at 101

Manuel (Manny) Batshaw, who was considered “the architect of Montreal’s Jewish community,” has died at 101.JTA, 7/20/2016, 5:55 AM

Foundation assumes ownership of Phoenix Jewish newspaper

Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix takes over ownership of the metropolitan area’s Jewish News.JTA, 7/20/2016, 4:54 AM

Arizona Jewish candidate's driveway vandalized with swastika

Jewish candidate for a seat in the Arizona State Legislature finds anti-Semitic messages on his driveway in suburban Phoenix.JTA, 7/20/2016, 4:04 AM

RV association fires Jewish couple who wrote book opposing Trump

Jewish husband and wife fired from their job promoting RV travel after writing a book opposing Donald Trump.JTA, 7/20/2016, 3:57 AM

Jewish man who served in 3 countries' air forces dies at 92

Nathan "Gino" Narboni, who volunteered to fly a combat plane during Israel's War of Independence, dies at 92.JTA, 7/20/2016, 3:25 AM

Ax attack in Germany demands 'early warning system'

German Jewish leaders warn that all German institutions should take extra precautions following ax attack in Wurzburg.JTA, 7/20/2016, 2:56 AM

Synagogue with dark past invites Pokemon hunters to its revival

Russian synagogue embraces latest video game craze to boost its revival.Cnaan Liphshiz, 7/19/2016, 7:32 PM

'The homosexuals who came to consult me weren't proud'

Rabbi Ratzon Arusi of Kiryat Ono criticizes 'abrasiveness' of LGBT debate, says pride parades only do gays a grave disservice.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/19/2016, 11:38 AM

218 North Americans move to Israel

In an exciting ceremony in Ben Gurion Airport, the first Nefesh B'Nefesh 2016 Summer Flight brings 218 immigrants to Israel.Arutz Sheva, 7/19/2016, 7:32 AM

Alabama councilwoman threatened over Holocaust comments

Councilwoman in Birmingham says a gun-wielding Jewish man threatened to harm her for opposing city funding of a Holocaust memorial.JTA, 7/19/2016, 6:07 AM

'Survivor' winner married in traditional Jewish ceremony

Ethan Zohn, the Jewish winner of the third season of "Survivor," married in a traditional Jewish ceremony in Vermont.JTA, 7/19/2016, 5:35 AM

NFL player Nate Ebner makes US Olympic rugby team

Nate Ebner of the New England Patriots qualifies for American Olympic men's rugby sevens team.JTA, 7/19/2016, 5:28 AM

More British Jews requesting naturalization in Portugal

Portugal’s Jewish community observing an increase in requests for naturalization by British Jews following Brexit vote.JTA, 7/19/2016, 5:09 AM

Global meeting against anti-Semitism meets in Buenos Aires

Parliamentarians and experts gather in the Argentine capital for the Global Forum for Combatting Antisemitism.JTA, 7/19/2016, 4:58 AM

USC Chabad center robbed of electronics, 3 sets of tefillin

Burglar steals electronics, three sets of tefillin and other valuables from the Chabad house at the University of Southern California.JTA, 7/19/2016, 4:45 AM

Cleveland chaplain delivers invocation at Republican convention

Rabbi Ari Wolf, who serves as chaplain to the Cleveland police, delivers invocation at the start of the Republican National Convention.JTA, 7/19/2016, 3:59 AM

Jewish GOP delegates cite Israel and style in backing Trump

In Cleveland for GOP convention, Jewish delegates explain why they are backing Donald Trump.Ben Sales, 7/19/2016, 3:24 AM