Trump plan rejected by Mideast countries; Kushner slams PA

It did not appear throughout the process that Kushner realized that this concept was a non-starter. OpinionCommunicated Content, 2/10/2020, 8:53 PM

Herut offers free security guidebook to US synagogues

Leading Zionist activist organization presents cutting-edge guide to help congregations protect worshipers amid attacks on synagogues., 2/3/2020, 6:29 PM

What is a proxy server?

What are proxy servers, and how do they function? Here's a quick explanation of what proxy servers do, and how to set them up.Sponsored Content, 1/28/2020, 10:41 AM

The new science behind REM sleep

'Butterfly wing' neurons control the most important part of the sleep cycle., 1/22/2020, 7:07 PM

Don’t let another Daf slip away with this new App

Shas Chabura App provides day-by-day chazara schedule based upon scientific research on how to most effectively remember material you learn., 1/21/2020, 6:32 PM

How to use AI to improve website conversions

More and more companies are starting to integrate AI technology into their business and they are starting to see the effect.Sponsored Content, 1/20/2020, 2:09 PM

What Is cryptocurrency and how does it work?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that can be used during an online purchase or sale., 1/19/2020, 10:37 AM

How couples nowadays get their wedding stuff faster

One of the most shopped items nowadays would be clothing, and that includes outfits for weddings., 1/14/2020, 11:44 PM

Kosher Tank: Entrepreneurs can make their food dreams a reality

Starting up a kosher food business is hard - but Kosheer Tank offers a better way to get your food business going!Sponsored Content, 1/10/2020, 7:50 AM

Insurance claims from Australian bushfire reach $700 million

The tragic bushfires that conquered Australia in recent weeks are having huge insurance implications.Communicated Content, 1/9/2020, 12:18 PM

Haifa's most popular attraction - Escape Room

The word 'escape' does not conjure positive associations, as it conveys a sense of fear or defeat.Communicated Content, 1/9/2020, 9:27 AM

The Shmuz announces new Parsha series podcast

Popular shiur class given by Rabbi Shafier, The Shmuz, launches new Parsha series.Sponsored Content, 1/7/2020, 9:51 AM

Fundraiser launched for victims of Monsey attack

Chabad centers in Rockland County launch online fundraiser for victims of Monsey stabbing attack and their families., 1/6/2020, 6:44 PM

Guided Video Shiur With Visuals to Help in Understanding the Daf

The Daf Academy's companion guide for studying the Gemara as part of the Daf Yomi track.Sponsored Content, 1/2/2020, 4:41 PM

Wireless electronics for busy professionals

Choose the electronic devices that best suit your needs., 12/31/2019, 8:22 PM

Facial symmetry and beauty

Research suggests people with symmetrical faces have an evolutionary advantage., 12/30/2019, 9:38 PM

Is it worth having an Instagram business account?

Instagram is the third most used social network in US and the most popular advertising platform on the market., 12/30/2019, 7:37 PM

Where these leaders got their start

Some of the Jewish people’s leaders of tomorrow are currently studying at Shapell’s and Midreshet Rachel.Shmuel Jablon, 12/30/2019, 6:49 PM

A Beit Shemesh girl is gasping for air and needs your help!

Maayan should be living a normal life -but instead is trapped by the daily life and death struggles which require constant monitoring.Sponsored Content, 12/29/2019, 5:00 PM

Adorable video: Israeli children receive free winter coats

Thousands of Israel's poorest children receive winter wear as part of Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s annual winter warmth distribution., 12/26/2019, 9:03 PM

Jewish mother explores spirituality in new children's book

What is a soul? Where does it go when you are asleep? How does a parent answer these spiritually profound questions that a child may ask?Heidi Mae Bratt, 12/23/2019, 9:30 PM

This is why the Ferencz Family Fund has been established

Jersey City, drenched in a river of blood and tears, needs an outpouring of support.Communicated Content, 12/16/2019, 6:31 PM

Celebrating a glowing past - empowering a growing future

Neve Yerushalayim girls' seminary prepares to mark its 50th year, reaching out to its 25,000 alumnae across the globe for '50 Reunite'.Sponsored Content, 12/15/2019, 9:00 PM

Businesses you can start while working a day job

How can you start a business when working full time?Communicated Content, 12/12/2019, 11:30 PM

How UK’s unemployment benefit is hacked by phony loan pushers

Fake profiles being set-up on social media websites to push phony loans and grants in order to steal thousands using identity fraud.Communicated Content, 12/12/2019, 11:12 PM

Why they made Aliyah

Over 1 quarter of Shapell’s/Darche Noam alumni have made Aliyah, reflecting diversity of Orthodox Judaism.Shmuel Jablon, 12/11/2019, 9:52 PM

Prepare for Your end-of-Year Advertising Push with Arutz Sheva

With a readership ranging from 18 to 65+, we have an audience for every type of marketing campaign you’re looking to run.Communicated Content, 12/8/2019, 8:09 PM

Join chance to win apartment and strengthen the farmers

Am Yisrael Chai Foundation is back to fight agricultural terror: Special operation with dream raffle for luxurious apartment in Jerusalem.Communicated Content, 12/5/2019, 7:51 PM

Fight agricultural terror - and win a luxury home in Jerusalem

Am Yisrael Chai Foundation helps Jewish farmers facing agricultural terror - with a new raffle for a luxury apartment in Jerusalem.Am Yisrael Chai Foundation, 12/5/2019, 11:55 AM

Karatbars - The vision behind the creation of CashGold

CashGold notes are a stable form of currency which each contain a small amount of 24-carat gold., 12/4/2019, 4:14 PM

Medical breakthrough of 3D-printed hearts at Tel Aviv University

Billionaire investor James Richman supports first medical breakthrough enabling 3D-printed hearts from Tel Aviv University., 12/3/2019, 10:41 PM

Best Souvenir from trip to Israel: Personalized Torah Learning!

Special personalized learning program offers visitors to Israel the opportunity to create their own unique learning experience.Shmuel Jablon, 12/2/2019, 8:00 AM

Stake your claim in The Holy Land: Buy a Piece Of Israel

Strengthen Jewish sovereignty in The Galilee while observing more Mitzvot., 11/26/2019, 10:07 PM

Rabbi Aryeh Yudelevitz - Support, advice and guidance

In a quiet and unassuming way, Rabbi Aryeh Yudelevitz assists thousands of needy individuals and offers help to whoever needsSponsored Content, 11/24/2019, 2:00 AM

Challenge your mind, nourish your soul

42 Years of “Learning How To Learn” at Shapell’s/Darche NoamShmuel Jablon, 11/19/2019, 5:00 PM

Don't waste money - advertise here on Arutz Sheva

Stop wasting money on bad advertising. Use Arutz Sheva advertising and reach hundred of thousands.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/7/2019, 10:51 AM

Latest Science: How to Have A Healthy Yom Kippur Fast

Newest research shows us there may be ways to not only fully fast on Yom Kippur, but actually increase mental clarity and overall health., 10/25/2019, 12:00 AM

What the USA Could Learn from Israel’s Education System

The USA's educational system has serious problems and it can be improved by implementing changes modeled on the Israel’s education system., 10/24/2019, 11:21 PM

Free Kvittel for Ribnitzer Rebbe's Yahrtzeit through Yad L'Achim

Yad L'Achim has arranged to be able to submit names for tefillah to be delivered to the rebbe's kever today, his Yahrtzeit., 10/23/2019, 7:15 PM

Why did the Rabbi cry?

Kolel Maale Hever - The leading Kolel for training community rabbis - launched just this month, in memory of Emmanuel Tzviel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/7/2019, 10:54 PM

New! Short & Practical 1-4 minute videos on Money Halacha

Can You Choose Amazon Saturday Delivery?, "Borrowing” WiFi, Paying A Worker For Shabbos, Giving Ma’aser When In Debt, and more.Sponsored Content, 10/6/2019, 8:45 PM

Amazon Boys Choir Releases Hit Song

6 children of Chabad shluchim in the Amazon Rainforest take part in their parents' mission to awaken Judaism in the local Jewish community., 10/3/2019, 10:18 PM

How to find reliable health info online

In order to eradicate confusion, there are a few tips to be kept in mind while researching health information on the internet., 10/2/2019, 9:45 PM

This sukkah assembles in under 5 minutes! - You gotta see it!

'Pop-Up' Travel Sukkahs are the ultimate in portable convenience!Infomercial, 9/25/2019, 6:53 PM

Housekeeping, Catering and Transportation in Jerusalem

Suite Jerusalem was created to provide basic service needs to enhance any visit to Jerusalem., 9/24/2019, 7:03 PM

This Couple Wants to Bring the Light of Torah to North Dakota

Join us in securing a home for the Chabad of North Dakota in Fargo.Sponsored Content, 9/22/2019, 6:50 PM

The Road to Truth: From the Scientology Cult to Torah

How a young Jewish man from Milwaukee was drawn into Scientology - then back out of it and into Orthodox Judaism.Sponsored Content, 9/22/2019, 4:32 PM

The Holiday Season is a Perfect Time to Advertise on Arutz Sheva

This is the season of increased buzz online – and Arutz Sheva is the perfect place to grab people’s attention.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/19/2019, 8:55 PM

Why a Chesed Fund Campaign is Perfect for Holiday Fundraising

As the high holidays approach, there has never been a better time to create a Chesed Fund account and start fundraising for your cause., 9/17/2019, 8:46 PM

Little known but important facts to know before visiting Israel

Despite how much many people think they know about the country, there are vital facts that are often missed out., 9/11/2019, 5:04 PM

Tough Israeli gambling regulations and how to play by the rules

Companies that operate outside the country’s jurisdiction provide platforms that can be utilized by Israelis who want to gamble., 9/11/2019, 4:00 PM

Vaping marijuana with CBD vape pen helps to avoid many diseases

Initial research suggests multiple health benefits of CBD compound found in cannabis, vaping marijuana avoids dangers of smoking it., 9/2/2019, 7:39 PM

Girl lost parents, began questioning life

At just 15 years old she started the spiritual journey that brought her to where she is now., 4/1/2019, 11:38 PM

Weeks before wedding, family gets devastating news

The family has since devolved into what can only be described as a state of desperation., 3/27/2019, 4:55 PM

Watch: Groom unable to hold back tears

After passing of his father, a yeshiva dean, groom struggling to afford even modest wedding or basic needs after wedding.Sponsored Content, 3/25/2019, 10:12 AM

Amazing Hashgacha Story: “The Wrong Dovy Weiss”

The delivery man had come at exactly the right moment, to save them from utter humiliation., 3/23/2019, 11:50 PM

Rabbi Finkel’s recommendation for abundance

He lost his parents at thirteen and worked nights to support his siblings. Now, he wants to build a home.Sponsored Content, 3/20/2019, 1:11 PM