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Leaked emails threaten image of Democratic party unity

Revelations of Clinton campaign's attempt to derail Sanders cast shadow over attempts to portray unity.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/23/2016, 9:00 PM

Vote Trump for equal pay and childcare, says Ivanka

Donald Trump's daughter explains why she believes her father would be better for women than Hillary Clinton.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/22/2016, 12:24 PM

Arab-Canadian newspaper blames the Jews

Arabic newspaper in Canada denies the Holocaust, claims the Jews are responsible for moral corruption.Dalit Halevi, 7/22/2016, 6:46 AM

Trump: Clinton's legacy doesn't have to be America's legacy

Republican presidential nominee accepts the nomination, warns against a Clinton presidency and vows to make America great.Ben Ariel, 7/22/2016, 6:36 AM

Pence, Cruz, Gingrich cite Israel on GOP convention night

On a night marked by discord, three prominent speakers at the Republican National Convention pledged party unity on Israel.JTA, 7/22/2016, 3:37 AM

Adelson snubs Cruz over his failure to endorse Trump

Texas Senator turned away from the luxury suite of Jewish billionaire after refusing to endorse Republican presidential nominee.Ben Ariel, 7/22/2016, 2:12 AM

5 Jewish things to expect from Trump on Thursday night

What can we expect from the speech of the official nominee of the Republican Party?Ben Sales, 7/22/2016, 12:25 AM

Louisiana cop-killer explained before he died

Titled 'manifesto,' an email purportedly explaining Baton Rouge cop killer's purpose has surfaced.Rachel Kaplan, 7/21/2016, 10:56 PM

Muslim leaders draft votes to defeat Trump

Campaign of Muslim leaders in US aims to ensure that the Presidential hopeful won't reach the White House.Tal Polon, 7/21/2016, 10:33 PM

Florida mosquitoes tested for Zika

A Florida woman, who has no travel connections, has contracted the Zika virus. Health officials are racing to find the source.Rachel Kaplan, 7/21/2016, 10:10 PM

Poll: Trump, Clinton tied for Ohio

At the height of the fourth day of the RNC, a Suffolk University poll shows Clinton and Trump deadlocked in the swing state.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/21/2016, 8:26 PM

Trump Jr. calls for public funding for private schools

Republicans cheer Donald Trump Jr.'s call for private school funding as he derides public schools as "run for the clerks, not the customers"Ben Sales, 7/21/2016, 6:31 PM

Cruz: I'm not a 'servile puppy'

Booed off the RNC stage, Texas Senator Ted Cruz refused to endorse Trump as nominee, after Trump insulted his wife and father.Rachel Kaplan, 7/21/2016, 6:06 PM

Republicans stick together on Israel - and not much else

Wednesday didn't go quite as planned for Team Trump, but one thing still binds the GOP nominee and his critics together.Ben Sales, 7/21/2016, 5:26 PM

RNC crowd calls for Hillary Clinton to be 'locked up'

More commotion surrounding Trump campaign as crowd chants for Hillary's imprisonment; unofficial 'adviser' calls for her execution.Shai Landesman, 7/21/2016, 10:59 AM

Cornel West rips 'vicious Israeli occupation' outside of RNC

Bernie Sanders adviser hits 'Jewish reactionaries' supporting Trump, calls 'struggle' against Israel 'this generation's Vietnam war'.David Rosenberg, 7/21/2016, 10:52 AM

Taking the BDS battle to summer camps

Former MK Dov Lipman goes on summer camp tour in the US to teach campers about the fight against BDS and its crucial importance.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/21/2016, 9:48 AM

Speaking at convention, Cruz refuses to endorse Trump

Texas Senator booed at Republican National Convention address for not endorsing formal rival Trump.David Rosenberg, 7/21/2016, 7:54 AM

White House plays down alleged Melania Trump plagiarism

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says similarities in Melania Trump's speech to that of First Lady show that American values are shared.Ben Ariel, 7/21/2016, 6:32 AM

Arizona terror suspect planned to target Tucson JCC

Arizona teenager accused of plotting attacks on government buildings also wanted to target the Tucson Jewish Community Center.JTA, 7/21/2016, 4:35 AM

Democrats blame Trump for 'anti-Semitism' in Republican Party

Democrats blame Republican nominee for what they depict as burgeoning anti-Semitism in his party.JTA, 7/21/2016, 3:02 AM

Trump speechwriter takes blame for Melania's plagarized speech

Says Melania 'liked' Michelle Obama, but never intended to plagiarize her speech.David Rosenberg, 7/20/2016, 10:03 PM

Days ahead of DNC, Clinton looks for 'safe' VP pick

Democratic nominee reportedly eying Virginia senator, former Iowa governor for running mate against Trump.David Rosenberg, 7/20/2016, 7:34 PM

Fox News nears implosion following sex scandal

Shake-up or break-up? Departure of Fox News CEO amid accusations of sexual harassment could spark wave of departures by popular hosts.David Rosenberg, 7/20/2016, 4:40 PM

Councilwoman claims armed Jewish man threatened her with handgun

Birminham Councilwoman Sheila Tyson filed a complaint with the police after a man threatened to shoot her for her Holocaust remarks.Rachel Kaplan, 7/20/2016, 10:54 AM

Carson attacks Clinton for role model who 'acknowledged Lucifer'

Former GOP candidate slams Clinton for admiring far-left Jewish activist Saul Alinsky, says US will face God's wrath if she's elected.JTA, 7/20/2016, 10:12 AM

Former Bush AG Mukasey attacks Clinton as unfit

Michael Mukasey, George W. Bush's attorney general, says Hillary Clinton violated oath of office while Secretary of State.JTA, 7/20/2016, 9:47 AM

Twitter suspends Milo Yiannopoulos account

Professional provocateur and 'alt-right' sympathizer, suspended from Twitter for abusing actress. "We have not done enough," says Twitter.Rachel Kaplan, 7/20/2016, 9:23 AM

Trump narrows deficit to Clinton in latest poll

43 percent of likely voters support Clinton in latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, while 36 percent support Trump.Ben Ariel, 7/20/2016, 5:40 AM

Trump confirmed as Republican presidential nominee

It's official: Republican National Convention confirms Donald Trump as the party's 2016 presidential nominee.Ben Ariel, 7/20/2016, 2:33 AM

Republican Jews struggle with Trump candidacy

Jewish Republicans wonder how to vouch for Trump when he won't help out.Ron Kampeas, 7/19/2016, 10:54 PM

Watch: Atlanta mayor shuts down Israel boycotters

'Black Lives Matter' group demanded Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed cut off ties with Israeli police. This was his response:Ari Soffer, 7/19/2016, 2:48 PM

Does the US have to extradite Gulen?

Turkey demands the US hand over self-exiled Imam Fethullah Gulen. Are they forcing America's hand?Rachel Kaplan, 7/19/2016, 1:57 PM

RNC shuts down YouTube comments in wake of anti-Semitic abuse

The RNC had to shut down comments on its YouTube livestream as a string of anti-Semitic comments appeared during the event.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/19/2016, 12:12 PM

Watch: Republican Convention begins - with a Jewish prayer

Rabbi Ari Wolf, chosen in place of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, delivers opening prayer at RNC.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/19/2016, 11:01 AM

Watch: Did Melania Trump steal Michelle Obama's speech?

At least one passage in Melania Trump's speech Monday night at the RNC seems to mirror Michelle Obama's a little too closely...Shai Landesman, 7/19/2016, 9:05 AM

'I personally blame Hillary for my son's death'

Mother of Benghazi attack victim comes out strongly against Hillary Clinton on day one of Republican National Convention.Tal Polon, 7/19/2016, 8:35 AM

Jewish former Hawaii governor raps Dems on Israel

Linda Lingle criticizes Democratic Party's stance on Israel, scarcely mentions Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.JTA, 7/19/2016, 3:34 AM

Donald Trump sharing the limelight with rock and roll

A report from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.Ron Kampeas, 7/19/2016, 1:43 AM

Anti-Trump groups walk out of GOP convention

Anti-Trump delegates protest after they fail in their effort to force a protest vote against the presumptive presidential nominee.Ben Ariel, 7/19/2016, 1:09 AM

Watch live: Republican National Convention

Watch complete coverage of the 2016 Republican National Convention., 7/18/2016, 11:19 PM

Trump campaign finds new Rabbi

Local Rabbi Ari Wolf to deliver prayer at Republican National Convention in Cleveland, replacing Rabbi Haskel Lookstein.Shai Landesman, 7/18/2016, 10:44 PM

Man who threatens Colorado Jews gets one year

Jeffrey Thomas Klingel, 34, sent threatening letters containing a white substance to Jewish organizations in ColoradoGil Ronen, 7/18/2016, 6:02 PM

Trump deploys family for contentious 2016 GOP convention

Republican nominee hopes family's charm offensive will end Clinton's lingering lead in the polls.David Rosenberg, 7/18/2016, 3:04 PM

Baton Rouge shooter called for 'bloodshed' in YouTube video

Gavin Long, who murdered three police officers in Louisiana, urged black Americans to 'fight back' violently against the police.Ari Soffer, 7/18/2016, 1:11 PM

Montreal ad banned 'lest it offend Muslims'

Political and economic factors have turned an advertisement about oil into an issue of free speech.Rachel Kaplan, 7/18/2016, 9:48 AM

14 Democratic senators call for Iran sanctions extension

On the anniversary of the Iran nuclear deal, Democratic senators call for extension of the existing sanctions on the Islamic Republic.JTA, 7/18/2016, 5:25 AM

Bill honoring life of Elie Wiesel approved by House committee

House Foreign Affairs Committee approves bill to honor the life and work of Elie Wiesel.JTA, 7/18/2016, 5:07 AM

Louisiana shooter was a former Marine

More details emerging about Gavin Long, the 29-year-old who shot police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Ben Ariel, 7/18/2016, 4:38 AM

Baton Rouge shooter identified as Gavin Long, 29

29-year-old Gavin Long carried out Baton Rouge shooting on his birthday, law enforcement sources say.Elad Benari, 7/18/2016, 12:32 AM

Watch: Obama delivers a statement on Louisiana shooting

President Barack Obama speaks from Washington, DC, following Baton Rouge shooting., 7/18/2016, 12:04 AM

Obama decries Baton Rouge shooting as 'the work of cowards'

President Barack Obama responds to latest murder of three police officers in Louisiana, says nothing justifies violence against police.Ari Soffer, 7/17/2016, 10:20 PM

The last Jewish presidential candidate: Far-left, anti-Israel

With Bernie Sanders out, Green candidate Jill Stein is left to represent the tribe... or not.Ben Sales, 7/17/2016, 9:12 PM

Bernie Sanders to give keynote speech at Democratic convention

Former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders to give keynote speech during next week's convention.JTA, 7/17/2016, 9:10 PM

Trump, negotiating TV deal, 'wondered if he needed Jewish agent'

Unnamed Jewish executive says presumptive Republican presidential nominee made remarks at talk over The Apprentice.JTA, 7/17/2016, 9:05 PM

Pokemon Go player finds body behind Holocaust memorial

New Hampshire youth playing Pokemon Go discovers dead body in stream near Holocaust memorial.JTA, 7/17/2016, 8:43 PM

Three police officers killed in Louisiana shooting

Latest attack on US police officers sees gunmen open fire on Baton Rouge police station; two attackers still at large.Ari Soffer, 7/17/2016, 7:53 PM