Man sets himself on fire outside White House

Secret Service arrests man who set himself on fire outside the White House. Victim taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.Elad Benari, Canada, 4/13/2019, 12:00 AM

Religious groups: Stop weaponizing anti-Semitism

20 religious groups call on Congress to ‘stop weaponizing anti-Semitism,’ slam ‘cynical’ political rhetoric.Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 4/12/2019, 3:37 PM

A creative response to a Muslim legislator

New York newspaper responds to Rep. Ilhan Omar's claim that 'some people did something' on 9/11.Nitzan Kedar, Chana Roberts, 4/12/2019, 1:13 PM

US Embassy announces new visa for Israelis

New US visa aims to help Israelis looking to invest in US.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/12/2019, 10:58 AM

Swastika burned into asphalt near Denver school playground

Vandals use gasoline to burn swastika into asphalt in 'bias incident.'Marcy Oster, JTA, 4/12/2019, 9:49 AM

Texas to amend anti-BDS law

Texas lawmakers amending law banning business with Israel boycotters.Elad Benari, 4/12/2019, 6:08 AM

Students at University of California campus reject BDS

Student government at the University of California, Santa Barbara rejects Israel divestment resolution.Ben Ariel, 4/12/2019, 3:39 AM

Ilhan Omar condemned for downplaying 9/11 attacks

Many people were appalled by Omar's description of one of the world's most deadly terror attacks as 'some people did something.'Sara Rubenstein, 4/11/2019, 8:08 PM

Trump admin bans BDS founder from entering US

Omar Barghouti, one of the founders of anti-Israel BDS movement denied entry into the US from Israel's Ben Gurion Airport.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/11/2019, 7:51 PM

NY Cleric Muhammad Ibn Muneer: 'Muslims should hate non-Muslims'

In Q&A session, New York Mufti Islamic principle of loving Muslims and hating non-Muslims.Mordechai Sones, 4/11/2019, 5:56 PM

Flyers about 'evil Jewish plot' found at UNC campus library

Police investigating placement of anti-Semitic flyers at University of North Carolina. Campus Chabad: 'We will not be intimidated.'Tal Polon, 4/11/2019, 2:55 PM

House Republicans push for bill protecting states penalizing BDS

Top Republicans in U.S. House of Representatives join effort to force a vote on bill that targets Israel boycotters.Ron Kampeas, JTA, 4/11/2019, 8:28 AM

1 wounded in South Carolina hospital shooting

Suspect opens fire at medical center in Orangeburg, SC, one wounded. Suspect taken into custody.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/10/2019, 5:20 PM

Trump: Netanyahu's victory - good sign for peace

US president congratulates PM on election victory. Bolton says peace plan to be published 'in very near future.'Nitzan Keidar, 4/10/2019, 5:01 PM

'Glad Airbnb has seen the error of its ways'

National Council of Young Israel praises Airbnb's cancellation of policy against Judea and Samaria, thanking Florida governor for efforts.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/10/2019, 1:41 PM

Airbnb: We've always opposed BDS

Lodging website stresses it opposes BDS after settling lawsuit over Judea and Samaria listings.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/10/2019, 3:45 AM

Airbnb will cancel its ban on Israeli settlement listings

Following lawsuit against ban on vacation rentals in Israeli settlements, Airbnb drops controversial boycott policy.Ben Sales, JTA, 4/9/2019, 11:59 PM

Ilan Omar calls Jewish Trump advisor 'white nationalist'

Democratic congresswoman slammed for accusing Jewish official Stephen Miller of being a 'white nationalist' over immigration policy.Marcy Oster/JTA, 4/9/2019, 8:26 PM

Princeton Jewish community spars over Israel-themed Shabbat meal

Israel-themed Shabbat event at Princeton draws strong turnout - but also sparks debate on campus.Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 4/9/2019, 3:31 PM

Blizzard-like weather for central US

National Weather Service warns major storm may bring blizzard-like conditions, render travel impossible.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/9/2019, 11:46 AM

New York may close yeshivas which allow unvaccinated students

NY Health Department warns: Brooklyn yeshivas allowing unvaccinated students to attend face violations and possible closure.Chana Roberts, 4/9/2019, 11:13 AM

How Netanyahu became an issue in the US presidential campaign

2020 Democratic hopefuls take aim at Israel's prime minister, as Israeli policies - and its leaders - become focus of presidential race.Ron Kampeas, JTA, 4/9/2019, 8:23 AM

Maryland man charged in van attack plot near capital

Maryland man charged with stealing a rental truck that he planned to use to kill pedestrians in Nice-style attack.Elad Benari, 4/9/2019, 4:11 AM

Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell to run for president

California Democrat will seek his party's nomination for president in an attempt to replace Donald Trump.Ben Ariel, 4/9/2019, 3:37 AM

US man charged over plot to commit mass shooting against Jews

Washington state man charged with two felonies for posting plans on Facebook to commit a mass shooting against Jewish targets.Ben Ariel, 4/9/2019, 1:41 AM

Trump dismisses Secret Service Director

US Secret Service Director Randolph Alles dismissed from his position, will be replaced by James M. Murray.Ben Ariel, 4/8/2019, 11:07 PM

Fox News host endorses Netanyahu ahead of election

Conservative pundit and Fox News host Mark Levin urges Israelis to vote for Likud, endorses Binyamin Netanyahu for 5th term as premier.David Rosenberg, 4/8/2019, 12:10 PM

NY county measles outbreak spotlights religious exemptions

Health commissioner supports push to end religious exemptions for vaccinations, says measles outbreak one of 'most challenging' crises.AFP, 4/8/2019, 11:03 AM

Ex-congressman Anthony Weiner forced to register as sex offender

After being released from prison earlier this year, disgraced ex-Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner ordered to register as sex offender.Marcy Oster, JTA, 4/8/2019, 8:07 AM

Republican senators push for protections for Israeli Americans

GOP lawmakers introduce bill to recognize Israeli-Americans as group protected from discrimination.Ron Kampeas, JTA, 4/8/2019, 7:29 AM

US presidential candidate suggests Netanyahu is racist

Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke says US-Israel relationship must transcend “a prime minister who is racist.”Elad Benari, 4/8/2019, 2:05 AM

US Homeland Secretary steps down

Trump announces that Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen will be stepping down and be replaced by Kevin McAleenan.Ben Ariel, 4/8/2019, 1:12 AM

2020 Democratic hopeful blasts Netanyahu over annexation pledge

Democratic mayor and possible 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg condemns Netanyahu's vow to annex settlements in Judea and Samaria.David Rosenberg, 4/7/2019, 10:49 PM

'Neither Republicans, Democrats responsible for anti-Semitism'

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid calls for bipartisan effort to combat anti-Semitism, says neither party to blame.Ron Kampeas, JTA, 4/7/2019, 9:14 PM

Albanian arrested in Montana for planning synagogue attack

21-year-old Albanian-US dual citizen arrested after planning to join ISIS, attack military base and synagogue.Marcy Oster, JTA, 4/7/2019, 6:19 PM

Ocasio-Cortez blames Omar death threats on 'Fox News' host

'When Jeanine Pirro goes on Fox and rallies people to think hijabs are threatening, it leads to this,' says Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.Sara Rubenstein, 4/7/2019, 6:01 PM

'Ilhan Omar doesn't like Israel'

Watch: Trump mocks Democratic congresswoman at Republican Jewish meeting, notes his support for Israel amid chants of 'four more years'.David Rosenberg, 4/7/2019, 5:00 PM

NY man arrested over death threats against Ilhan Omar

The man told investigators that 'he was a patriot, that he loves the President, and that he hates radical Muslims in our government.'Sara Rubenstein, 4/7/2019, 4:00 PM

J Street head: Israeli right has no interest in peace

Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of American lobby J Street, slams Netanyahu for 'clear intent to cross red line of annexation.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/7/2019, 11:11 AM

IfNotNow activists arrested protesting outside Birthright

Anti-Israel group demands that Birthright 'confront the crisis of Occupation' on its tours of Israel.Ben Sales, JTA, 4/7/2019, 8:40 AM

Senator calls for mutual defense agreement with Israel

Sen. Lindsey Graham says US should tell the world that “an attack against Israel would be considered an attack against the United States”.Ben Ariel, 4/7/2019, 3:48 AM

Trump: Israeli elections will be 'close'

US Pres. Trump says Israeli elections will be close, US-Israel relationship stronger than ever before.Nitzan Kedar, 4/6/2019, 11:22 PM

ADL: 'Wrong' to compare Holocaust to ban on unvaxxed children

Anti-vaccine activists are using a Holocaust-era yellow Star of David to promote their cause.Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 4/6/2019, 9:28 PM

Columbia U. professor: Israel is exactly like ISIS

Professor of Middle Eastern studies at Columbia University accuses Israel of being virtually identical to terrorist ISIS organization.Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 4/5/2019, 4:17 PM

US cancels visa of international court's chief prosecutor

Bensouda, an African-born Muslim from Gambia who had been the prosecutor at The Hague since 2012, is first member to be sanctioned by US.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/5/2019, 2:55 PM

'I was targeted for supporting Israel, opposing Obama'

Former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos says State Department officials, Mueller investigation targeted him for his pro-Israeli positions.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/5/2019, 2:05 PM

Ohio doctor fired again for 'give the Jews wrong medicine' tweet

Doctor expelled from California residency program over anti-Semitic social media comments after being fired from program in Ohio.Marcy Oster, JTA, 4/5/2019, 8:00 AM

Suspect arrested in anti-Semitic vandalism in Oklahoma

Woman captured on surveillance video painting anti-Semitic graffiti on Oklahoma Democratic Party headquarters in Oklahoma City.Ben Ariel, 4/5/2019, 3:10 AM

Accountant fired after attacking an Orthodox Jew with MAGA hat

'I am going to go to his house, march up and down carrying a sign that says he hates black people.'Sara Rubenstein, 4/4/2019, 10:54 PM

Last day of Harvard funded 'Israeli Apartheid Week'

One of Harvard's Apartheid Week's speakers is Omar Barghouti, a co-founder of the BDS movement and member of the notorious Barghouti clan.Sara Rubenstein, 4/4/2019, 10:12 PM

Farrakhan: Jesus was 2,000 years too early to destroy the Jews

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan claims to be Jesus here to complete mission 'to end the civilization of the Jews' in video.Gary Willig, 4/4/2019, 9:19 PM

Dr. fired twice over 'give the Jews the wrong meds' tweets

Dr. Lara Kollab fired from Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, California over posts saying she would 'give all the yahood the wrong meds.'Marcy Oster/JTA, 4/4/2019, 5:18 PM

CNN reporter says Haifa is in the 'West Bank'

CNN’s Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour states guest lawyer is 'from Haifa in the West Bank.'Marcy Oster/JTA, 4/4/2019, 4:04 PM

Jewish driver stops man from jumping off NY Bridge

Jewish man in the right place at the right time when elderly man attempts to jump off  the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York.Marcy Oster, JTA, 4/4/2019, 8:30 AM

Pittsburgh approves gun-control legislation

Pittsburgh City Council approves gun-control legislation proposed in wake of massacre at Tree of Life synagogue.Ben Ariel, 4/4/2019, 3:05 AM

Biden: 'I will be more mindful about respecting personal space'

Former US VP: 'Social norms are changing. I understand that, and I’ve heard what these women are saying.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/3/2019, 10:32 PM

NY adds $25 million security funding for non-public schools

New York State Legislature adds $25 million in extra funding for non-public schools.Marcy Oster, JTA, 4/3/2019, 2:54 PM