'You left at dawn to do your duty'

Hundreds attended the funeral of Erez Levi, murdered Wednesdayin a terror attack. Police Commissioner and Interior Minister eulogized him.Orly Harari, Yesterday, 8:47 PM

Eizenkot's term as Chief of Staff extended by another year

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman decides to extend the appointment of Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot by another year.Yoel Domb, Yesterday, 8:11 PM

New Arrow 3 missile interceptor reaches IAF

The Israeli army on Wednesday received new ballistic missile interceptors significantly upgrading Israel's aerial defence systemsAFP and Arutz Sheva, Yesterday, 7:39 PM

How do Bedouin become radical Islamists?

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, expert on Israeli Arabs, says Bedouin who now feel marginalized in Israeli society are attracted to extremist Islam.Shimon Cohen, Yesterday, 6:36 PM

Justice Minister: Arab MKs incitement led to attack

Justice Minister says state had reached arrangement with residents of Bedouin town before recent incitement led to today's ramming attack.Rafael Levi, Yesterday, 6:09 PM

Army Radio broadcaster:'I would also run over a policeman'

Army Radio broadcaster Hen Elmaleh was fired after expressing sympathy on her Facebook page.for terrorist who murdered policeman in Negev.Yoel Domb, Yesterday, 5:39 PM

Netanyahu to Arab MKs: Stop the incitement

In the wake of attack and Bedouin unrest, Prime Minister Netanyahu called on 'members of Knesset' to stop 'inciting to violence'.Nitzan Keidar, Yesterday, 4:31 PM

'Supreme Court bears responsibility for Bedouin terror attack

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin blamed the Supreme Court and Arab Knesset members for the terror attack in Umm Al-Hiran.Hezky Baruch, Yesterday, 4:03 PM

Aerial video proves: car rammed forces

Footage taken by police helicopter of operations on the ground shows Umm Al-Hiran vehicle attack.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 3:30 PM

'This was an attack against the State of Israel'

Minister Uri Ariel slams Arab MKs for 'fanning the flames' after police officer killed in terror attack during demolition of illegal home.Yoni Kempinski, Yesterday, 1:31 PM

ISIS-inspiried Sarona terrorists admit to 3 of 4 murders

Terrorists admit to murdering three Jews at Sarona Market in Tel Aviv - argue victim who died of heart attack not their responsibility.Uzi Baruch, Yesterday, 12:55 PM

Minister Ariel declares war on IDF mixed-gender orders

New IDF orders call on commanders to create as much mixing as possible, regardless of impact on combat effectiveness.Arutz Sheva, Yesterday, 11:42 AM

'A very difficult incident for our security forces'

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan responds to this morning's terror attack in Negev Bedouin settlement.Nitzan Kedar, Yesterday, 10:27 AM

Officer murdered in Negev terror attack

Police officer killed in terror attack in Negev, attacker neutralized. MK injured in clashes with police.David Rosenberg, Yesterday, 10:01 AM

Israel rearrests terrorist freed after a hunger strike

Israeli forces rearrest PA Arab journalist who was freed from prison last year after an extended hunger strike.Elad Benari, Yesterday, 3:38 AM

Watch: Riot as IDF moves wounded terrorist for treatment

About 200 Arab rioters continued to hurl stones and Molotov Cocktails at soldiers treating wounded stone thrower.Yoni Kempinksi, Tuesday, 7:23 PM

Watch: attempted terror attack near Tulkarm

An Arab terrorist was eliminated after he tried to perpetrate a stabbing attack Tuesday at checkpoint 104 near Tularm.Yoel Domb, Tuesday, 6:30 PM

Terrorist arrested on the way to stabbing attack

Awareness of Border Police led to arrest of illegal resident in East Jerusalem who revealed that he has intended to attack security forces.Reut Hadar, Tuesday, 5:00 PM

Defense Minister visits haredi soldiers, backs Kfir commander

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman visited soldiers from haredi army battalion and commended Kfir commander Gai Hazut for his leadership.Yoel Domb, Tuesday, 4:34 PM

Yesh Atid to present bill to banish families of terrorists

Yesh Atid to present bill to banish the families of terrorists in the Knesset plenum Wednesday in attempt to embarrass coalition.Hezki Baruch, Tuesday, 4:07 PM

PA cop nabbed attempting to bribe way into Israel

3 suspects arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe Israeli guards at checkpoint, gain illegal entry into pre-1967 Israel.Nitzan Keidar, Tuesday, 2:22 PM

Police crack down on Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem

9 arrested as security forces raid northern Jerusalem hot-spot.David Rosenberg, Tuesday, 11:19 AM

Soldier killed in working accident in the Golan

Soldier from the Golani Brigade killed while fixing an armored personnel carrier at the Al Furan base in the Golan Heights.Kobi Finkler, Monday, 11:14 PM

Samaria residents protest opening of road after terror attacks

Residents of Samaria town protest opening of road which has been the site of terror attacks to Arabs.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 11:04 PM

'A slap in the face of bereaved families'

Father of Ziv Mizrachi disappointed at postponement of discussion of terrorist families expulsion law. "There's no deterrent punishment"Eliran Aharon, Monday, 9:45 PM

IDF observation balloon drifts away and disappears in wind

IDF attempts to find observation balloon with sensitive equipment usually located over Route 443. Balloon drifted in wind and probably fell.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 8:00 PM

Who is behind the separation campaign?

Former acting Shin Bet chief, among leaders of separation campaign, answers questions including why he considers right 'delusional'.Shimon Cohen, Monday, 7:30 PM

'Stabbing a soldier at a checkpoint is not a terrorist attack'

New Channel 20 investigative series exposes tactics of 'Breaking the Silence', whose goal is to change Israeli public opinion.Channel 20, Monday, 6:10 PM

Hamas headquarters uncovered north of Jerusalem

13 Hamas terrorists arrested in joint IDF, Shin Bet operation in Samaria.Uzi Baruch, Monday, 11:37 AM

Feiglin: Hamas saw soldiers acting like sissies

Former Likud MK says leftists are trying to reconstruct events to fit their own agenda.Gil Ronen, Monday, 10:56 AM

'It was soldiers, not the tour guide, who killed the terrorist'

Investigation into last week's terror attack in Jerusalem reveals gunfire by soldiers, not tour guide, killed terrorist.David Rosenberg, Monday, 8:24 AM

Israel, PA agree to cooperate on water

Israel and the PA to renew the activity of the Joint Water Committee which manages water and sewer related infrastructure.Kobi Finkler, Monday, 3:04 AM

'Bennett and other 'messianists' leading the country to ruin'

Former Mossad directer blasts 'messianic' calls to annex parts of Judea and Samaria, says Israel must create new Arab state or become one.Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 9:37 PM

'Terrorists' wives will be able to collect welfare benefits'

MKs slam decision to postpone law targeting terrorist families. 'Ministers talk tough, but then completely fail to act.'Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 5:43 PM

'The number one threat in Judea and Samaria'

Senior officer in Judea and Samaria: Shooting attacks have become easier due to large number of weapons in hands of terrorists.Kobi Finkler, Sunday, 4:54 PM

Road where attack took place opened to Pal. Authority residents

IDF opens road to cars bearing Palestinian Authority license plates just one year after shooting attack. Residents slam decision.Ido ben Porat, Sunday, 2:50 PM

IDF responds to Gaza gunfire after IDF tanks damaged

IDF forces return fire after Gaza gunfire damages several IDF tanks stationed near Gaza border.Uzi Baruch, AFP, Sunday, 12:50 PM

Liberman to Azariya's lawyer: Calm everyone down

Israel's Defense Minister says media attention harms Elor Azariya, issue was mishandled.Shimon Cohen, Sunday, 8:22 AM

Hamas: We'll fire on Israel, start another war

Hamas official says they 'won't be like Assad,' and will show Israel the full force of their military power.Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 7:38 AM

Syria claims Israel bombed military airport

Syrian officials accuse Israel of bombing military airport near Damascus.JTA, Sunday, 7:25 AM

Israel frees UN employee who helped Hamas in Gaza

Israel frees United Nations employee who assisted Hamas after six-month imprisonment.JTA, Sunday, 7:08 AM

Syrian army claims Israel attacked airport near Damascus

Several major explosions hit the Mazzeh military airport near the Syrian capital. Syrian army blames Israel.Elad Benari, Friday, 2:37 AM

Bill to deport families of terrorists advances

Legislation which would allow gov't to expel relatives of terrorists to be voted on by ministers.Hezki Baruch, Thursday, 10:19 PM

Soldier critically wounded in attack regains consciousness

Soldier badly wounded in ramming attack Sunday wakes up, is able to breath on her own. Other wounded soldiers recovering.Arutz Sheva Staff, Thursday, 8:10 PM

'Irresponsible to judge soldiers actions based on video'

IDF Col. says soldiers acted 'excellently' during terror attack Sunday, spread out so as not to shoot each other by mistake.Arutz Sheva Staff, Thursday, 7:30 PM

Army report suggests morale declining among combat soldiers

In wake of Azariya conviction, majority of combat soldiers in IDF believe commanders wouldn't back them up in an investigation.David Rosenberg, Thursday, 5:16 PM

Hamas hacks soldiers' phones by posing as women

Hamas terrorists hacked into dozens of Israeli combat soldiers’ cellphones by posing as attractive Israeli women on Facebook.JTA, Thursday, 1:31 PM

Security forces bust weapons factory in Hevron

Large-scale security operation leads to bust of largest homemade weapons factory in Judea and Samaria over the past year.Uzi Baruch, Thursday, 8:16 AM

IDF commander advises Azariya's father not to appeal verdict

Major-General Gai Hazut, Kfir brigade commander, advised Elor Azariya's father not to appeal verdict in return for reduced jail time.Yoel Domb, 1/11/2017, 10:35 PM

World Vision head accused of funneling funds to Hamas

Gaza director of Christian charity World Vision indicted for funneling aid money to Hamas terrorists.AFP and Arutz Sheva, 1/11/2017, 6:50 PM

Enforcement operation conducted in Jabel Mukaber

After Armon Hanatziv attack, Jerusalem Municipality initiates law enforcement operation in Jabel Mukaber, destroys illegal structures.Yoel Domb, 1/11/2017, 6:21 PM

Could you be a Hamas spy?

IDF and defense establishment uncover Hamas operation to gather sensitive intelligence using social media.Kobi Finkler, 1/11/2017, 4:47 PM

Father of terror victim:'Stop being afraid of other nations.'

Herzl Hajaj, father of terror victim Shir Hajaj, says government should do more to fight terror.'We should throw terrorist's body in sea."Yoel Domb, 1/11/2017, 4:33 PM

Defense Ministry to purchase 200 American trucks for IDF

Defense Ministry to purchase 200 American trucks for the IDF, amounting to 200 million NIS, replacing the trucks currently in circulation.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/11/2017, 3:05 PM

IDF weapons' factory raids yield results

IDF weapons raids cause price hike in black market.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/11/2017, 2:23 PM

Reports: Qatar to mediate exchange deal between Israel and Hamas

Report claims Israel offered to release 60 terrorists in exchange for soldiers' bodies.Chana Roberts, 1/11/2017, 12:05 PM

Shas MK: Bury terrorist with pig's head

MK Margi calls for body of terrorist to be buried with pig's head as deterrent to future jihadists.Michal Levy, 1/11/2017, 10:48 AM