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How much does a kidney cost in Iran?

While western world citizens wait for years for a kidney transplant, Iran touts its own solution: Legal organ trade.Rachel Kaplan, Today, 4:14 PM

Turkey threatens to 'intervene' if Syrian Kurds don't withdraw

Turkey demands that US-backed Kurdish forces withdraw beyond the Euphrates river as mire of Syrian war produces more conflicts.AFP, Today, 1:26 PM

U.S. calls for Assad to be held accountable for chemical attacks

White House says it is "impossible to deny" that Syria launched chemical weapon attacks.Ben Ariel, Today, 6:44 AM

UN report determines both Assad and ISIS used chemical weapons

UN investigation finds Syrian President's forces carried out at least two chemical attacks, and ISIS jihadists used mustard gas as a weapon.Elad Benari, Today, 1:13 AM

Terrorists strike American University of Afghanistan

Gunfire and explosions leave at least 1 dead, 14 wounded in university opened following defeat of Taliban after 2001.David Rosenberg, Yesterday, 8:37 PM

On the ground: Operation 'Euphrates Shield' kicks into high gear

Turkey has sent its military en masse into Syria. The goal: Destroy ISIS. "God willing, we will get a result in a short time."AFP, Yesterday, 11:35 AM

Turkey invades Syria

Turkey has reportedly struck 63 targets in Syria this morning, in a vengeance attack on ISIS in Jarablus.AFP, Yesterday, 7:48 AM

Netanyahu and Putin discuss Middle East peace

Russian President and Israeli Prime Minister speak on the phone after Putin reportedly said he was willing to host Israel-PA talks.Elad Benari, Yesterday, 6:17 AM

Crude oil leak in Jordan's Aqaba could harm Eilat

Jordan informs Israel that 200 tons of crude oil leaked into the Gulf of Aqaba from Aqaba port and could possibly contaminate Eliat.Ben Ariel, Yesterday, 1:15 AM

Turkey and Israel to swap ambassadors shortly

Turkey's Foreign Minister says his country and Israel will begin the process of swapping ambassadors "in the coming days".Elad Benari, Yesterday, 12:08 AM

Will Syria gas attacks probe condemn the Assad regime?

A yearlong investigation to determine who is behind deadly chemical attacks in Syria takes center stage at the United Nations this week.AFP, Tuseday, 9:26 AM

Abbas calls for release of all terrorist prisoners

PA chairman's Fatah movement expresses solidarity with terrorist prisoners serving in Israel, calls on PA Arabs to work to free them.Dalit Halevi, Tuseday, 5:45 AM

Watch: Jordanian analyst loses it on live TV

Palestinian-Jordanian political analyst loses his temper while discussing the Fatah movement, says it is linked to the Mossad.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuseday, 5:12 AM

Pentagon warns Syria: Don't fly near coalition troops

United States warns Syrian regime that it is prepared to shoot down planes threatening international coalition forces in northern Syria.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuseday, 4:10 AM

U.S.: It's unclear if Russia has stopped using Iranian air base

State Dept. acknowledges reports that Russia ended its use of an Iranian air base to strike Syria, says it's unclear if they are true.Ben Ariel, Tuseday, 3:43 AM

Egypt's Foreign Ministry says minister's comments were 'twisted'

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry says media twisted Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry's comments on killing of Palestinian Arab children.Elad Benari, Tuseday, 3:15 AM

UN official blasts 'sinful' carnage in Aleppo

UN top aid official Stephen O'Brien voices anger at world powers' inability to agree on a truce to allow aid into Syria's second city.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuseday, 2:16 AM

Poll: Most Israelis, Palestinians oppose bilateral peace plan

Most Israelis and Palestinians oppose the kind of peace deal that has been under negotiation in the past, a new poll found.Andrew Tobin, Tuseday, 1:01 AM

Kerry denies knowledge of Russia, Iran military relationship

Russia and the United States back opposing sides in Syria's five-year war, which has left 280,000 people dead.AFP, Monday, 10:32 PM

Turkey sides with Syria against Kurdish state

Turkish PM Binali Yildirim: "absolutely unacceptable" for any Kurdish entity to be established in northern Syria, or any other region.AFP, Monday, 8:28 PM

Egypt FM: No comparison between IDF and terrorism

Hamas viciously reacts to the Egyptian Foreign Minister's statement of support for Israel, calls him "blind."Rachel Kaplan, Monday, 6:51 PM

Turkey: 'We will continue to support the Palestinian cause'

"Normalization of relations with Israel does not mean that we will be silent in the face of attacks against the Palestinian nation."Yedidya ben Or, Monday, 4:22 PM

Iran blocks Russia for 'showing off'

Iran has ended Russia's use of an Iranian air base, says Russia will need to ask "permission" for future use.AFP, Monday, 3:31 PM

Turkey: Border region must be 'cleansed' of ISIS

Following deadly suicide bombing, Turkish officials speak of intention to 'fight ISIS to the end,' and back anyone willing to help.AFP, Monday, 1:50 PM

Watch: ISIS uses 12-year old suicide bomber in Iraq

Days after teenage suicide bomber killed 53 in Turkey, 12-year old would-be ISIS suicide bomber captured in Iraq.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 1:46 PM

Half the victims of Turkey bombing were under 14

At least 22 out of 51 dead in suicide bombing in Gazaintep were under 14 years old, murdered by bomber who was only 13 years old himself.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 1:16 PM

Russian 'show-offs' at Iranian bases anger Islamic regime

Defense Minister of Iran says Russia was showing off when it revealed that it used an Iranian airbase for bombing missions in Syria.AFP, Monday, 12:06 PM

PA Mufti: Every centimeter of Jerusalem is Islamic

Palestinian mufti calls on the Palestinian people and residents of Jerusalem to gather around the Al-Aqsa Mosque and protect it.Dalit Halevi, Monday, 6:45 AM

Egyptian president: Putin willing to host Netanyahu and Abbas

Egyptian President tells journalists he was told by Putin that he is ready to host direct talks between Netanyahu and PA.Elad Benari, Monday, 6:12 AM

Hamas blames Israel for Gaza escalation

Hamas spokesman says Israel's "aggression" will not deter Gazans, after IAF retaliates for rocket attack on Sderot.Elad Benari, Monday, 4:13 AM

Truce in Hasakeh? Kurds deny a deal was reached

Syria's military says a truce deal was reached with the Kurds in the city of Hasakeh, while Kurdish source says talks are still ongoing.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 3:12 AM

Expert: Reconciliation with Turkey helps Israel

Islamic expert Dr. Ephraim Herrera tells Arutz Sheva that Israel and Turkey have mutual interests, but Israel needs to remain vigilant.Eliran Aharon, Monday, 2:15 AM

White House condemns Turkey terror attack

United States condemns terrorist attack in Gaziantep “in the strongest possible terms”.Ben Ariel, Monday, 1:12 AM

Syrian pound drops sharply against US dollar

The value of the Syrian pound fell sharply over the weekend due to petroleum shortage as a result the war ravaging the country.AFP, Sunday, 5:48 PM

Erdogan: Suicide bomber was a 12-14 year old boy

The Turkish president reports that the suicide bomber who killed upwards of 50 in an attack in Gaziantep was no more than a child.Rachel Kaplan, Sunday, 3:57 PM

Kurds advance in Syria city after Russian mediation fails

Kurdish forces fighting regime troops in city of Hasakeh, while cooperating in other arenas against ISIS, as convoluted civil war continues.AFP, Sunday, 1:20 PM

Iran releases images of new missile defense system

Meant to replace the absent Russian S-300 system, Iran paraded their own surface-to-air defense system in a ceremony with the president.Netanel Katz, Sunday, 1:03 PM

Watch: Turkey bombing captured on video

The suicide bombing in a wedding hall in Turkey killed at least 50. The hall's cameras captured the moment of the blast.Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 12:05 PM

Man indicted for funnelling Hamas funds to terrorist families

Saif Al-Din Abed Al-Nabi was indicted for hiding Hamas money in cellphones, clothing bags, to smuggle them from Turkey to terror families.Rachel Kaplan, Sunday, 10:15 AM

Turkish PM: Assad may have a short term role in Syria

Turkish Prime Minister says his country is willing to accept a role for Syrian President during a transitional period.Ben Ariel, Sunday, 6:13 AM

30 dead in suicide bombing at Turkish wedding

30 killed and dozens wounded when in a suicide bombing at a wedding celebration in the Turkish city of Gaziantep.Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 4:50 AM

Deputy Turkish PM seeks to visit Israel, restore national ties

After 6 years of estrangement between Israel and Turkey, Deputy Turkish PM has announced that he expects to visit Israel soon.Arutz Sheva Staff, Saturday, 10:38 PM

Turkey ratifies reconciliation deal with Israel

Following lengthy delays, Turkish parliament finally votes to approve agreement normalizing relations with Israel.AFP, Saturday, 9:51 PM

More than 300 civilians dead in recent Aleppo violence

More than 300 civilians have been killed in a three-week surge of fighting and bombardment in devastated city of Aleppo.AFP, Saturday, 9:31 PM

Nasrallah: I'm not hiding in a bunker

Hezbollah leader insists he hasn't been hiding in an underground bunker for the past decade, says his group can defeat Israel in a new war.Elad Benari, Canada, Saturday, 1:34 AM

U.S. scrambles jets to protect its advisers in Syria

Fighters sent to protect U.S. advisers working with Kurdish forces after Syrian regime jets bombed the area.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, Friday, 9:20 PM

Malaysia refuses to host FIFA because of Israeli presence

Hamas praises and blesses Malaysia for the decision.Hillel Fendel, Friday, 3:48 PM

Russia: We did not bomb this boy's home

Russia says the viral Aleppo video shows a neighborhood out of bounds for its pilots, suggests rebel home-made rockets are to blame.AFP, Friday, 2:04 PM

Watch: Too shocked to cry

An Aleppo boy sits alone and bloodied in an ambulance while rescue workers try to save his family from their bombed home.AFP, Friday, 7:12 AM

PA: There's no proof of Jewish existence in Jerusalem

PA minister insists Israel's archaeological excavations have failed to find proof of an ancient Jewish existence in Jerusalem.Dalit Halevi, Friday, 5:45 AM

Arabs won't seek resolution against Israeli nuclear facilities

Arab states plan to break away from tradition and refrain from seeking a vote regarding the oversight of Israel’s nuclear facilities.Ben Ariel, Friday, 3:15 AM

Russia in Syria: We will honor the UN 'pause'

Russia has announced its intent to join a proposed UN weekly ceasefire to aid civilians embroiled in the Syrian conflict.AFP, Thursday, 6:10 PM

Syria regime aircraft strike Kurds - a first

Syrian government aircraft bombed Kurdish positions in northeastern Syria, the first such strikes against a Kurdish-held area of Syria.AFP, Thursday, 3:45 PM

Wounded Syrian boy becomes latest symbol of civil war

Syrian child recovered from rubble after air raid in Aleppo becomes latest internet sensation symbolizing human cost of ongoing civil war.David Rosenberg, Thursday, 11:36 AM

The Jewish woman who was nearly sold to ISIS

Iraqi Jewish woman reunited with family in Israel after husband threatened to sell her to Islamic terror group.Arutz Sheva Staff, Thursday, 8:19 AM

Hezbollah official: Israel's demise 'closer than ever'

Hezbollah's Hashem Safieddine threatens Israel in television interview, says the group can attack "further than the Galilee".Elad Benari, Thursday, 6:16 AM

Amnesty denounces 'appalling abuse' in Syrian jails

Amnesty International says Syrian authorities are committing torture on a "massive scale" in government prisons.Arutz Sheva Staff, Thursday, 5:15 AM