NGO Monitor: Irresponsible NGOs aggravate tensions

NGO monitor president says European-funded NGOs' irresponsible rhetoric leads to violence and disrespect for the law.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 3:49 PM

Shapiro: I prepared my entire life to be Ambassador to Israel

Dan Shapiro reflects on more than 5 years as Ambassador to Israel during often rocky relationship between Obama administration and Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 1:02 PM

North Korea to Obama: Concentrate on packing

North Korea urges outgoing President to concentrate on packing rather than focusing on the country's human rights record.Ben Ariel, Yesterday, 5:34 AM

EU wants to 'explain' Iran deal to Trump

European Union informally contacts incoming Trump administration to clarify a “misunderstanding” about the Iran nuclear deal.Ben Ariel, Yesterday, 5:06 AM

Trump's UN ambassador blasts world body's anti-Israel bias

Nikki Haley will blast the global body over its treatment of Israel at her Senate confirmation hearing.Elad Benari, Yesterday, 4:07 AM

At Holocaust Museum, a virtual encounter with a Syrian refugee

A new exhibit at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum allows visitors to video chat with refugees.Ron Kampeas, Yesterday, 3:00 AM

100 killed as Nigerian air force mistakenly bombs refugee camp

20 Red Cross workers among dead as air force jet on mission against Boko Haram accidentally bombs refugee camp in northeastern Nigeria.Gary Willig, Tuesday, 9:19 PM

Kerry blames Netanyahu for "harming the peace map"

US Secretary of State John Kerry once again attacked Prime Minister Netanyahu for "harming the peace map."Yoel Domb, Tuesday, 8:25 PM

'Security Council Resolution provided inspiration for terrorism'

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon blasts Security Council members for anti-Israel resolution, says it inspires more terror attacks.Gary Willig, Tuesday, 7:15 PM

President Rivlin meets with Ambassador Shapiro for last time

President meets with outgoing US ambassador for the final time before he steps down this week as US administration changes.Gary Willig, Tuesday, 5:34 PM

Israel and Brazil strengthen ties

Brazilian government affirms Yossi Shelley as Israeli ambassador after refusing to affirm Danny Dayan due to Palestinian pressure.Nitzan Keidar, Tuesday, 5:00 PM

Likud MKs Haskel and Glick to attend Trump inauguration

Likud MKs Sharren Haskel and Yehuda Glick may be first Israeli lawmakers ever to attend US Presidential inauguration.Gary Willig, Tuesday, 4:26 PM

Search for missing Malaysian airliner suspended

Australia, Malaysia, and China express 'sadness' in statement signaling end to search for flight MH370, which disappeared in 2014.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuesday, 8:40 AM

Trump Chief of Staff pick: Iran deal on 'life-support'

Reince Priebus says Trump believes Iran nuclear deal is 'terrible' and 'on life support', will decide whether to renegotiate or scrap deal.JTA, Monday, 8:27 PM

EU opposes US moving embassy to Jerusalem

EU believes relocation of embassy to Israel's capital would inflame Arab world.Gary Willig, Monday, 7:52 PM

Hollande: Two-state solution only path to peace

French president says lasting peace can only come about through direct negotiations, insists two-state solution only option.Chana Roberts, Monday, 2:14 PM

Expert: Anti-Semitism is a global problem

Bar Ilan University holds conference on anti-Semitism, MKs from left and right participate.Shimon Cohen, Monday, 7:48 AM

32 dead as Turkish cargo jet crashes in Kyrgyzstan

ACT Airlines cargo jet crashes near Kyrgyzstan's Manas airport, killing at least 32.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 6:47 AM

Trump: Britain should veto anti-Israel UN resolutions

President-elect urges Britain to veto UN Security Council resolution critical of Israel, confirms Kushner will try to broker peace deal.Elad Benari, Monday, 2:09 AM

UK snubs Paris conference, sends only junior diplomats

UK refuses to send high level diplomats to Paris conference due to proximity to inauguration of Donald Trump.Gary Willig, Sunday, 10:07 PM

Kerry: We protected Israel from unfair treatment at Paris summit

US Secretary of State praises final statement issued by international gathering in Paris, says US shielded Israel from unfair treatment.David Rosenberg, Sunday, 8:40 PM

Investigators: Co-pilot may have crashed EgyptAir plane

New evidence shows EgyptAir flight crash may be result of items overheating after being left on cockpit dashboard.Chana Roberts, Sunday, 8:35 PM

Chilean neo-Nazis attack Jewish gay youth with razor

Young Jewish, homosexual activist wearing shirt with Israeli flag attacked at a park in Chile by three men carrying neo-Nazi symbols.JTA, Sunday, 6:01 PM

Israel thanks Jamaica for skipping UNESCO anti-Israel vote

PM Netanyahu thanks Jamaican PM for his country's refusal to participate in UNESCO vote to erase Jewish connection to Jerusalem.JTA, Sunday, 4:50 PM

Denmark cuts unemployment to ISIS members

Denmark cuts unemployment payments to ISIS members and anyone identifying as a 'foreign fighter.'Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 2:46 PM

France says US Embassy move will bring 'serious consequences'

Just prior to Paris conference, French Foreign Minister Ayrault warns Trump not to move US Embassy, calls Trump 'stubborn.'AFP, Sunday, 2:14 PM

Pro-Israel protest counters Paris conference

Lev HaOlam and other activists arrive in Paris.Mordechai Sones, Sunday, 1:45 PM

Israeli PM: Paris conference discourages peace and compromise

Netanyahu says Paris conference 'worthless, empty' and harms peace by allowing PA to ignore need for compromise.Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 11:40 AM

Eurowings flight makes emergency landing in Kuwait

Bomb scare forces Eurowings flight to land in Kuwait, reports mistakenly write Oman Air instead of Eurowings.Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 11:11 AM

Samaria Council Head: We hope for true friendship with America

Samaria Regional Council Head hopes Trump will form true friendship with Israel and not force Israel to surrender vital interests.Eliran Aharon, Sunday, 9:31 AM

Report: Abbas trying to establish back channel to Trump

Abbas meets with American businessmen in attempt to set up back channel to Trump.JTA, Sunday, 7:17 AM

Report: Trump wants to meet Putin first

British newspaper reports that President-elect planning to meet Russian President in Iceland after he takes office.Ben Ariel, Sunday, 2:55 AM

French MP: Paris conference proof we've lost all shame

French MP Meyer Habib says upcoming conference aims to harm Israel, is therefore illegitimate.Nitsan Keidar, Saturday, 10:46 PM

Neo-Nazis in Chile attack Jewish youth

Neo-Nazis in Chile threw stones, beat, and stabbed a Jewish youth wearing a shirt with an Israeli flag on it.Orly Harari, Saturday, 10:00 PM

Israeli officials: Paris conference is worthless and extraneous

Israeli political sources say Paris conference meaningless, will push peace farther away and encourage PA to refuse direct negotiations.Hezki Baruch, Saturday, 9:42 PM

Justice Minister: Paris is for vacations only

Ayelet Shaked says thousands of Paris conferences won't be able to crush Israel.Hezki Baruch, Saturday, 9:11 PM

Abbas warns moving US Embassy will 'bury hopes for peace'

PA Chairman says anything legitmizing 'illegal Israeli annexation' will 'bury hopes for two-state solution' and 'fuel extremism.'AFP, Saturday, 7:09 PM

Hungarian leader: I respect Israel's right to exist

Hungarian far-right leader says he respects Israel’s right to exist, rabbis doubt sincerity.JTA, Saturday, 6:59 PM

US company recalls boots with swastika imprints

Man discovers new work boots leave swastika imprint, company says swastika is Buddhist symbol.AFP, Saturday, 6:07 PM

South African opposition leader blasted over Israel visit

South Africa’s ruling party accuses opposition party of being controlled by "Apartheid Israel" after its leader visits Israel.Elad Benari, Canada, Friday, 10:07 PM

Huffington Post refuses to remove anti-Semitic blog

Huffington Post Arabi, Arabic version of left-wing media outlet, retains overtly anti-Semitic blog decrying Jews as 'murderers of Mohammed'.David Rosenberg, Friday, 2:03 PM

Yesha leaders invited to Trump inauguration

Mayors, regional council heads from Judea and Samaria receive invites to inauguration of President Trump.David Rosenberg, Friday, 11:48 AM

Poll: Israelis believe Trump pro-Israel, Obama pro-Arab

Survey shows overwhelming majority of Israelis believe Trump is pro-Israel, while Obama is pro-Palestinian Authority.David Rosenberg, Friday, 9:52 AM

New Zealand's Foreign Minister defends UN vote

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister says his country voting in favor of Resolution 2334 was consistent with its policy toward "settlements".Ben Ariel and JTA, Friday, 5:06 AM

French far-right leader Le Pen seen at Trump Tower

Marine Le Pen spotted at Trump Tower in New York but reportedly didn't meet with President-elect.JTA, Friday, 3:00 AM

Obama to ease sanctions against Sudan

Days before leaving office, the Obama administration to ease sanctions against Sudan in response to its "positive actions".Ben Ariel, Friday, 2:05 AM

Israeli embassy official resigns amid scandal

Israeli embassy official in London resigns after being taped talking about "taking down" anti-Israel British MPs.Gary Willig, Friday, 1:15 AM

Watch: Palestinian Authority wants world to do everything for it

Professor Moshe Sharon says PA never negotiates in good faith, wants world to give it a state without making any concessions.Eliran Baruch, Thursday, 9:21 PM

Major legal victory against terror

US court rules that terror sponsors Iran and Syria must pay 178 m. dollars to family whose infant daughter was murdered in a terror attack.Tal Polon, Thursday, 10:10 AM

Report: Author of dossier against Trump goes into hiding

Author of dossier containing unverified allegations about President-elect Donald Trump reportedly fears Russian backlash.Arutz Sheva Staff, Thursday, 7:57 AM

72 countries including US to attend Paris peace conference

Representatives of 72 countries will attend upcoming conference in Paris ostensibly for promoting Israel-Palestinian peace.JTA, Thursday, 7:15 AM

Report: Former MI6 officer produced dossier on Trump

Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer, allegedly authored dossier on Trump’s activities and connections in Russia.Ben Ariel, Thursday, 2:07 AM

Watch: Different Cities, Same Truck... Same Terror

EU diplomats and ambassadors express solidarity with Israel at events to unite western countries in fight against terrorism.Yoni Kempinski, 1/11/2017, 8:36 PM

PM Netanyahu Meets with Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma

Netanyahu welcomes Sierra Leone president, says Israel willing to help Sierra Leone rebuild after Ebola, civil war.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/11/2017, 3:01 PM

Russia: We have no damaging material on Trump

Kremlin denies report by British spy that Russian officials are holding potentially damaging information on US President-elect Trump.David Rosenberg, 1/11/2017, 12:35 PM

British Foreign Secretary: No disciplinary action against Israel

Boris Johnson rejects calls to take disciplinary action against Israel after an embassy worker plotted to “take down” hostile MPs.Elad Benari, 1/11/2017, 6:03 AM

Obama: We did not agree with content of UN resolution

Obama explains on Israeli television why US allowed passage of anti-Israel resolution and speaks about his relationship with Netanyahu.Gary Willig, 1/10/2017, 10:54 PM