SS soldiers’ names to be removed from Dutch Holocaust monument

Researchers discover names of Nazis on Holocaust monument honoring Jewish victims, authorities say they'll erase the Nazi names.JTA, Yesterday, 8:14 PM

US Defense Chief: 'No doubt' Syria still has chemical weapons

General Mattis visits Israel, says Assad definately still possesses chemical weapons after recent chemical attack on civilians.AFP, Friday, 11:47 AM

Trump envoy discusses peace with Israeli, Arab business leaders

Jason Greenblatt holds video conference with private sector leaders from Israel and the PA on ways to improve Arab economy.Gary Willig, Friday, 10:58 AM

At UN debate, Arab states heed Haley’s plea to focus on Iran

Arab states agree to US request to focus more time on Iranian threat, less on Israel and the Israeli-Arab conflict.JTA, Friday, 7:38 AM

Trump using China-centric approach on North Korea

Officials say Trump's strategy toward North Korea hinges on China.Arutz Sheva Staff, Friday, 2:07 AM

US gave Israel two hours warning before Syria strike

Israeli military officials say Assad still possesses 3 tons of chemical weapons.JTA, Thursday, 8:49 PM

US tells UN Security Council to stop obsessing over Israel

US Ambassador Nikki Haley says Iran 'chief culprit' in Middle East conflicts, too much attention paid to Arab-Israeli conflict.AFP, Thursday, 7:45 PM

'Your hero is a terrorist and a murderer'

Confrontation in UN Security Council over terrorist hunger strike as Ambassador Danon slams Arab support for arch terrorist.David Rosenberg, Thursday, 7:01 PM

Holocaust denial leaflets strewn at Australian universities

Leaflets distributed at campuses in Melbourne called the Holocaust 'the greatest swindle of all time' and the 'Holohoax.'JTA, Thursday, 2:50 PM

Israel extends arrest of teenager suspected in JCC bomb threats

Israeli court extends arrest of an Israeli-American teenager accused of making dozens of anti-Semitic bomb threats in the US and elsewhere.AFP, Thursday, 2:07 PM

Foreign Ministry cautions Israelis: Don't visit North Korea

Foreign Ministry steps up cautionary tone as tourist trips open to North Korea.Tal Polon, Wednesday, 9:56 PM

'The New York Times made a terrible mistake'

Director of International Legal Forum Yifa Segal blasts moral lapse of New York Times in allowing Barghouti op-ed.Eliran Baruch, Wednesday, 8:35 PM

Palestinians in Chile threaten Jewish community leaders

Palestinian Federation of Chile clashes with local Jewish leaders over their support for preventing BDS activists from entering Israel.JTA, Wednesday, 7:55 PM

Report: Trump to demand PA stop paying terror family salaries

PA officials to Al-Quds newspaper: 'Washington expected to propose unconditional return to negotiations; US reluctant to transfer embassy'.Mordechai Sones, Wednesday, 5:46 PM

US government: Iran in compliance with nuclear deal

Trump administration certifies Iran is in compliance with the 2015 deal it signed with the world powers to rein in its nuclear program.AFP, Wednesday, 5:09 PM

Bus falls into river, 44 dead

Private bus plunges into India river, killing at least 44 people.Reut Hadar, Wednesday, 12:40 PM

If I forget thee, O Jonathan

We raise Jerusalem on a regular basis to our loftiest joy; Loftier than New York, Florida, or the 'good life' in foreign countries.Tzvi Fishman, Wednesday, 12:24 PM

Dershowitz: 'See N. Korea? Congress must act now to stop Iran!'

Outspoken Harvard law professor says Congress should vote now to authorize a preventive military strike against Iran.Hillel Fendel, Wednesday, 7:03 AM

Netherlands allows event by Hamas supporters but not opponents

Israel protests approval of event by Hamas-affiliated organization while protest by pro-israel group is banned.JTA, Tuesday, 8:42 PM

Ex-British Foreign Secretary: US hacked North Korean missile

Former secretary thinks that US may have confounded North Korean missile launch by cyberattack.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuesday, 5:55 PM

Pence: Era of strategic patience is over

US Vice President warns North Korea 'not to test Trump,' says 'all options are on the table.Chana Roberts, Monday, 11:34 PM

Abbas to meet President Trump next month

PA chairman to visit US President May 3 following meetings with US special envoy Jason Greenblatt. PLO official says 'settlers control WH.'JTA, Sunday, 4:34 PM

North Korea fails to launch missile

North Korea attempts to launch missile, intelligence unsure of what type.Chana Roberts, Sunday, 12:45 PM

'North Korea may have displayed new ICBM'

During parade, North Korea shows off new ICBM; experts argue on whether it is solid-fuel or not.Chana Roberts, Sunday, 7:52 AM

Bombing attacks 'a warning to North Korea'

General Amos Yadlin: 'Trump indicating through Syria attack and use of MOAB that his foreign policy will be totally different from Obama's'.Yoel Domb, 4/14/2017, 12:38 PM

US drops 'mother of all bombs' on ISIS in Afghanistan

The US has dropped the most powerful bomb ever used in conventional warfare on ISIS positions in Afghanistan.Uzi Baruch, 4/13/2017, 7:51 PM

North Korea to conduct nuclear test?

Satellite images suggest North Korea may soon conduct another underground nuclear detonation -its sixth test in the last decade.Yoel Domb, 4/13/2017, 6:41 PM

China: Lack of Palestinian state 'historical injustice'

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says Israeli-Palestinian peace talks should be revived to allow establishment of Palestinian state.JTA, 4/13/2017, 6:26 PM

US and Russia work to lower tensions

Russian Foreign Minister tells US Secretary of State that Russia views US attacks on Syria as violation of international law.Arutz Sheva, 4/12/2017, 8:35 PM

'Assad is an animal, truly evil'

'Putin is backing a person who's truly an evil person. And I think it's very bad for Russia'Mordechai Sones, 4/12/2017, 8:14 PM

Australia names new ambassador to Israel

Chris Cannan to replace Dave Sharma, considered one of the most pro-Israel ambassadors.JTA, 4/12/2017, 5:46 PM

Yad Vashem asks WH press secretary to visit website

Israeli Holocaust Museum asks Sean Spicer to visit website to learn about Holocaust following gaffe that Hitler never used chemical weapoonsAFP, 4/12/2017, 4:38 PM

'Hypocrisy and double standards against Israel'

Defense Minister Liberman slams lack of international concern over assassinations and executions of Arabs when Israel cannot be blamed.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/12/2017, 3:52 PM

So what happened to the Russian conspiracy theory?

American Left still claims Trump ties to Russia, although US relationship with Moscow on brink of explosion.Mordechai Sones, 4/12/2017, 3:41 PM

Putin: US-Russia relations have gotten worse

Russian President releases statement saying that relationship between the two countries has deteriorated since Trump took office.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/12/2017, 3:10 PM

Syrian refugee attacks leftists during CNN interview

CNN interviewee calls out leftist 'hypocrisy,' says if US really wants to help, they should make Syria a safe place for its citizens.Chana Roberts, 4/12/2017, 11:13 AM

Putin: US is planning to fake chemical weapons attacks in Syria

Russian President says he has info about future US strike in Syria, claims US planning 'to plant substances and accuse the Syrian regime.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/12/2017, 10:42 AM

'If we can solve the Palestinian problem, we'll have stability'

Jordan's King Abdullah says Trump wants to make a deal for Israelis and Arabs together, Putin has a major challenge with terrorism.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/12/2017, 8:20 AM

Rex Tillerson: Assad era is coming to an end

US Secretary of State says Russia has aligned itself with Iranians, Hezbollah, needs to choose whether to be part of a better future or not.Chana Roberts, 4/11/2017, 10:56 PM

Foreign Ministry condemns Le Pen's Holocaust statement

Israel's Foreign Ministry responds to French candidate's statement, says it goes against French leaders' admission of responsibility.Nitsan Keidar, 4/10/2017, 10:55 AM

Brothers of Pakistani man claiming to be Jewish call him insane

Relatives of Faisal Benkhald, who adopted the Yiddish name 'Fischel', claim he is mentally ill and has invented story of Jewish heritage.JTA, 4/9/2017, 6:04 PM

Ivanka Trump's children perform for Chinese president

Children of President Trump's Jewish daughter perform Chinese folk song, recite Chinese poetry for China's president during state visit.JTA, 4/9/2017, 4:31 PM

Coming soon: Low-cost flights to the US and Canada

Iceland airline offers low-cost flights from Israel to North America, starting in June.Netanel Katz, 4/9/2017, 12:38 PM

Netanyahu: 'There is a price for using chemical weapons'

PM calls at opening of cabinet meeting for superpowers to fulfill international obligation to remove chemical weapons from Syria.Nitsan Keidar, 4/9/2017, 12:21 PM

'We need another 100,000 settlers in the Golan'

Likud MK praises US strike on Syria, says Israel needs to strengthen presence in Golan.Shimon Cohen, 4/9/2017, 7:45 AM

'Trump erased Obama's failure'

A new red line: Trump, unlike Obama, will not be silent while Syrian civilians are killed.Professor Eitan Gilboa, 4/8/2017, 9:58 PM

'The US is planning to eliminate Kim Jong-un

High-level Pentagon source says US finalizing plan to eliminate North Korean dictator.Chana Roberts, 4/8/2017, 9:26 PM

Swedish terrorist found to be ISIS supporter

Police identify terror suspect as ISIS supporter from Uzbekistan.Orly Harari, 4/8/2017, 8:51 PM

Israel, NATO powers back US strikes in Syria

US allies praise "courageous" decision to launch air strikes against Assad regime. PM says decision sends message to Iran and North Korea.Gary Willig, 4/7/2017, 1:49 PM

'Missile strikes in Syria a serious blow to US-Russia relations'

Russia suspends information-sharing agreement with US, calls strikes 'act of aggression', says they 'destroy' future of US-Russia relations.David Rosenberg, 4/7/2017, 12:50 PM

UN demands North Korea stop missile tests

Security Council condemns North Korea’s latest ballistic missile launch, says its tests increase tension in the region.Ben Ariel, 4/7/2017, 4:05 AM

South Africa Chief Rabbi protests government corruption

Rabbi Warren Goldstein urges South African citizens to join him in protest against President Zuma.JTA, 4/6/2017, 10:30 PM

Russia recognizes western Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Russia reverses decades of policy on Jerusalem, but still refuses to recognize Israeli claim to eastern half of city.Gary Willig, 4/6/2017, 8:42 PM

3 arrested in St. Petersburg terror attack investigation

Explosive deactivated at apartment of 3 suspects in deadly terrorist attack.Gary Willig, 4/6/2017, 7:01 PM

Yad Vashem head calls for Syria intervention

Chairman of Israel's Holocaust museum calls on world powers to act to end atrocities committed in Syrian civil war after chemical attack.JTA, 4/6/2017, 6:47 PM

Putin: Syria chemical weapons attacks 'unfounded accusations'

Putin tells Netanyahu it is 'unacceptable' to make accusations of chemical weapons attack against Assad regime.Gary Willig, 4/6/2017, 5:32 PM

Orthodox rabbi, education pioneer appointed advisor to Friedman

Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, an Orthodox rabbi from New York who works in Jewish education, is to advise US Amb. David Friedman.Hillel Fendel, 4/6/2017, 2:35 PM