Photo Essay: Test

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INSTRUCTIONS for posting photos for PHOTO ESSAYs (by Ezra)

Click * Add multiple images inside story

All mid-story photos are 325 width < 60k (save with suffix -m)

*Choose image (brows and choose the image from your computer)

*align center

*Write caption (255 characters)

*Hit save

*Give title: Photo Essay: DESCRIPTIVE TITLE

*Add small (115 x 90 < 8k) picture by clicking small picture(should be saved w suffix -s)

*Add large (280 x 170 < 20 k) by clicking large picture on homepage(save with suffix -b)

*Category: photo essays-temp storage

*Write notes to editor in Bodyfield

**hit submit


If you lose interface after having loaded pictures:

*Use selectfeature in mid-article photo selection field

If you want to replace a picture with another picture:

*click edit next to the pic in question

*click new in pop-up field