Female Soldier Punished for Talking With Yesha Girls

A female IDF soldier has been disciplined for talking with a group of girls who criticized soldiers. The incident in question occurred as they rode together on a civilian bus towards Beit El.

Hana Levi Julian, | updated: 14:02

The soldier was talking with a group of girls who were returning from last week's demonstration in Jerusalem protesting the police brutality at the evacuation of the Amona outpost.

Voice of Israel correspondent Carmela Menashe reported that the soldier said the girls asked her if she was not ashamed to wear an IDF uniform. The soldier said she did not argue with the girls, but rather engaged them in conversation.

The soldier was warned by another IDF woman, an officer, not to talk to the girls. The soldier carried on, however. She told the officer that there was no rule against talking with residents of Yesha and that she was in favor of doing so.

“They are human beings just as we are,” she told the officer. “They are not enemies who have turned against the Jewish people.”

The officer filed a formal complaint against the soldier, who was tried by the Binyamin Brigade commander and confined to the base.

The IDF told Menashe that the soldier acted against orders forbidding “confrontational conversations" with residents of Yesha.

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