Photo Essay: 100,000 Protest Amona Police Brutality

Over 100,000 protestors filled downtown Jerusalem in less than two days' notice Sunday night to protest police violence and the destruction of Jewish homes in the Amona outpost north of Jerusalem.

Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 16:37

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Protestors streamed into Jerusalem's Zion Square, filling the Ben Yehuda promenade and Jaffa Road in both directions.
Jaffa Road, closed off all the way to the Machane Yehuda marketdue to protestors, who showed up on less than 48-hours' notice.
Those gathered in Zion Square expressed anger at the police brutality directed at Land of Israel protestors in Amona, blaming Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for the over 200 injuries incurred by activists.
Redemption rocker Aharon Razel performs at the protest, praising the determination of the struggle at Amona.
A young protestor wears a helmet to protest the brutal police actions in Amona, where young activists were hit on the head with clubs regardless of their involvement in violent protest.
A protest banner quotes Joel 3:2, "I will enter into judgment with them...who have divided up My land."
Some of the wounded at the protest had a different message: "Enough Whining!" They said complaints of police brutality are taking the place of strong statements regarding an even more determined response to future expulsions.
A woman holds a sign condemning Olmert. She is wearing an anti-expulsion reflective vest, which also complies with the new legal requirement for all motorists in Israel to have in their car.
"Olmert is Instigating Civil War"
Chanan Porat, one of the only members of the Yesha Council to not receive boos from the crowd following the council's offer to destroy the Amona houses on its own - which was rejected by the Supreme Court.
The sign on the right depicts Olmert as Pharoh, ordering all the youth's heads smashed.
"Who Needs Hamas - There's Olmert"
A banner held by residents of Sde Boaz, thanking the youth who flocked to the Gush Etzion community to prevent the destruction of a house and stable there in January.

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(Photos: Jonathan Stein)