Hevron Terror Cell Busted, Jihad Leaders Eliminated

The IDF killed two Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza and the GSS has revealed the January arrest of members of a Hamas terror cell in the Hevron region responsible for several recent murders.

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Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 11:03

A gag order was lifted Monday, permitting the publication of the arrest of a Hevron terror cell that murdered six people in the Gush Etzion and Hevron Hills regions over the past year.

Arrested were Shakiv Baher Shakiv Avyouwi, 23, a clothing salesman from Hevron, who established the Hamas cell, along with Musa Ibrahim Fahd Vazouz, 24, who worked in a stationery shop in Hevron. The two men purchased an AK-47 assault rifle, ammunition, and a vehicle in order to carry out drive-by terror attacks on Jews in the region.

The men decided to bring fellow Hevron resident Kassam Farid Abdul-Aziz Jaber, 21, into the cell.

According to an IDF report, in April 2005, the three men held a live-fire training exercise. On April 19th, 2005, the terrorists attempted to shoot at an IDF post in Hevron but Avyouwi was unable to fire the weapon and fled after being fired upon by IDF soldiers. Jaber decided to quit the cell a short time later and was replaced by Louay Shaher Shakiv Avyouwi, Shakiv Baher's 20-year-old cousin, also from Hebron.

On June 24th, the cell carried out a shooting attack at the Bet Haggai Junction, murdering two Jews – 17-year-old Avichai Levy and 16-year-old Aviad Mansour – and wounding three.

On June 28th, cell members shot at an IDF vehicle on Highway #35, north of Hevron, failing to cause injury.

The cell then planned to shoot at Israeli soldiers in the Hevron region, but cancelled its plans since it possessed only one weapon at the time. The attack was postponed until they had purchased additional weaponry.

Louay Shaher then left the cell and 24-year-old Muhammad Ishaq Ali Julani, a construction worker and resident of Beit Kahel, was recruited to replace him.

On July 22nd, the cell shot at an IDF post in the Hevron Casbah, wounding two soldiers and killing an Arab child.

A short time later, the cell bought an additional weapon and more ammunition, and on July 27th, the terrorists shot at an IDF vehicle which had stopped to examine a trash can that cell members had placed on the road. The soldiers returned fire and the cell members fled the scene.

On October 16th, the terrorists shot Jewish hitchhikers at the Gush Etzion junction, murdering three – 21-year-old Matat (Rosenfeld) Adler, 15-year-old Oz Ben-Meir and 23-year-old Kinneret Mandel – and wounding three.

On December 16th, the cell members shot at Jewish drivers on Highway #60 in the Gush Etzion area, murdering 35-year-old Yossi Shok (pictured above). Shakiv Baher telephoned Al Jazeera and Al Arabiyah and claimed credit for the murder on behalf of Hamas.

All cell members were arrested during January 2006 after one of the suspects was recognized in a police line-up by a young witness to one of the drive-by shootings. He was interrogated and the rest of the cell were arrested. They were found with an AK-47 and two Karl Gustav rifles and admitted to planning additional shooting attacks and the manufacturing of explosives

IAF Gaza Strike Kills Two Senior Islamic Jihad Terrorists
Israel Air Force attack helicopters fired two missiles at two different vehicles in which senior Islamic Jihad terrorists were driving, killing them and wounding five passengers.

Islamic Jihad confirmed that Jihad Sawfriri, who was responsible for dispatching terrorists to fire Kassam rockets, was killed in the attack, as well as Adnan Bustan, who headed the production of the group’s rockets and bombs.

The strike came in response to the continued firing of Kassam rockets at Israeli towns within firing range of Gaza- specifically the rocket that succeeded in wounding five Gush Katif expellees living in Kibbutz Carmiya this past Friday. The IDF also continued to target with artillery fire open areas near the destroyed Jewish communities in northern Gaza used as launching sites for the rockets. The army warned local arabs to vacate the premises well in advance, by distributing flyers.

Earlier in the day Sunday, three missiles were also fired at an Al-Aksa Brigades building used for planning attacks and firing Kassam rockets, killing three terrorists and wounding eight.

Twenty wanted terrorists were arrested in Judea and Samaria Sunday night.

According to a briefing given to the Cabinet Sunday by Shabak (General Security Service) Chief Yuval Diskin, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah have planned a new wave of terror attacks to be carried out against Israeli civilians. He said that 12 suicide bombers had been stopped before they could carry out their attacks in recent weeks and that there are over 50 active terror alerts across Israel.

Sunday night, an Israeli driver was wounded by Arab stone-throwers south of Shechem. She was transported to a hospital.

Earlier in the day, an 18-year-old Arab woman was arrested at the Hawara Checkpoint, south of Shechem, after a large knife was found on her person. She was handed over to the police for questioning.

Monday afternoon, a firebomb was thrown at IDF soldiers near Jenin. No injuries were reported.