Land of Israel activists, young and old, made their way to Amona to struggle against the destruction of nine more Jewish homes.

Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 12:36

Land of Israel activists, young and old, made their way to Amona to struggle against the destruction of nine more Jewish homes. The protest was on the one hand part of the ongoing struggle against withdrawal and partition of the Land of Israel and on the other, a break with the soft line taken by the established leadership of the settlement movement.
Two new checkpoints were erected in Highway 60, the main road in the Binyamin region, north of Jerusalem. Police demanded documents and turned back vehicles that could not prove residence in one of the region's communities.
One of the dirt paths leading to Amona, taken by protestors who flocked to the threatened community from across Israel.
Thousands arrived Tuesday and camped out, by Wednesday morning's Supreme Court decision, most have packed up their tents and sleeping bags and headed for the nine building slated for destruction.
Protestors continue to stream toward Amona, having cut through local Arab villages and back roads. They are met by a line of Border Police with clubs who chase after and beat anyone who attempted to cross the line. Many succeeded nonetheless.
Musician sings and encourages protestors following the announcement that the Supreme Court rejected the Yesha Council's offer to destroy the houses on their own and that thousands of troops are on their way.
Amona residents chose to conduct their struggle in a way that allowed everyone to protest according to their comfort level. Those in this house planned on allowing themselves to be carried out, but were beaten immediately with clubs in a video aired on Ch
Protestors choosing passive-resistance locked arms and surrounded the homes.
Though most protestors were reported to be 'youths,' many were ideological youths-at-heart.
Whole families came together to protest, not imagining the level of violence that would be used by the police.
Mounted riot police on horses rush into the community, beating anyone in their path. (Photo:
Those on the rooftops watch in horror as their friends are beaten. Cheers go up when the horses are driven away to the outskirts of the community by a volley of stones.
Some trust in chariots, and some in horses, but we, in the name of HaShem our G-d (Psalm 20:7)
A girl is arrested. The graffiti reads, "HaShem (G-d) is the King."
A child standing next to his father is grabbed.
Protestors are struck in the head by billy clubs, resulting in concussions and airlifts to Hadassah Hospital's Neurological Center, where Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was hospitalized.
15-year-old Yechiam Eyal (Yechiam son of Rachel) remains on a respirator in serious condition after attending a protest in the democratic State of Israel. His brother, an IDF soldier, told Channel 2 TV Wednesday night that he is not certain he can continu

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(Photos: Yishai Fleisher and Ezra HaLevi)

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