Israeli Prize for Media Criticism Awarded to Glick and Magal

The Israeli Prize for Media Criticism was awarded to Caroline Glick and Yinon Magal for their groundbreaking work criticizing the Israeli media's unbalanced coverage of the Gush Katif expulsion.

Debbie Berman, | updated: 22:47

The prizes, distributed by Israel's Media Watch (IMW), were awarded yesterday at Tel Aviv’s Beit Sokolov. The recipients were Caroline Glick [pictured], Associate Editor of the Jerusalem Post and a reporter for Makor Rishon, and Yinon Magal, a reporter for Channel 10 news.

An IMW representative praised Glick’s high degree of professionalism and her critical reporting, stating, “During the past year Glick wrote a series of articles where she accused the media of blatantly rallying support for carrying out the disengagement plan. Caroline Glick is deemed worthy of this prize because of her professional and fair media achievements as well as her pointed criticism of Israeli mass media.”

The prize committee, appointed by IMW President Ambassador Zalman Shoval, was comprised of members of the presidium of IMW, and represented a broad spectrum of political and ideological streams. The committee members were: Ambassador Zalman Shoval, Chairman Dr. Mor Altshuler, the writer Ehud Ben-Ezer, the poet Erez Biton, IMW Chairman Prof. Eli Pollak, and Gen. (res.) Oren Shachor.

Glick claimed that the Israeli media deliberately failed to cover incidents of government corruption and instead were unfailingly supportive of the Sharon administration’s policy. She took a firm stand against the government’s attempts to block open media coverage of the Gush Katif expulsion.

Caroline Glick earned her reputation as a seasoned journalist through her coverage from the front line during the second Gulf War. Her knowledge of international and U.S. media, coupled with her experience during the Gulf War, gave her words of criticism against the Israeli media added clout.

Yinon Magal is the reporter most associated with launching harsh criticism of the media’s lack of honesty in their coverage of the disengagement. “He is being awarded this prize because of his willingness to critique his media colleagues as well as the whole of mass media in Israel,” stated an IMW representative.

“It is possible for a reporter to be biased, but there cannot be lying, that’s incitement," Magal said. "When the gap between what the media broadcasts and what really happened is too great, it does not end well. I try to bring my viewers the complex reality and the reality is much harsher than what we see in the media."

“The media has adopted the Prime Minister’s terminology," Magal said, "using the terms disengagement and evacuation. How is it possible that there exists an entire population of people being sent out of their homes that uses words like expulsion, and no one in the media is using those terms? The media are like a herd of stampeding elephants, and no one can turn around when a herd of elephants are stampeding.”