Hamas Leader: No Recognition, No Negotiation, No Peace

The Hamas terror organization, expected to garner as much as 50% of the vote in the PA parliamentary election scheduled for next week, remains steadfast in its goal of annihilating the Jewish state.

Scott Shiloh, | updated: 15:49

The leader of the group in Gaza, Mahmoud A-Zahar, recently rebutted charges that the Hamas was taking a more pragmatic stance ahead of the PA parliamentary elections, and that it would be willing to recognize Israel within the country’s pre-1967 boundaries.

On January 13, A-Zahar said at a rally in Khan Yunis that the Hamas would not enter into negotiations with Israel in light of the Oslo accords, which he says, after 10 years, proves that negotiations are only an illusion. He declared that the Hamas still holds true to pursuing jihad or holy war with Israel and the liberation of all of Palestine.

A-Zahar went on to negate any form of cooperation with Israel, which he referred to as the “Zionist occupier.” He characterized the Jewish state as “an enemy, not a neighbor, friend, or partner.”

A-Zahar outlined his party’s electoral platform as follows:

· Islam is the source and ultimate authority for the Hamas

· The entire land of Palestine, every inch of it, is the property of the Islamic and Arabic nation that can never be relinquished.

· The right of return of Palestinian refugees is a legitimate right. Every Palestinian is entitled to decide when and how to return to his homeland.

· Continuation of the struggle (against Israel) in all of its manifestations.

The Hamas leader added that once the elections were over, his party would “instill the significance of the struggle in the minds of our children and teach them that it is forbidden to compromise on any aspect of it.”

A-Zahar’s steadfast approach, appeared to contradict that of Sheikh Mohammed Abu Tir, a Hamas candidate for parliament from Jerusalem. A-Zahar spent much of the last thirty years of his life in Israeli prisons for terror activities stemming from activity in the Hamas’ military wing, Iz Al-Din Al-Kassam. He was released from prison six months ago and recruited onto the Hamas’ election list.

“The use of the word struggle, in the platform does not necessarily refer to weapons and the use of force," Abu Tir said.

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