Terrorists in Lebanon Bombard Northern Israel

Arab-fired katyusha rockets at northern Israel scored direct hits on two civilian homes. IDF Northern Commander: "Merely the same rockets that we know well." IDF retaliation wounds 2 terrorists.

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Baruch Gordon and Hillel Fendel, | updated: 01:23

No one was injured directly from the Hizbullah rocket attacks, but four civilians were taken to the hospital for treatment of shock.

The shelling began just after 11pm Tuesday night. One rocket landed in the stairwell of a 3-story building in Kiryat Shmonah, causing heavy damage. A second Katyusha landed in the den of a civilian home, completely destroying the room; the parents were in the bedroom and went into shock. Their child was unharmed.

Electricty in the region was knocked out as a result of the shelling. Four other rockets landed in Shlomi and the western Galilee area.

Israel retaliated with artillery fire at a terrorist training base in Lebanon, lightly wounding two Hizbullah members.

An emergency situation of preparedness was declared in northern Israel in wake of the rocket attacks, and the IDF instructed area residents to descend to bomb shelters. The residents were allowed to move to safety rooms for the duration of the night, and life returned to normal this morning.

IDF Northern Commander Gen. Udi Adam said that Israel should not respond "wildly" to the rocket attacks on civilians. "There is no need for winds of war," he said. "Lebanon understands that if it does not deal with the rockets, we will do it."

Speaking with reporters near one of the stricken homes, Gen. Adam further attempted to calm down any fighting spirit by saying that the terrorists did not display any new technological prowess, and that their hits were merely "happenstance." Though he admitted that it was only by miracle that no one was hurt, he said, "These are the same rockets that the residents know well."