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New Film Calls on N. American Jews to Move to Israel

A provocative film calling for North American Jewry to "Free your mind" and come home to Israel has been spreading rapidly over the Internet since its release on the first day of Chanukah.
By Israel National News Staff
First Publish: 12/27/2005, 5:56 AM / Last Update: 12/27/2005, 8:38 AM

The film, which uses allegories developed in the Matrix series of films, was produced and directed by Kumah, a grassroots movement dedicated to encouraging and facilitating mass Aliyah to Israel by all Jews of the exile.
Olim (new immigrants) arriving in Israel on the wings of eagles in a KuMatrix dream sequence.

"The original Matrix film portrayed people living a life that seemed normal, but was essentially a physical prison and a mental illusion," an explanation accompanying the film explains. "Their slavery did not seem like slavery at all; quite the opposite - it seemed like the good life.

"The Matrix movies also contain a sense of personal-messianism - the power of an empowered person to help others and subsequently change the world. A person can break out, free himself from the shackles of that prison and take part in a revolution of freedom - but first he has to wake up!"
The film's lead character is offered the choice between a pill that will show him the possibilities of the Jewish Project or one that will allow him to forget his mission and enjoy the exile.

The film portrays the process of personal awakening that thousands of North American Jews have undergone, leading them to choose a sometimes difficult life in the Jewish State over the American Dream.
Neo must stand up to pressure from family and friends to abandon his dream.

The lead character in both the original Matrix films as well as the "KuMatrix", as members of the Kumah production team call their film, is named Neo. The ideology of Kumah, which calls for an Aliyah Revolution of Jews moving to Israel by choice and joining the Jewish project in the Land of Israel, is self-described as Neo-Zionism.

The film may be viewed at AliyahRevolution.com