The Year in Hatred: Virulent Anti-US Cartoons from the PA Press

2005 was a banner year in the PA press for pernicious material attacking the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq. A selection of poltical cartoons inciting against U.S. forces in Iraq are reproduced here.

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Scott Shiloh, | updated: 18:35

Before the Iraq war, the Palestinian Authority was one of Saddam Hussein’s staunchest allies.

Since the United States-led coalition toppled Saddam’s regime, the PA media regularly publishes material supporting the Iraqi insurgents, calling for killing American soldiers fighting in Iraq.

Ironically, the Bush Administration, though committed to winning the war in Iraq, is also determined to establish a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Since President Bush launched his “Road Map” peace proposal, the United States has poured millions of dollars into propping up the PA regime.

Much of the expressions of anti-American hatred in the PA’s tightly controlled media appear in Arabic radio or television broadcasts. A significant amount also appears in the PA press in the format of political cartoons, a form of political commentary that more easily crosses the language barrier.

Below is a selection of anti-American political cartoons that appeared in 2005, in one of the most widely read publications in the PA, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida. These cartoons, as well as others from previous years, are depicted on the web site of Palestinian Media Watch.

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Sign Says "Iraq" Dec. 14, 2005

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Club: "Democracy" Text: "Bush Threatens All With Democracy" Feb. 9, 2005

Whip: "Freedom and Democracy" Tortured Man: "Iraq" Jan. 1, 2005

Jan. 28, 2005

July 26, 2005

Bush: "We Don't Impose Democracy, We Impose Ourselves Over Your Leaders" June 20, 2005

Text: "The American Scenario in (Iraq crossed out) Syria" Nov. 3, 2005