Kassam Rockets Launched <i>From</i> Gush Katif

The Palestinian Authority, instead of housing citizens in the Gaza communities abandoned by Israel, has turned them into training camps for armed factions. N'vei Dekalim is used to launch rockets.

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Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 08:58

Many of the 21 communities emptied of their Jewish residents last summer have now been turned into full-fledged military training camps of the ruling Fatah group and of other Islamic terror groups. According to the groups, the communities also act as recruitment centers for the “people's army” being funded by Fatah.

Two Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza, mid-day Tuesday, toward Israeli towns in the western Negev. A Hamas official told the World Tribune that the rockets were fired from former Jewish towns that have been converted into launching sites for the war against the Jewish State.

Last month, the PA official in charge of interior affairs, Nassar Yusouf, toured the training camp erected on the remains of the community of N'vei Dekalim – which was the largest of the Jewish towns in Gush Katif. Yusouf planned to declare the area a closed military zone, but soon realized that armed hordes from his own Fatah faction had set up a military infrastructure in the place.

In other security news, IDF soldiers shot and wounded an Arab terrorist from Atzira a-Samaliya, near Shechem, Tuesday night. The suspect was wounded in the leg as he attempted to hurl a firebomb at the soldiers, who were uninjured.

Two Arabs were arrested overnight as they snuck past the southern Gaza border fence. A weapons dealer in Hevron, Abdullah Abu-Turqi, was arrested overnight, as well.

Tuesday evening, an Israeli motorist was targeted in a firebomb attack in the Ramallah region north of Jerusalem. No injuries were reported.

An Arab female was arrested when she tried to stab an IDF soldier at the Beit Iba checkpoint, near Shechem. Soldiers manning the Hawara Checkpoint, south of Shechem, arrested three PA Arabs found carrying bullets and four firebombs.