Terrorist Killed by Air Force in Gaza

The IDF has killed a senior terrorist in a targeted killing in Gaza for the first time since the withdrawal from the region last summer.

Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 18:43

The IDF has confirmed reports that the Air Force fired a missile at a vehicle in the Gaza border city of Rafiah, killing one terrorist and injuring 10 others. The terrorist, Mahmoud Arkan, was a senior member in the Popular Resistance Committee and was killed as his Subaru drove around a curve in the city.

Arkan was a former policeman for the Palestinian Authority (PA), according to security sources.

He was involved in an anti-tank missile attack which killed two people of a construction team earlier this year and worked with Islamic Jihad terrorists to carry out attacks on Israelis and to smuggle weapons. He was also reportedly involved in the murder of Dov and Rachel Cole at the Kissufim Crossing shortly before the expulsion.

"Information regarding Arkan had been transferred to the Palestinian Authority security officials who did nothing to prevent the continuation of these attacks," the IDF spokesman said.

Israel’s Security Cabinet decided to renew targeted killings of terrorist leaders following the bombing of the Sharon Mall in Netanya on Monday, in which five Israelis were murdered and scores wounded.