Kassams Near Netivot; Two Treated for Shock; Home Damaged

Two Kassam rockets fell on the town of Shuva at 5:00 Sunday afternoon. Two persons were treated for shock, and a home was damaged from shrapnel.

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Scott Shiloh, | updated: 18:48

The rockets were fired from the PA-controlled Gaza district. One landed in the yard of a house which was lightly damaged from shrapnel. Another fell in open territory. Two women from the town were treated for shock after the Kassams exploded.

Shuva, west of Netivot, is located eight kilometers from the Gaza border. According to IDF officials, this is the average range of a Kassam rocket.

Earlier on Sunday, terrorists from the PA attempted to fire mortar shells into Israeli territory. One shell landed near the former Erez industrial zone, just south of the crossing into Israel. No injuries were reported in that incident.

The attacks occurred despite an earlier Israeli air strike against the Islamic Jihad terror group in an effort to hit an area where the terrorists are suspected of firing rockets into Israel.

In that raid, the first air strike against Gaza in a month, Israeli jets fired missiles into a target which fronted as an Islamic charity that gave out money to the families of dead terrorists.

The IDF said that no persons were injured in the raid.