Expulsion Victims Injured in Kassam Rocket Attack

The Kassam rockets that chased Israel and its residents out of Gaza are now pursuing those same residents in their new temporary homes. Three people were treated for shock after last night's attack.

Hillel Fendel , | updated: 10:18

Fifty-three families of the former northern Gaza communities of Nisanit and Elei Sinai are living in the temporary housing complex of Carmiya, located between Gaza and Ashkelon, and just two kilometers east of the region's main power plant. The government euphemistically calls it a "caravilla" community, while others refer to it as a refugee camp.

Palestinian terrorists in Gaza capped off a week of several rocket and mortar shell attacks with three Kassam rockets towards Carmiya late Saturday night. One of them passed just overhead and landed several dozen feet outside the camp, sending one woman and two children into a form of hysteria and shock.

The IDF Spokesman's Office informed Arutz-7 that the Kassams landed "just outside Carmiya." In addition, a mortar shell landed just to the south, in a field outside Netiv HaAsarah, damaging hothouses and an electric pole.

The IDF responded with artillery fire into Gaza.

The residents of Carmiya staged an angry demonstration this morning, protesting the fact that their government-imposed troubles have been compounded by the fact that their temporary home community has no shelters or reinforced buildings. The pre-fab homes are built to last for only three years.

In the meanwhile, the army continued to relax restrictions on Gaza Arabs, allowing another 2,000 workers to cross from Gaza into Israel. Another 1,000 merchants are also being permitted to cross, bringing the total to 2,000. Though Israel "disengaged" from Gaza in order to separate between Jews and Arabs, the current total of Gaza Arabs allowed to enter Israel daily thus now stands at 10,000.

The numbers of workers from Judea and Samaria were also raised this morning, bringing the total to 28,500.