The Wounded


The condition of 21-year-old Natan (ben Bazehto) Sandaka, the Border Guard policeman who helped prevent minimize the damage in this week\'s suicide terrorist attack in downtown Jerusalem, is still critical. His sister Tami, 17, asked that special prayers be recited on his behalf. Doctors at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem say that there has been no real change in Natan\'s condition. \"He was very close to the explosion,\" a doctor told Arutz-7 today, \"and he suffered complex wounds to his lung and other areas. But as long as there is no change for the worse, this is in itself a positive sign.\" Natan, an immigrant from Ethiopia living in Lod, studied in Machon Meir in Jerusalem before enlisting in the army.

Others who were wounded in recent terrorist attacks include:
* Dina Chaya Danielle bat Sarah Chana who was seriously injured two days after she became engaged is now married. She still goes for therapy three days a week.
* Matanel (ben Orna) Meshulam, 21, who was shot in his hand in Hevron on August 23, was briefly hospitalized again this week. With a few months of therapy ahead of him, doctors say he will have 80% use of his hand.
* Miriam Sarah bat Ester Malka, who was wounded when her sister was murdered in the Sbarro bomb blast, was badly burned on the legs and stomach. She is still in the hospital and recovering slowly.
* Chana Tova Chaya bat Pescha, 31-year-old woman, is still in a coma after being hurt in the Sbarro explosion.
* Chaya Hodaya bat Tzirel, 9, is still hospitalized in a wheelchair after an operation on her arm and her stomach. Her mother, father, and three siblings were all murdered in the Sbarro bomb blast.
* Three members of the Kam family from Dolev were wounded in a shooting attack on July 31. The mother, Michael bat Devorah, is still hospitalized, while her husband Mordechai Zalman ben Chana Gittel underwent yet another operation last week. Their son Eitan ben Michal has also been operated on more than once.
* The Bloomberg family was shot at on August 5 outside Karnei Shomron; the mother, Techiya, was killed, and her daughter Tziporah bat Techiya, 14, is paralyzed from the waist down. Tziporah\'s father Shimon David ben Chana Gittel has started rehabilitation, but is still hospitalized.

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