Refugees to Get Hiring Preference at Gov?t Companies

The cabinet has approved a measure ordering government companies to give a hiring preference to Jewish refugees from Gaza and northern Samaria.

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Scott Shiloh, | updated: 16:04

The decision, proposed by Finance Minister Ehud Olmert (who also serves as Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade), was unanimously approved.

According to the measure, government companies in need of new employees will be required first to attempt to employ refugees who meet their requirements. Companies will begin their search at an agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade that was set up to help refugees find jobs.

Refugees who possess the necessary qualifications will be given preference over other potential applicants.

The administrator of the Government Corporations Authority will be required to file a monthly report with the Finance Minister and the Minister of Industry and Trade, regarding the number of refugees accepted for employment. A similar report will be submitted to the ministerial committee responsible for implementing the disengagement.

Olmert said at Sunday’s cabinet meeting that the disengagement plan caused hundreds of former residents of Gaza and northern Samaria to lose their jobs. Many residents had been employed in their communities, or by the local municipal authority, which no longer exist.