Taxi-Driver Shot, IDF Continues Counter-Terror Efforts

IDF counter-terror measures continue to chip away at the terror infrastructure in Judea and Samaria as Arab terror attempts continued Thursday.

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Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 09:31

An Israeli taxi driver from Holon who had driven customers to PA-controlled Kalkilya, was targeted by gunfire and wounded moderately in the shoulder, Thursday. The driver succeeded in driving to the IDF's Tzufim checkpoint, from where he was brought to Kfar Saba's Meir Hospital.

An Arab youth was caught trying to smuggle two mortar shells through the Hawara checkpoint, near Shechem. The mortar shells were found to have been stolen from the IDF. Two guns and a pipe bomb were also found on the boy. The practice of using young people to smuggle explosives past checkpoints has become widespread in recent years, as soldiers have been seen searching youths less thoroughly.

In Jenin, the IDF blew up a weapons factory that was found hidden behind a wall in an Arab home. Soldiers continue to operate in the northern Samarian terror-capital to capture wanted terrorists and confiscate illegal weapons. Many pounds of explosives and ammunition have been confiscated in the sweep.

IDF soldiers operating in concert with police in the Hevron district during the night arrested two PA Arabs in Yatah who were in possession of a number of weapons and ammunition, including an M-16 assault rifle, a handgun and a shotgun. The men were turned over to Shin Bet custody for interrogation. Two Hamas terrorists were arrested in Hevron and Shechem overnight as well.

Two Fatah Tanzim terrorists, members of the PA's intelligence network, were also arrested Thursday. The two were taken into custody during a predawn counter-terror operation in Bethlehem. According to PA Interior Ministry officials, the two, ages 22 and 29, are identified as Salama Dahdul and Samar Kuzba respectively. IDF officials said that the two were taken into custody after it was learned they were planning terror attacks.