Two Senior Jihad Leaders Give Up

The IDF was beginning to raze a house in Jenin last night when the two terrorists inside decided to choose life rather than martyrdom, and gave themselves up.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 10:47

One of them, Iyad Abu A-Roub, was responsible for a series of murderous attacks against Israelis, including last month's bombing in Hadera (six killed), the Stage Club attack in Tel Aviv in February (five dead), and the suicide bombing in Netanya outside the HaSharon Mall this summer (five killed).

The siege on the house in central Jenin in which A-Roub hid out lasted almost a full day. The terrorists fired at the soldiers, and when bulldozers began razing the building, they surrendered. Inside the house were found weapons and night-vision equipment. Three soldiers were lightly injured in the exchange of fire, and the PA reported that 11 Arabs were wounded.

Just ten days ago, the top Hamas terrorist in Shechem reacted differently; when an Israeli force neared his home, he burst out of the building, shooting wildly with his Kalachnikov, and the soldiers returned fire and killed him.

In another incident, two weeks ago in Jenin, an IDF force surrounded a building in which a wanted terrorist was hiding, called upon him repeatedly to surrender, and then bulldozed the building atop him.

A-Roub was the head of the military wing in Jenin. Together with him in both planning attacks and the surrender was his deputy, Firas Abu A-Roub, who was also wanted by Israel.

The IDF operation in Jenin began on Wednesday morning, when forces entered the Palestinian Authority-controlled city in search of several wanted terrorists. In a similar operation in Shechem last night, the IDF arrested two wanted Islamic Jihad terrorists and another one of Hamas. Three other terrorists were arrested in Bethlehem and Ramallah.