Two Israeli-Arab Dentists Detained on Charges of Terrorism

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Naomi Grossman, | updated: 21:23

After a gag order was lifted Sunday, the press reported that two Israeli-Arabs have been arrested on charges of terrorism. The two joined Hamas when studying dentistry in Romania during the 1990s.

The pair, who are from Nazareth and Kafr Manda, have confessed to carrying out assignments for Hamas in the 1990s. They allegedly underwent terrorist training in Turkey before returning to Israel, said the police and the Shin Bet security service on Sunday. The suspects were arrested last month.

Prosecutors from the Haifa District Court will ask that the suspects be held in custody until the end of their trial on charges of assisting the enemy in wartime and making contact with foreign agents. Charges will be officially brought against them on Monday.

Supt. Shmuel Boker, commissioner of the Central Command of the Galilee, told Arutz-7, “Two dentists from the Galilee Region, Nazmi Hussein and Abd A-Salaam Zidan, have been arrested. The first suspect became a friend of Hamas activists while studying Romania, and he was conscripted over there.”

While abroad, Hussein took part in religious services and lectures at a mosque in Romania, during which he listened to inciteful speeches on the ideals of the Islamic Brotherhood.

“He intended to assist the organization in its activities against the State of Israel,” Supt. Boker said. “With this purpose in mind, he took part in training sessions in Turkey, exercises and various underground, secret activities. Afterwards, he was asked to find other Israeli Arabs who would be willing to help him with his activities.”

Supt. Boker added that after a while, Hussein conscripted the other dentist, A-Salaam Zidan, who was also studying in Romania. “Both of them met with Hamas agents,” added Supt. Boker. “The second man, from Kafr Manda, was sent to Turkey for training, where he learned terror tactics. He then traveled to Saudi Arabia, where he trained with Hamas members. He gathered information on densely populated areas and high buildings. The two were also asked to choose apartments for overnight accommodation in Kafr Manda.”