Nineteen Pages of Gov´t-Sponsored Suffering

The Land of Israel Legal Forum has submitted its second report to the State Comptroller, entitled, "The Failures in Caring for those Uprooted from Gush Katif and northern Shomron."

Hillel Fendel, | updated: 09:23

The 19-page report details all that went wrong with the government's treatment of the residents after their expulsion. The report paints a "sad picture of faulty treatment of people whose entire world was destroyed," the introduction states.

While the Forum's previous report dealt with the days immediately before and after the disengagement, the current report deals with the weeks afterwards, in which "the residents should already have begun to get on with their lives."

Among the topics discussed in the report are:

• Hotels - their lack of preparedness for extended stays, with basic needs uncared for. Examples: not enough rooms for large families, no access to the kitchen, poor laundry service, small living quarters, and much more.

• The Disengagement Authority did not and does not have solutions for many families' short-term and long-term housing.

• Residents who did not own apartments, as well as unmarried children are not provided with a solution enabling them to continue living with their communities.

• Married yeshiva students: Some 200 of them are no longer receiving stipends, nor compensation, and have no means of support.

• Sorely-needed property being stored in containers is not accessible, and in many cases has sustained heavy damage.

• Education - problems in tuition, travel, scholastic achievements, lack of after-school education, special-ed needs are not met, poor conditions for nurseries and day-care.

• Employment - no temporary solutions, no ability to open many businesses that were closed, teachers receiving partial pay, high travel expenses.

• Agriculture - plots not sufficient or appropriate, large financial losses connected with dismantling of greenhouses.

• Relocating of graves - Inappropriate behavior by the Disengagement Authority, emotional problems caused to loved ones.

• The Disengagement Authority's "Every resident has a solution" public relations campaign was false.

• General inefficiency and lack of consideration on the part of the Disengagement Authority.

• Lack of security for residents living adjacent to Gaza.

The report includes 79 appended documents, including government decisions, receipts for expenses caused by having to stay in hotels, documents related to the residents' requests for communal solutions, legal opinions on various issues, and many more.

The full report can be read, in Hebrew, by clicking here.

Several dozen former Gush Katif residents held a protest not far from the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem - near the Plaza Hotel - demanding homes. The homeless citizens held signs reading, "Where is the solution you promised every resident?" and "I want a home." Some participants expressed disappointment at the paltry press coverage of the event.

The latest examples of the ongoing suffering are the case of the former residents of Gadid, most of whom were forced to leave their lodgings in N'vei Ilan in order to make room for guests who reserved places months ago. The Gadid expellees have been moved to a hotel in Tiberias, and are to return a week from now.

In addition, the 50 families of the Shirat HaYam Hotel in Ashkelon still do not have where to go, even though the hotel has been making great efforts to be rid of them. The management abruptly turned off their water and electricity until just minutes before the onset of the Sabbath two weeks ago, and now meals are no longer being provided them.