Spanish Police Find Hideout of Nazi ´Dr. Death´

Spanish police said Saturday they have found the hideout of Nazi criminal Abreit Heim, dubbed "Dr. Death," and that he may still be in the country, the German paper <i>Der Spiegel </i> reported.<BR><br/>

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 21:23

The 91-year-old Heim's hideout is in the northeastern area of Spain. "All we know is that he may have been in the area of Palafrugell recently," according to Spanish police spokesperson Joan Lopez.

He has eluded police and Nazi hunters for 43 years. He has amassed $2 million in bank accounts which have helped him to live in various places, especially Germany, Argentina, Denmark, Brazil and Spain. Der Spiegel reported that investigators suspect a relative of Heim transferred $363,000 to an acquaintance in Spain, and Heim has been using that money to live there.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, named after the famed Nazi Hunter who recently died and was buried in Israel, said it has evidence that Heim's money is in a Berlin bank.

He officially was charged by Germany in 1962 with using lethal injections to kill a large number of Jews in Nazi concentration camps. He was termed "Dr. Death" for his experiments on Jews incarcerated in the Buchenwald and Mauthausen concentration camps.

Although he never finished medical training, he operated on inmates without anesthesia to find out how much time it would take them to die after receiving poisonous injections of drugs and gasoline. Nazi camp survivors said he would hold a stopwatch while patients suffered before succumbing to the lethal injections.

Spanish police emphasized that they do not know where he is now, but the Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported that police soon would arrest him. German authorities have offered a $159,000 reward for his arrest and the Wiesenthal Center has offered $12,200.