Daily Israel Report

Yemenite Children: No Conspiracy

First Publish: 8/28/2001, 7:14 PM

It was not a conspiracy, but rather the cumulative effect of much criminal negligence. Such are the findings, not yet released, of the public committee responsible for investigating the disappearance of close to 1,000 Yemenite Jewish children in Israel during the early 1950\'s. Journalist Yoav Yitzchak, responsible for this scoop - which has not been confirmed elsewhere - told Arutz-7 today that the committee worked extremely slowly: \"It began its work in 1995, and announced that it would publish its findings a few weeks from now. The findings are that there was no governmental plot to kidnap and hide the Yemenite children, but there was rather a series of mishaps and much criminal negligence that led to many of the disappearances. I\'m sure that many of the families whose children disappeared will not be satisfied with these results, and that many question marks will remain even afterwards.\"

Yitzchak said that the current committee did a more a thorough job than previous ones; it provides a detailed report on each of the 945 complaints that were submitted. Each individual report will be published only with the approval of the family.