A Summary of Events From Jewish Gaza

The Sharon government expelled most of the 9,000 Jewish residents from the Gaza region this week.

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Baruch Gordon and Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, | updated: 15:54

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Dragged from synagogue and expelled
On Friday, the Disengagement expulsion forces removed the Gush Katif town of Gadid. Officials are reporting 124 buildings were evacuated, containing some 200 people.

One policewoman broke down in tears during Friday's operation and had to be escorted from the location. Five arrests were made and a policewoman was lightly injured.

One of the people opposing the expulsion in Gadid slid and fell from a rooftop, sustaining moderate injuries.

Town prays for mercy on day of expulsion
Virtually all of the Jewish residents of Gush Katif either passively resisted as expulsion forces carried them out of their homes, or somberly walked out on their own. In isolated cases, protestors threw objects at the eviction squads.

The evacuation was completed from most areas amid tears and screams that broke the hearts of soldiers and even journalists. Again and again, residents and soldiers embraced and encouraged each other to be strong.

Two Jewish girls in anguish as Sharon's forces destroy their town
Authorities report that over 3,000 people were removed from Gush Katif communities during the first two days of the Disengagement implementation, including residents of the area and supporters. The government deployed tens of thousands of troops and soldiers, virtually closing off the entire southern part of the country to opponents.

Several policemen and soldiers suffered light injuries, nearly all in Kfar Darom, and several youths suffered more serious injuries as a result of confrontations with the police.

A woman in her fifties set herself on fire on Wednesday on the road to Gaza, in protest of the Disengagement. She suffered burns on over 60% of her body.

During the evacuations, Arab terrorists launched several mortar shells at Gush Katif and opened fire at IDF and civilian targets. On Friday, Arabs opened fire at the synagogue in Morag and at police who were expelling the residents from the town.

A large terrorist attack, intended to kill the security forces and the residents during the Disengagement operations in Gush Katif, was foiled Wednesday by what IDF sources called "a miracle." A suicide bomb belt was discovered in the Muwassi neighborhood adjacent to Shirat Hayam.

Due to the sanctity of the Sabbath, evacuation activities have ceased. The IDF will maintain routine security obligations including securing the remaining residents.

At the start of next week, IDF and Israel Police forces are scheduled to resume the expulsion of Jews from Gaza.
Five communities still remain standing this Sabbath in the Gaza region, a mere remnant of what was a flourishing region of Jewish life, agriculture, and Torah academies only days ago. Atzmona, Katif, Elei Sinai, Netzarim and Shlav are slated for destruction early next week. In addition, IDF forces will comb Dugit and Nissanit in northern Gaza where they believe that Jewish protestors are hiding out.
Women with children barricaded in attic