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Practical Steps On How To Protest The Disengagement

Below is the Tuesday update from Mattot Arim Chairperson, Susie Dym, who spearheaded much pro-Gush Katif activity for two years. Arutz-7 presents the update as received:

By Susie Dym
First Publish: 8/16/2005, 3:42 PM / Last Update: 8/16/2005, 6:29 PM

In consultation with the heads of the Yesha Council:
There are 3 activities which we need to do urgently, urgently, urgently:
a. Going south
b. Street corner demonstrations (tzmatim)
c. Phone squad to ask people to do a and b

The objective: First, there is the sentimental objective, to protest the terrible disaster being perpetrated in Gush Katif and second, the practical objective, to keep the police as busy as possible so less of them are available for expelling our brothers and sisters in the Gush. Also, YOUR protest keeps morale in the Gush high and morale in the police and army expulsion units -- low. Here's the particulars about a, b and c above:

a. To go south, use your car, or if none, public transport, to go to Sderot (to the hesder yeshiva) or Netivot (to the Baba Sali) or Ofakim (to the ulpana or matnas or park). For groups, you can get a bus by calling Moetzet Yesha, 02-6211977. Take sleeping equipment, water, and light food supplies.

b. For street corner demonstrations, gather 5 people, choose whatever junction you want and whatever time you want (preferably RIGHT NOW), and demonstrate. If you would like to block the road, do so for half an hour and then leave the junction. Getting arrested is not the objective at present because being behind bars forces you to "retire" from your activities. At the end of the activity, set the time for the next activity (e.g. tomorrow or later today) with your "colleagues".

c. If you can't do a and can't do b... volunteers are needed to make phone calls from home.
We need to CALL people to join the protest activities. Experience shows it is important not to rely merely on email and SMS. To volunteer for phone squad activity, send your name, phone number and fax number if any to orbach@actcom.co.il or fax 02-9934275. State how many people you are willing to call (at least 30). You will receive a list of names and phone numbers plus instructions re what to say. For Hebrew speakers only.

Please note: We need lists of Gush Katif sympathizers within the GreenLine.
Volunteers (see above) will call them and ask them to join the protest activities. A good list is one in which many or most people on the list are probably Gush Katif supporters. Therefore, please immediately fax or email us suitable lists, such as: the list of your shul membership, or the list your kids got in school/gan/yeshiva/maon indicating the names and phone numbers of the other parents, or any other list of names you think would be useful. You can also elect to call "your" lists yourself -- very efficient!
Email and fax for sending lists: orbach@actcom.co.il. Fax 02-9934275.


Susie Dym,
spokesperson, Mattot Arim
now in Gush Katif with the kids