Woman Refuses to Leave Without Memories of Deceased Son

A Gush Katif woman says that though her husband has already left and her children are leaving today, she is staying - with the memories of her son, murdered three years ago by Arab Gaza terrorists.

Hillel Fendel, | updated: 13:10

The woman, Rivka Tzfirah of Bdolach, told Army Radio today that her children are on their way to their grandparents until the government-supplied caravila is ready, "but I'm planning to stay here until I feel that I have done whatever I could for my son, and until the government agrees to relocate my son's room exactly the way it is and to take the trees that he planted. Right now, I have no room to take his things. I'm certainly not going to put it in some storeroom. I'm not leaving here without taking my son with me; I walk around the house and feel him here and I feel good with it, and I'm not leaving without him."

Rivka's son, 18-year-old Assaf Tzfirah, was the 648th victim of the Oslo War, gunned down in November 2002 at his father's greenhouse in the Gush Katif community Pe'at Sadeh by a Palestinian terrorist who worked for his father.

Asked what in her son's room is the most important to her, Rivka said, "Everything! His glasses, and his desk, and everything that is there, exactly the way it is set up...
I'm still waiting for an answer from the Prime Minister's office about my request." In a broken voice, she said, "It's easy to pack up chairs and tables, but it's very difficult to pack up a life."

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