Huge Rally in Tel Aviv Tonight

"Gush Katif - I Swear" This is the title of the huge rally to be held in Tel Aviv this evening, marking the final stretch of the current struggle to keep the Land of Israel for the Nation of Israel.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 11:52

Some 2,000 policemen are expected to be on hand to safeguard the event in Rabin Square.

Leaders of the Yesha Council are expected to publicize guidelines and instructions for next week's anti-expulsion activities. It appears that three simultaneous marches will be announced, beginning Monday afternoon. One march will begin in Ashkelon, heading for northern Gaza. A second one will begin in Netivot or Sderot and will head towards the Karni Crossing entrance to Netzarim. The third one will head out from Ofakim towards the Kisufim Crossing, which is the main entrance to Gush Katif.

The organizers say that the marches are not limited in time, and will end only after they reach their destinations. It is assumed that, as on the two previous occasions when similar marches were initiated, the police will send out thousands of forces to prevent the marchers from reaching their destinations. The organizers hope that this will greatly impede, and possibly thwart, the expulsion plans.

Three weeks ago, in Kfar Maimon, 17,000 police and soldiers were deployed to stop the tens of thousands of protestor/marchers who set off in the direction of Kisufim. A similar scenario played out last week in Ofakim.

The number of police and soldiers are limited, organizers say, and therefore "Sharon can either expel Jews from their homes, or ensure that tens of thousands of people not enter Gush Katif - but not both."

A notice posted on bulletin boards in Gush Katif today encourages residents to play their part in these protest activities as well. "We can inspire those on the outside to realize that they simply cannot sit at home and do nothing," the announcement - signed by the Bayit Leumi (National Home) organization - states, "by making our own efforts to hamper the security forces."

Specifically, the announcement states, "The army has given us a gift, in saying that as of Sunday at midnight, they will prevent us from traveling from one community to another within Gush Katif. This means that thousands of forces will be assigned with the task of guarding the gates and fences. The first soldier we encounter on our way out - he is the front. With wire cutters or with whatever means - except for violence against the soldiers and police - we must break through the fences and prevent the siege."